Not all animals are worthless (27 Photos)

  • BigDingo

    Animal posts are hands down my favorites because they always make me smile

  • ikindalikeapples

    i've seen a lion lick his balls, my life is complete

  • BigDingo

    re 26: anyone else have a cat that doesn't give a crap about them until they are typing?

    • Vic Vaselino

      My cat just pisses in the closet and hates water parks.

      • Jen

        my cat likes to get in my face while i watch tv or read. KITTEY STOPPPP!

      • Beau Young

        Why the fuck was your cat at a water park?

    • Cajun Carrot

      Compressed Air Can for kitty discipline. Works like a charm.

      • BigDingo

        good idea

  • Seth

    #19 O crap invisible ninjas!

  • Superfresh

    lol at 24, eating own ass

  • Bruce Leroy

    Happy goat is happy.

  • king

    20 monkey buttsecks

  • Cqcumber

    Monkey 3some is the best animal pron.

  • Tony Miteff

    little bear!!

  • MiPo1977

    20, where is the football??

    • Jeff Sayatovic

      from the looks of it.. you DONT wanna know

  • MiPo1977

    13, Nope i'm not gonna say it!!!

  • dkbales

    Do you know why animals lick themselves??? BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

  • SomethingClever

    If I could do what that lion is doing, my wife would die of loneliness.

    • FLHomesteader

      Soooo, You'd rather lick your own balls than have your wife do it?

      • HellHath NoFury

        Methinks someone should have found out such things before vows were exchanged.

    • oliveralbq

      @SomethingClever: "If I could do what that lion is doing, my wife would die of loneliness."

      —–in order to lick that lion's balls, youre gonna want to sedate him, but i see no reason whatsoever to exclude your wife.

      • BigT-ray

        That made lol pretty hard! Best comment of the day!

      • SomethingClever

        Nicely done sir.

  • george

    why does the lion licks its balls ?
    … because it can !

  • equalizermax

    #17 – I will never hug that cat ever…

  • DaddyD

    Selfish, I know, but I'd rather see the awesome photo of 4 giant pandas that I sent in than the 7-9 repeats here.

  • Bud Ugly

    I laughed pretty hard @ #24.

  • some bloke

    what's with the title? No animals are worthless! 🙂

  • DrInsane2U

    this one made me laugh #14

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