Jennifer Love Hewitt: Now available in GIFS

This is a heavy page so please be patient while it loads. It’s worth it.

  • KMM

    #1 and always has been #1 in my book. She is awesome.

    • Del

      I see right through your use of #1….I'm on to you.

    • The Cake is a Lie

      Just a little FYI – I saw her in Vegas and she has to be the hottest person I have ever seen IRL. She is also like 5 feet tall at the most. Lil' midget with HUGE talent

    • Mook

      Agreed. I said to friends she is probably one of the best looking celebrities I find attractive and they said she looks like a mutant. So I told them they know little about attractive women.

  • googboog

    jennifer love hugetits

    • Semper

      Wow this tactic really works! I was so intrigued I deciphered your cryptic link and went immediately to the site to find my older man. Good on ya! You know how to advertise.

    • Vihni

      Such a funny comment!

  • pufffdragon

    My wish has finally been granted. Giftastic!!!

  • C.Griffyn

    Love, Jen, she's my future ex-mistress.

  • OneTwoDead

    I approve 200%. Thank you.

  • Kyle

    This… this is just… Man. I tell ya. This is great. Just epic. Made my day. I love you people.

  • BigDingo

    I enjoy both of her acting talents….

    • guest

      both? does one of those include being hot?

      • Beau Young

        He's talking about her tits, man. Get with the program. Her boobs.

  • BigDingo

    and is anyone else watching these again and again hoping for a nip slip?

    • FLHomesteader

      I only scrolled down to read the comments and hope that when I scroll up she'll be nude in these .gifs…

      Damn it Chive, how am I supposed to work with this on my screen all day?

      You're right. Fuck work…

  • avoidz


    • ron

      Besides her tits, her face is the best thing about her. It's her ass that's too fat that's the problem.

    • scott

      queer ^^^^^^

    • vzla-ftw

      you guys are really gay, tits, face, ass, sweetness, she is the whole package. She is inches away from perfect

  • tommybhoy

    Chive, you have done it again! Absolute awesome in epic proportions

  • anon

    Ive been in Love with her since, a long time

  • @brendonfx

    Wheres her vagayjay! 😀

  • chrisdg74

    I've had a thing for her since the late 90s. Thank you.
    Those were the only 2 redeeming qualities of "Hearbreakers" (gif #2)

  • LakeJames7

    Just amazing!

  • justplaintravis

    fap fap

  • hypoluxa

    her back must be killing her!

  • Bud Ugly


  • CSI

    #3 8====D~~~~ *Splooge!*

  • Derpson

    #9 Boy meets world FTW!

  • Rodd Hungwell

    I think….fap….umm…fap fap…..JLH is….. fap fap fap…I gotta go…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    And I right-clicked them all. I think I'm in Love now.

  • thetech2

    OMG i love her always have she is one of the all time sexiest chicks I don't care what weird things she does she has nice eyes

  • Bill

    Shes got really pretty hair.

    • Merc

      Does it put the lotion on it's skin?

    • Skedaddle

      Pretty hair? My guess is she waxes that puppy….B)

  • fasterthanu

    In a heartbeat…

  • obama sucks


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