Never-before-seen photos of Jenn Sterger will turn your day right around (30 Photos)

Last week, one of our Chivers named Shane sent us a buncha' Jenn Sterger photos. Shane's the ruggedly handsome man on the far right in the lead photo up there. Shane was friends with Jen at FSU before she moved on to the Jets and eventually found herself in the middle of a Brett Favre penis controversy.
Yes, some of these photos you've seen before but many were taken by Shane. Apparently, dirty old men LOVED having their photos taken with Jen. Aside from that, boobs.

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    Throwing picks and sexting dicks!

    • petwookiee

      Hell! Even his sexts got intercepted 😀


        BAHAHAHAHA!!!! petwookiee, +20 to you if I could.

      • HellHath NoFury

        De-fense, de-fense!

    • Baldy

      I bow to you sir

    • juliushoratio

      Not sure what the big deal about her is. She should have spent the money on a nose job instead of at Dr. Nick's discount boob job clinic.

      • dean

        I agree, just a generic cute chick with fake tits who got her 'break'.
        Tons of these chicks in every city, usually working in bars til they're 30-ish before they get too old or being the 'hot girl' people want to nail at said bars.
        Would still totally bang her, but she's not even close to someone like Carmen Electra.

      • Dr. Nick

        HI EVERYBODY!!!

        • HellHath NoFury

          HI, DR. NICK!!

    • mike oxbig

      are you really gonna try to pass that off as your own genius or should you be thanking Pres @ Barstool for that one…

    • halim23

      I found the best Pics compilation of Jenn Sterger and Ines Sainz:
      who is hotter?

  • dennis

    I would give my right testicle to disappoint her

    • w/eeeee

      thats the bad 1 right?

  • dillon

    sorry, I'm a little behind on my pop culture. can somebody explain the favre connection?

    • Mama Scribe

      Theres a bunch of texts and voicemails to her from him. Cliff notes: Married, old, washed up, famous QB, hitting on a pretty young thing.

    • ron

      Not just texts, SEXTING… pictures of his junk and so forth.

    • Mario

      She worked for the Jets while he was there. I'm assuming that's how they met.

  • LTW

    I have seen most of those before….

    • jake

      good for you!!

  • TOAD

    you can tell she's tried a thing or two in her day

  • Pat


  • LTW

    Dillon She worked for the Jets as a sideline reporter for a time allegedly when Favre was there he tried to hook up with her got aggravated when she rejected him and allegedly texted her pictures of his junk when he tied one on one night at the hotel. Jezebel has the story.

    • ron

      Seriously? You couldn't hit REPLY to him so your response is shown beneath his question? Don't believe you're qualified to be on the internets, boy.

  • Vagabundo

    Someon should totally send some dick pics to her i bet she would like it?? Anyone know anybody with her phone #???

  • GMO

    Her friends are hotter than her! Am I right?


    #3 – THERE IS A GOD! There really is a God.

  • HellHath NoFury


    • GMO

      Thank you. I've been arguing with my friends for a week about this. She is average. Nice Boob Job but that's it. Face is honestly below average.

      • HellHath NoFury

        I am not at all saying she's ugly or that I'm superior to her, but there are prettier woman at the store. The difference is that someone gave her Rich Boy info and she whored with them instead of regular guys. Her friend in 30 with the striped top is far hotter.

        • GMO

          Totally agree. Her friend is way better. And no if I ran into her in a bar I'd absolutely swing and miss. I'm just saying especially next to that hot ass friend of hers what's the fuss? And you might just be superior BTW. In my opinion.

          • HellHath NoFury

            You've seen my fat roll, right? It is superior to hers.

            • GMO

              God Damn girl take the compliment. Modesty is one thing but . . .

              • HellHath NoFury

                NEVARRR!!! I'm the only one that can fix my flaws, and I haven't, so in true female form, I must whine about them!

                • GMO

                  Word. My chick just called me to tell me the anti wrinkle cream she bought for her eyes (at the age of 25) gave her a rash. Why can't women just leave well enough alone?

                  • Yourfreakindaddy

                    Why don't you two love birds swap spit and phone numbers?

                    • GMO

                      Why don't you choke to death on your dad's sperm?

                    • Yourfreakindaddy

                      Should I wait for your mom to spit it up first?

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      To the lower classes, two people having a conversation that doesn't consist of nefarious dealings must be sexual.

                    • GMO

                      Yes because obviously the chive is the place to be for meeting women. Jesus I'll just go ahead and post something he can understand.

                      Ugg boobies yay me like they round. bet she want to date me and stay home sat night with me eating twinkies and watching re-runs of the A-Team.

                    • Yourfreakindaddy

                      HellHath – that statue is probably the most action you get!
                      GMO – Thanks for describing your Saturday night. Go do some P90X you fat slob!

                    • GMO

                      Honestly I'm ready to move on. See ya next time you have a problem with human beings communicating.

      • Skedaddle

        She shoulda had her nose fixed before she had her boobs done. What a beak!

  • gad


    • ???

      forgot my lunch? i don't understand how that fits in.

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    she seems wholesome.

    I wonder what kind of fasteners she uses to hold those disgusting bolt-ons up near her neck.

    • GMO

      Prob has something to do with the endless variety of gay cowboy hats this bitch dons.

    • youdummy

      silicone adhesive

  • Disgruntledemployee

    i bet her personality is amazing!

  • Brandon

    Fake tits. No thank you.

    • Coldzilla

      Dude like you had a chance LOL

      • HellHath NoFury

        seems like everyone has.

        • Coldzilla

          Oh you can tell that just from these pics?

          Is that you Brett?

          • HellHath NoFury

            I can. She whores it up with a married man just because he has a big wallet. That, my friend, is called a whore.

  • powpowpow

    whats her phone number i want to txt her something

  • pookie

    Man why can't a girl that hot have some dignity and not do this shit to Favre. Not like she couldn't have a career modelling

  • Coldzilla

    Freakin HOT!

    Funny tho – her face doesnt change in the first few

    Not that that matters……..

  • ckris King


  • Shane

    Hey, It's Shane the guy on the right in the top picture… Hope you guys like!

    • Shane

      Thats also me in pic #7

  • jEDROL

    Yeah, she's a slut…

    • zanzabar


  • God

    Yup, she can marry me

  • MJ7

    Hot, of course. Gigantic loser, yes.

  • chrisdg74

    Meh. Not worth sending dick pics to, wrecking your marriage in the process.

    • zanzabar

      I would wreak any marriage to be with her

  • Anonymous

    As much as I hate FSU (UF fan) I love this girl even with the fsu clothing (I would love to rip it off)

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