Oktoberfest…and Germany's Tiger attack helicopter (27 HQ Photos)

The Tiger Eurocopter is primary attack helicopter of Germany, France, Australia and Spain. The body is made from 80% carbon fiber and the rotors are made of a fiber-plastic. Unlike most conventional helicopter gunships is the configuration of the crew. In the Tiger, the pilot sits in front with the gunner in back with off set seats for improved visibility. The gun is a GIAT 30 (30mm) cannon. The inner weapons have the options: 2x 20 mm (0.787 in) machine cannons in a pod or 22× 68 mm (2.68 in) SNEB unguided missiles in a pod or 8x AGM-114 Hellfire laser guided missiles. The outer weapons have the options: 2× Mistral air-to-air missiles or 12× 68 mm (2.68 in) SNEB unguided missiles in a pod.

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  • johndory

    what is with 26's boobs?

    • youdummy

      some fatty tissue and nipples.

  • smutdragon

    It might work ok but the Tiger just lacks the badassness of the Apache. About as intimidating as an R/C Airwolf.

    • The Burger King

      Agreed. This is cool, but looks like a toy compared to the Apache.

      • Loyd

        Of course, the ability of a helicopter to kick the shit out of an enemy is purely based off of its aesthetic value…it might not look as cool as an Apache but it can definitely kick some ass.

  • everyone

    ………………………………………… ME! *gives steely gaze*

    • joe

      why steely glaze ?

  • Jimmy

    AH-64 Longbow Apache

    • Rick

      Airwolf, classic
      don't worry, the Apache posts will be f-ing epic
      there's a 50/50 I make some posts with 20 hot models and a single photo of a Longbow

  • Jimmy

    I wouldn't want to be in a carbon fiber bodied, plastic rotor bladed helicopter with people shooting at me =/

  • joe

    Apache due for replacement isn't it is it the best , or is there a clearly better one ? I don't get your comment .

    I wanna see more helicopters from everywhere .

  • Rquiem

    Great girl pics here, and you all discuss helicopters…… WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!! ;p

  • Stephan

    Epic post!!!

  • Cowboy

    The Sikorsky Comanche!!!! They have working models but the program was scrapped due to budget cuts. Again, there are working models so we are just a signature away from having the two most bad ass helicopters in the world- the Comanche and the Apache Longbow

  • equalizermax

    #24 – I didn't know my boobs goes this big when I get drunk…

  • Coldzilla

    Girls and Death from above – what could be better?

  • TheVillageIdiot

    What helicopter?

  • ano

    mi-24 hind

  • Gary Mac

    the heck you say, there were Helicopters ???

  • MikeofWyoming

    That helicopter kept interupting the images…Is that what it was designed to do? Annoy the heck out of the enemy until they give up and go home.

  • Martin

    Funny about how quite a few of those pictures are of the Australian Tiger. In Australia. Being flown by Australian Army Pilots.

  • Vrb

    The Tiger.

  • German Tiger sucks

    Most of the pictures are the french Tiger. Everyone with a 30mm gun at its front is not the german one. At the german one the optics are above the rotorhead. it isnt a support helicopter. the german model ist based on the thread from the 1980th warsaw contract and only to fight amored vehicles.
    Also the german one is not in service (should been since 1999-2000). The french one has no tecnical probs and just work how it should be, as a support heli.

    Greetz from Gemany

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