NFL does not stand for No Fap League (50 photos)

  • Damien

    NFL = Never Fapped Longer….

  • KhakiMallard

    Me likely. Go America!

  • Stephan

    NFL= Nitro Fap League

  • chrisdg74

    Good. Otherwise, I'd have been assessed a 15-yard penalty for "illegal use of the hands" already.

  • Kobra

    I wanna know who is performing at the Fap time Half Time.

  • tiger woulds

    Fingers around penis whole post!

    • Roscoe


  • equalizermax

    This is why I like American Football, even though I don't know how the game works.

  • MiPo

    I'm probably gonna get raging hate for this but IMO these girls are fairly cookie cutter…I'm more impressed with the "Sexy Chivers"

    • king


    • stefanhartman

      Well put sir! I agree.

    • AnyoneForCoffee


      Just how much make-up is needed to jump up and down a lot?

    • johndory

      except for #31. she is special!

  • ask

    I ❤ DALLAS

  • FapperX

    Whoever invented the cheerleading high-kick should be in politics 'cause a person like that truely understands the needs of red-blooded Americans.

  • Paul

    No lie, I went to High School with #26 in Montgomery, Al. Her name is Carey DePasquale. She used to cheer for the Falcons and I had no idea she was a Cowboys cheerleader until I saw this pic. Fucking weird.

    • Snowdog2112

      Well she finally made it!

    • tupac

      you should have banged her….

  • Maddog

    Number 25 on the right is going to get it.

  • Andrew

    Does #3 look like Patrick Swayze when he was in To Wong Foo?

  • CaptainWow

    Just to further underscore how freaking terrible the Detroit Lions are, #25 are the official unofficial Lions cheerleaders, known as "The Pride". Lions have never had a squad, deciding that high school cheer teams and local twirlers were more suitable for a family experience.

    The Lions finally relented and let this group of women into the game as long as they follow the following rules:
    1) They cannot perform any organized cheers (presumably because they would then be more organized than the team on the field)
    2) They cannot wear the teams colors (Honolulu Blue)or logos
    3) They cannot go on the field
    4) They cannot obstruct the view of fans (which shouldn't be a problem considering the fans will have their heads buried in their hands out of shame)
    5) They are not allowed to take group photos with fans. Only two girls may appear in photos, so they plan to walk through Ford Field in rows of two.

    • dajesus

      It's fairly understandable. The Lions carry the burden of representing the fine city of Detroit. They can't just go around employing people.

    • Dan

      Ahhhhh yes the unemployed, horrible city, rioting, Detroit sucks rant. No one here has ever heard that before. So original. 2 and 0 bitches and we will f up the Vikings this week too.

  • Vince

    naïve girls are naïve

  • tag

    31 – whoa

  • Joey Mitchell

    None of these women are attractive to me. I think the things that attract me to a chick are their flaws and clearly these bitches are all perfect.

    • 2first names

      ahh the words from a man who has no chance in hell with any of them. u should have just said,"i only go for fuglies cause thats all i can get" these and the chivettes are the reason i bust my ass at the gym and stab douchebag(only the deserved)coworkers in the back to get ahead

  • XAV

    Not Fappably Luscious. I am sure these girls are hot, but these pics are not that sexy.

  • DaddyD

    I believe that some of these women are in fact quite attractive. Hard to tell from the pictures. The Patriots website has a few dozen pix that put most of these to shame.

  • Wil

    OK I may prefer the CFL over the NFL but our cheerleaders have NOTHING compared to these ladies 0_0

  • Shopper

    #38 WTF are you doing here?

  • MSM

    not even one Falcons cheerleader…COME ON!

    • carnut

      this aint welfare or equal opportunity. you gotta earn being on this list.
      that being said, there has to be one Falcons cheerleader that beats 4 or 10.

  • I.P. Freely

    A lot of mutton here.

  • Merovingian

    I've never been less attracted to females…

  • adobe

    Wow – these munters are as bad as the NFL itself…

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