• equalizermax

    He chose milk?…

  • Erik von Markovik

    Well you're in luck…there's town about a half a mile that way….

  • wilson

    What's the context here? Who is she to him? Why does she expose herself? What led up to this? WHAT HAPPENED?

    • Six

      You are clearly playing on Ricky Martin`s team next time.

    • K94

      It was his first wet dream.

  • Hypnoboy

    He's having a fantasy about the lady next door. There's another one of these where she's pretty much naked but in some hockey pads.

  • The zombie, Jonathan

    This is a clearcut f*** the girl, sell the cake, eat the gameboy

  • Sauru

    lucky kid

  • roberto robot

    what cake?

  • smith909

    It's from "Picket Fences". The scene is a dream sequence.

  • Jarod

    Can anyone provide the script? IE: what is she saying in the last part of the scene? it looks like shes saying something that will help this be more fap worthy.

  • gulliver22
    • NoPainNoGain

      Excellent, we have contact.

  • K94

    The actual line is "I have cake, a gameboy, and me. Which do you want first?" or something like that. So you don't even have to choose. You get all three!

  • Steve

    It's only pedophilia if it's an man with a girl. If it's a woman with a boy… its AWESOME.

  • Marsatas

    Childhood fantasy 😀

  • mike

    wow i was like lauren holly that sounds familiar, i didn't think she was jenny shepord on ncis.

  • TheDuck
  • Anonymous

    My mind has been blown up!

  • glee

    is that lauren holly ? hot, the girl for sure, not a question.

  • Adam

    never watched this show, now I'm wishing I had…

  • Adam

    Also, for those who want to know the context…!download|111|44261644|Lau…

  • SpamBox XL :> - Page 119 - Console Games Forum

    […] gif from picket fences theCHIVE Cake …gameboy….OR ME? __________________ X-Fire Last-FM PS Let your di*k swing let your tits roll…and dance your butt off. […]

  • Doctah

    Tough decision for the 90s

  • randy

    SAMSONITE! i was way off

  • Always Last


  • Notknowing

    I'd take her, all day long. She's got the nicest ass. (see Dumb & Dumber)

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