Since when did the UK censor breasts?? (4 photos)

Well, obviously visitors, especially young men, at the Chessington's Sea Life centre have been getting a little too excited and spending some quality time in front of "Sally", the resident mermaid. In true American fashion, the UK tourist attraction censored the statue with an ugly bikini.


  • mipo2010

    I like my mermaids to be more like Ariel

  • Dre

    #3 Second base underwater! this man is a legend in the making!

  • Jim Duncan

    Isn't it already censored by removing any trace of nipple?

    • ryan

      mmmmmm nipple

      • Anon211

        She does have Nipple.. if you look really close towards the bottom of the breast in the first 2 photos.. there is a small nipple and a massive areola 🙂

        She does remind me a bit of Ellie Jay and Ashley Sage(no pun–google them)… very fine UK models indeed 😉

  • equalizermax


    • Where in the WORLD


  • krisb

    What's next? Cover up Davids dick?

    • Dave

      HEY!!!! Easy!!

  • Ballzonya

    ( . )( . )

    • TheChipification

      I'ts more like ( )( )

  • Bob

    Sad. Bet they don't cover up male statues. The UK is usually relaxed about these things. Now the statue looks stupid.

  • ROR

    Seriously Chive? You're going to ridicule someone for censorship when you never show a full blown tit? On a site that blatantly says 18 or older? Keep your hypocritical shit shut until you start letting your Chivettes send in some nude pics.

    • ROR

      And yeah, boo the shit out of me, truth is truth motherfuckers, the more thumbs down, the more I know I hit home.

      • Dre


      • nemesis

        Everything in it's right place, "motherfucker". If you want nudity, go to a porn website.

      • Coldzilla

        Wow SOMEONE really has anger issues.

        The site is what they make it

        You dont like it you know where the door is "motherfucker" LOL

      • dietroll

        O RLY motherfucker?

    • Nicnac

      The Chive knows that Americans are borish prudes. One nipple and the GOP, the senate, the supreme court will be calling discussing why they want to make our innocent kids serial killers.

      Sad to see the UK might be headed to the same anal mindset as us…

      • MichaelGS

        I pray youre wrong good sir

  • stafferty

    If you are getting turned on by rock titties, you are doing it wrong

  • MigraineBoy

    Inverse underwater rape!

  • Coldzilla

    More of the mommy state?

  • baddudevsninja

    Probably some stuck up mum complaining, although this place is for kids its hardly graphic. On a side note I loved Chessington as a kid, Professor Bubbleworks has been ruined though 😦

  • Brah

    That's hilarious. I was in England and watched some TV at 11 or 12 at night, not even 3 or 4 a.m., and they were talking about bondage with nudity galore. I flipped the channel, and they were doing a show on porn stars and their fans, with, again, plenty of nudity. On basic cable! It made me appreciate American TV and its censorship. But covering up some stone statue is stupid.

    • fnaah

      If you fail to see what's wrong with your post, you sir, are already lost.

      Appreciating censorship, indeed.

      • Brah

        If I want to watch some news, I like watching it without them surprising me with some naked lady getting wrapped up in bondage. Is that so unreasonable? I'm not saying the government should go all communist China on us. I just like some things to be banished to the weird realms of the internet, and not my TV.

        • MichaelGS

          well the watershed is 9pm, so you would probably have been able to see that shit even earlier. BBC3 do that alot

  • timmy the dying boy

    Looks like sarcasm to me.

  • nunya


  • Canadian Bacon

    I hate the big artificial, rock hard ones.

  • Floorhead

    Bikini or no, I bet I could crank one out to this. That's one sexy statue! 😛

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • avoidz

    could still tittyfuck that

    • Anon211

      Shamefully… I would too lol ><

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