There are sexy Chivers among us (35 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivettes for sending in their photos this week. We're expecting over 3 million hits on this post today. So if you're a sexy Chiver, send your sexiest photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com or use our awesome upload page and collect internet fame. MEGA-HINT: You're a shoe-in if you write 'hi Chivers' on some part of your body. Do it for the awesomeness of partial nudity. Do it for your country!

Chive On!
- John n' Leo

  • Bruno

    #4 is smokin hot! holy shit.


    #5 stood out to me the most. Gorgeous!

  • northerner

    OUTSTANDING POST! Love #23's pokies! So many lovely, gorgeous ladies and their legs and tushies and boobies and…

  • Anonymous

    I see a nip #26.. nice butts up in here!

  • Anonymous

    Damn i want a sandwich with those buns!

  • Masschine

    #15 – With some BUTTer please?
    #21 – Good lord your eyes are insanely gorgeous.
    #22 – Damn fantastic abs.

  • Maurizio

    I sooo want more pics of #34… but showing off a little more maybe?! And 11… nice body! Lots of love to all the chivettes!

  • Jason

    number 22 dear god, you're perfect

  • Tony Miteff

    #31 i love dimples more than redheads, and i LOVE redheads.

  • Viking

    10, 10, 10 and 10. That is all.

  • DNC

    God made women so divinely beautiful!

  • Cqcumber

    Ass n Tits, Ass n Tits, Ass Ass Tits Tits, Ass n Tits!!!

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    i'd title this post "sexy chivers without faces"

  • tony barber

    your a complete fool if you think theses photos are sent in by chicks

  • 76United

    When girls get 3/4 naked, everybody wins!!!

  • Obama

    24 & 29 FTW!

  • RyanDesin

    I think i know who number 11 is…. first initial C?

  • Nelson Costa

    Mamma mia!
    Stunningly beautiful. all of you..
    i'm completely mesmerized xD

  • Xanadead

    11 for the win

  • b0b

    scrolling, scrolling, scrolling #21 holy sh!t wtf is that thing on my screen !!!………..scrolling, scrolling #30 either leader of the butterfaces or a trap.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Actually my face has been shown on here. Did you not notice all the chicks showing nothing but their boobs and asses? I think you should be more worried about some of them.

      • b0b

        insecurity issues

  • OMG

    #22. none are close.

  • joann

    mmmm #21

  • Kai

    Great gallery

  • R. Wiggum

    # 5 wow !! need moar, MOOOAAARRRR !!! shes beautiful

  • Derek

    OMG 22 i just made a mess…

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