Russian club girls actually won the Cold War (29 Photos)

One of our crazy Russian Chivers, Ivan, sent me these photos today. He claims Russian woman are, 'the more beautiful girls in the world.' And I have to say, crazy Ivan might just be right. Thoughts?

  • Username Taken

    What is it with the chive and Russian chicks??

    • dismal

      You must be new here. The chive loves anything russian. And I'm not going to complain one bit about this post. Would you rather them have a fixation with East German swimmers?

      • Ynot

        The Chive doesn't seem to have any love for Lada.

    • Malachi Constant

      Thank God 4 Chive and Russian girls-

      • northerner

        Agreed. Beauty knows no ethnic boundaries. Beauty is beauty the world over. Their pics of Russian ladies are just as enjoyable as those of any other ethnic group they happen to feature. Rock on, Chive! Absolutely no complaints here, dudes…

    • nouu

      better than lookin at Asian ladyboys.

    • TTT

      Maybe they're waiting for their mail order bride to come through

    • pedro

      I heard women from Medellin Columbia were the most beautiful women in the world.

    • douche

      what is it with Russian chicks and my boner??

    • ayotui


      the chive = russian hot girls?

  • Paul

    I have to admit, these women are scorching

  • Niitsitapi13

    I remeber my first hooker

  • uber gy

    #7, the one on the far right

  • Anfi

    In Soviet Russia, beauty won the Cold War!

  • stafferty

    Hot Blondes, Russia's fourth biggest export after Kalashnikov rfles, caviar, and suicidal novelists.

    • K94

      Number five, after Vodka.

      • stafferty


  • Pen

    nah…American girls are still better

    • Da Cuntstabber

      nope… never been and never will

    • Nyet.

      Agreed. 90% of these girls are flat, too. If I wanted to sleep with a skinny blond with no tits I'd have joined the priesthood.

    • HANK

      Agreed and nuthin against the good ol US of A but I think canada has pulled ahead of us

  • Jareb

    Ah, yes, Russian women are hot. And they seem nicely American-ized too with the duck lips, and the pseudo lesbian boob grabs. However, they are about 20 yrs behind on fashion. And what's up with the crazy ass finger nails?

    • Justin Hall

      Gay Test: If you criticized these women because of their clothing and fingernails, I have bad news for you …

    • keithp420

      if you're checking out their finger nails, i have some bad news for you…

  • Big E

    Why arent these ones for sale too?

    • Dan

      Oh they are.

    • Niitsitapi13

      of course they are

  • krisb

    What a coincidence, I'm having a White Russian right now.

    • HellHath NoFury

      How ironic, since a few of those is all it takes….

      • Seth


        • Mark

          For HHNF to look good

        • HellHath NoFury

          To have one of those white Russians.

  • lklklklkl

    Nothing special

  • Libertariandude

    They are hot, but Russian club girls have a reputation of craziness that can't be good for you on the long term.

    • Erik von Markovik

      Really Libertarianduche….really?

  • nom nom nom

    omg, nomnomnomnomnomnomnom

  • hypoluxa

    dude, aren't there any McDonalds in Russia?! . . . these chicks need to eat a burger . . . put some meat on those bones!

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Hello #16/17. Yum.

  • Methoes


  • Guttervillle

    Russian girls are way hotter then isreali chicks, more variety in russian chick

  • jroy

    the girl in 16 & 17 is super-mega-ultra HOT! Don't even care that I can't see her face completely.

  • MigraineBoy

    Russia: I want to go there.

  • chavo

    #11 — Christina Ricci ?

  • markkens

    and they certainly like to touch themselves…and each other.

  • equalizermax

    I was born in the wrong country…

    • demapples

      Oh so true…

  • nathan

    4 and 16-17 FTW

  • nathan

    (robot voice) "please get on top of me"

  • ROK

    it's easy to be skinny when you have to stand in line for government handouts. GOOD NEWS AMERICA!! we're all gonna be losing weight very soon!

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