This just in, hell froze over and Kelly Osbourne is now hot.

  • bob

    she's still a fucking dog!

    • Justthrewup

      I don't man; it reminds me of her Dad too much…

    • hmm

      naa she looks ok now, the only thing that changed was her fat. That's a message to all fat girls out there, get thin and you might look better, sponsored by The Chive and Kelly Osbourne.

    • Jeebus

      Yea not hot. Doable, but not at all hot.

    • Frank M

      Being in shape & being hot are two very different things.

    • chris

      Yeah, I'm sure you're all screwing chicks much better looking. Gimme a break, I'd hit it and so would all of you.

  • sham

    i wouldnt say… hot. maybe just.. is now normal.?
    ozzy still rocks my socks.

    • king

      i agree she went from "oh shit how drunk was i last night" to "i'd hit that and my dick won't be mad at me in the morning"

      • pea tear griffin

        not mad but still maybe a little disappointed

    • BigDingo

      Pretty much just an average looking girl now with haggard tatts

  • Where in the WORLD

    Nope. WRONG

  • ysgdtysaf

    Broad. Period. As in NOT hot. Never will be hot.

  • Dave

    In which photo was she supposed to be hot?

  • Frank

    Dear Chive – you called this wrong

  • BigE

    She went from "Did I Do That" , to "I 'd do that", and that's all.

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    I'd hit her

    …with a truck.

    • Jeff Sayatovic

      Just make sure it isn't your truck.. Hitting her back end would really mess up the allignment, and you'd have to take it to the mechanic.. and that'll cost you a lot in the end.

      • jen

        YA HAHAHA mr. FUCK MC FUCKing WAD, AREN't U a FUCK from FUCKINGtonsville?

        wat a funny little bitch u ARe telling a fucky fucker joke that only fucko FUCKIOs would fuck around about thaaaaats, what the fuck the fucking fucked up bitch???? huhhhh??!!!! got it fuckford von fuckalope

  • Carter

    how about NO?

  • Jaysson

  • Jaysson

    Lipstick on a pig..still a pig.

    • Frank


      • johneria

        rude…. a rude comment from a short fat gay man on cocain and meth….

  • Bob

    NO she is not hot, never say such a thing. It is impossible as she is an Osborne. A skank who loses weight is still a skank.

    • Bob's vagina

      Can someone please come and clean out all this sand?

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    no she's still pretty skanky.

  • AntoineDodson666

    Blech! She looks like Ozzy in a dress

    • anarcrust

      I wonder why that would be

  • HardCore Mike

    I think her transformation is interesting but involved surgery and still requires copius amounts of make up to pull it off. She looks good from 10+ feet, though! LOL

    • Nateb123

      Good from afar but far from good!

  • ASShole

    She looks way better. Way better. But still not quite hot. Thats some serious face puff still.

  • crowemagnonman

    Butterface now.

  • chrisdg74

    Um, how you do say…..NO?
    Much better than before, but still a no.

  • Noni

    im scrolling down……scrolling……..nope, still can`t see where the "hot" pics start

  • shanna_SA

    Im proud of her and think she looks great!!! bet most of these guys wld do a little hand jerk if they saw her naked 😛

    • Nelson Costa

      guilty :$

    • SparkyJones

      yeah, hand jerk a canvas tarp to toss over her head

    • NELSON


    • NELSON


  • Sizzle

    Haha, I love these comments. As if someone even remotely as attractive as her would bang any of you.

    • Sparky Jones

      or you?

    • Puke in my mouth

      Good! I don't want her to bang me. She's horribly unattractive.

    • antidouche

      Agreed! Most of these weenies most likely don't have girlfriends. They live in fantasyland where all "hot" chicks are anorexic Ukrainians. Douchebags! How about appreciating real good looking women for a change! I love the Chive but I laugh at that shit.

      • Heidi

        I love you.

  • Dude

    I prefer the chubby Kelly Osbourne. That one had bigger tits.

    • Lyan


  • MiPo

    Still looks like OZZY!!!!

  • Patrick Wichert

    it didnt freeze . she not hot. she a man in a like that chick angelina on jersey shore. man thats one ugly chick. SHE has a man

    • KyoZero

      Still not hot…at all

  • Spliggs

    Call me old fashioned, but my definition of hotness includes being able to sustain intelligent conversation for more than 12 seconds.

    • Kramer

      That is something a queer would say.

      • Spliggs

        I'm guessing you wouldn't make it to the 12 second mark… call it a hunch.

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