Think like a Russian, inflatable decoy weapons (32 Photos and Video)

It's pretty smart on Russia's end. Save a bunch of money with blow-up decoys. Then again, maybe Russia shouldn't announce to the world that they have decoys.

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  • Tar

    hey where can I purchase them??

  • Connor

    The Western allied did the same thing in Northern Africa I believe.

    • Rick

      correct, the new ones are much lighter

    • V4Vendetta14

      Read about Jasper Maskelyne. He was a British magician who joined the Royal Engineers in Nornthern Africa. The leadership thought he was a joke at first, but he came up with amazing tricks. There was a really good History Channel special on him.

      One of his first "tricks" was to figure out how to keep the Germans from bombing their main shipping harbor every night. He went on to create a scale model of the harbor, further up the coast. Then he had them black out the real harbor, and light up the fake harbor. The German bombers figured they were just off-course and bombed the fake harbor. They even rigged up fake explosions to make the Germans think their bombing was successful.

  • 2010 firebird

    need to rent these out for kids birthdays. the russian mig bounce-house. missle launcher fun jump. could make some cash on the wknds.

  • Craig

    Not think like a Russian, but think like an American (although I am not sure the US invented this). The D-Day invasion also employed similar tactics. The shortest distance across the English Channel was to invade Calais, so the allies built up an inflatable force to look like they were staging an invasion there.

  • Guest

    The US has had those for years too

  • Kris Coleman

    yes russians aren't the first. The first to do this may have been the Allies in WWII. Someone mentioned the Calais diversion, i havn't heard of that one but it may also be true. the one I am familiar with is the London diversion, where they put fake tanks on the shores and put inflatables up (including inflatable mines) to ward off attack during the london bomb raids.

  • Splonson

    So basically…..the russians are showing that they TOO can make inflatable decoys.

  • Ellis

    That's GENIUS!

  • spliggs

    Need to see a close-up of the inflatables on #21, 28?

  • ZIP

    28 FTW

  • joe quin

    where do I get those blown up dolls?

  • whelm

    Guess which one cannot ever be inflatably replaced. Ooh! ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I know this one!

  • equalizermax

    So they love blow-up dolls???

  • Stevoreeno

    Firefox was an OK movie. The jet itself was DOPE!

  • Coldzilla

    So if you plan on invading Russia remember to take one BIG ASS needle with ya!

  • Ivan

    The funniest thing about this stuff is Yugoslavia'99 war's history.

    Serbians made a lot of primitive heated up and metallized decoys, then put them across their homeland – and then made western agressors spent a lot of "smart" bombs and missiles. Waste of money. Western tax-payers money, of course.

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