Douchebaggery is not limited to dudes. Meet the Douchette (27 photos)

  • tommybhoy

    These people shouldn't be allowed to procreate…ever!

    • yepANDnope

      Accidentally scrolled over your pic and realized i can see a little profile. (late i know). BUT……….

      u live in DUBAI?!?!?!? WHY THE F**K ARE YOU ON THE INTERNET??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

      • HellHath NoFury

        As we all know, Dubai, being the most rapidly-growing city on Earth, would not have modern technology.

        • tommybhoy

          Or the tallest building on earth, man made islands in the sea or a driverless metro system.
          Dubai is worse than Saudi Arabia…….

  • everyone

    Fuck it, I would

    • Benjamin Dennison

      It's how I would recycle my paper bags

    • everyone

      I'd just like to add this would involve whiskey and double bagging. Plus skipping 14 and 26.

      • Bone Tim

        Hit and run. that's it

  • douche


  • Kjell King

    I think this post just killed my soul a little.

    • HellHath NoFury


      • Kjell King

        you know, the thing you are missing…

        • HellHath NoFury

          I wouldn't talk much, you choose go out of your way to spend time with me.

          • CPO_Mendez

            She's got a point….

  • busted

    Been visiting the dirty lately, have we?

    • zdrake13

      I thought the same thing as soon as i saw #2, Brock's Chick.

  • Will

    #15 lol. Yes, little girl. Even as a minor, an Ed Hardy shirt will still make you a douche.

    It's a shame that some of these girls are really pretty hot. Many, on the other hand, are atrocious.

  • Mek

    What the fuck is #27. And where can i order some mind bleach?

  • CaptainInsano

    In my opinion some of these are just hot girls showin a little style..

    • babymistakes

      Like which ones?

    • mattitude

      agree'd. some are douch bags, however most are just hot chicks having fun or in style :$

  • Pete Ribaudo

    that last pics so gay justin beiber clenched his ass when he viewed it

  • Hez26

    gotta be honest….douchette or not, im hittin it

    • DuroyPrime

      I concur

    • yepANDnope

      haha. i agree with you. and so would EVERYONE ELSE if these chics were under a different post like the Jenn Sterger chick for example. Goes to show how most of these guys dont really have their own opinions. what the chive says goes. lol.

      • busted

        You're saying that if that slow motion train wreck that is #9 was in another post I'd find her attractive? Doubtful.

    • Milo

      while i disagree with you almost completely… i'd totally do either one in #20

  • stefanhartman

    I was going down the list like "all are good except 5, 10, 12, 15…" then decided, AH FUCK IT!

    • Its-a me, Mario

      you went past 9 and 11 and you thought that was good? what the……?

      or did they change the order again? Giving you the benefit of doubt here.

  • GMO

    I guess I'm struggling to see what is douchy about some of them but. . . I'm sure you have your reasons Chive. The girl on the left in #8 looks like she had an accident like the joker only fell into a bath of ista-tan.

  • AverageGuy

    What the hell is up with #22 boobs? (girl on the right)

    • Obadiaha

      they are "real"

    • HellHath NoFury

      She's overweight with fat rolls for boobs, so she added implants. like a half-full water balloon. Or a fried egg.

      • Kjell King

        Well, there goes my appetite

    • Trixie

      That's because she's the only actual female at the table. She needs to cover that shit up or tape 'em together or something. The other two…well, you don't know what you mind find under their gold lamee skirts. Yikes!

      • Trixie

        Might find that is

  • Guy Incognitus

    A gallery of douchebaggettes and no Paris Hilton? For shame!

    • Ballzonya

      or snooki…

  • gator

    what a douche….

  • Ash22

    #9 looks like a bratz doll come to life.

  • petwookiee

    #14 – I blame the parents

  • Kad

    I want to go up to several of those people and yell, WHY ARE YOU ORANGE!?

  • strongbad

    #22 – girl on the right; you could park a car between 'em…

  • vince

    Of course there are some obvious exceptions, but I wouldn't kick most of them out of bed…

    well, at least not until I'm done…;)

  • HellHath NoFury

    Must. Remove. Ovaries.

  • no name

    #22 – It's a trap….

    • PDidz

      Haha, I thought the same thing, especially on the left

  • HellHath NoFury

    14 made me hold my child and cry.

    • gigabest

      no 11 made me hold my dick and cum

      • HellHath NoFury

        Way to follow up a comment about kids, asshole.

        • gigabest

          way to precede a comment about dicks, bitch.

          • Beau

            Just bow out respectfully. The intarwebz will thank you.

            • Down boy

              Who the fuck let you off the leash?

              • Beau

                You already used that on another post. Get some new material. I can appreciate a good line.

  • Booya

    #16: Brittany and Jenica, the "douchettes" of Bar Knox! LOLOLOLOL

  • mattythegooch

    Ed Hardy 4 Life!!!

    let me re-phrase that, if you wear Ed Hardy, you should get life(no parole)

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