Ladies with a side of future lower back problems (25 Photos)

  • Brian Williams

    Numero Uno!!!

    • Emt

      even though you went saying first…I gave you a thumbs up for creativity! lol In this case you could better say… PRIMERO!!!

  • Bobba Fett

    Whoa! #1's got a 3-1/4" floppy.
    There's a weiner joke in here somewhere….

    • vzla-ftw

      like saying that those are probably 2 -1/4" bigger than yours??

      • Bobba Fett

        Might be a bit generous for me. Any others?

        • Canucker

          I got news for ya if you noticed there were floppy disks….

  • topher

    anyone notice the first pix the girl has floppy disks next to her….

    • sid

      you know your a geek, when you notice this first.
      unfortunantly i did

    • its_forge

      That woman is now in her 40s, has 3 kids, stretch marks everywhere and works in a law office.

    • babymistakes

      Maybe they're for a drum machine.

  • Jaf

    Girl in 23 just lookin' like she knows what you're thinkin'…

  • vzla-ftw

    # 1 , gay test: if you noticed the floppy disks in the bed i have bad news for you

    • Just sayin

      You noticed them.. fag

      • Summitgrad

        Or just noticed the comments by "fett" and "topher" on here

  • mipo2010

    Titties are good titties are great…wtf am I doing awake right now

    • UR_Kryptonite

      Amen to that..

  • FapperX

    Thank you Chive. Couldn't sleep tonight and this is exactly what I need . . .


  • Mumble mumble

    Please boobs, stop staring my eyes.

  • The zombie, Jonathan

    Any chance of stalking 11 for us chive?

    • Jason

      I was thinking the SAME thing!! I need moar of #11!!

  • Terry Burke

    i wanna come back as a hot chicks bra

  • kater

    #6 is ugleeeeeee as turd.
    #7 is nice and has breakfast at tiffany's poster in the back for instant win 🙂

    • Coldzilla

      Hey how bout you post YOUR pic 😉

  • jacob

    24. name. please

  • Mars

    #22 I'd snook her

  • hmmmmm

    moar of 24 plz. We need another post of tatted up girls.

    • HANK

      Had to thumb you down cuz tats are skanky but I love that shirt Satan is Waitin=solid gold man

      • Jim Reuss

        hank you're fucking retarded. tattoos are sexy as hell. and FYI #24 is a porn star named adrenna lynn. look her up and enjoy.

  • vince

    #16 reminds me….I've got to feed the chick in my basement pit.

  • 4xaClown

    Chive!! You've got to do a feature on #19!! Thanks!

  • {clevernamehere}

    Is #3 a midget? Look at those little sausage fingers and tell me that is not a midget…

    Still great boobs though, and I would still put a cork in it. But something is being covered with that photo cropping.

    • myop

      HOLY SHIT!! I think your right

    • Beau

      No, she may be short but she's not a midget/dwarf. Her fingers look short because the index fingers are bent towards the camera. Her middle & ring fingers on both hands are normal length.


    • jack8222


  • Mandy Smith

    #14 girl on the right, oh my god x

    • Brian

      My pick too. I would love to know who she is.

    • Matt

      #14 Blonde on right, you MUST find her!!!!!! Check Otts' tavern in Delran, Nj, striking similarities

      • allscool

        Staci Cole

  • davey

    3. 15.
    nom nom nom

  • chrisdg74

    25 – I'm sorry. Were you saying something?
    Between these and the sexy chivers post coming later, today is going to be a great day.

  • couchjesus1264

    can we get more of 9,22 and 24?

  • buyingcheese

    MOAR 1,10 !!!

  • Watcher

    Lovely to look at but I insist that B cups are more enjoyable.

    • davey

      thats becoz u have a small penis and cant fill the valley of the d cup.

      • its_forge

        On the other hand my schwontz is ponderous beyond measure and I like perky little boobs better too. So nyeah on your size-obsessed world.

    • Catence

      As the owner of a pair of D cups, I wold have to disagree with you.

  • bud_man_43224

    Pic # 1 is smokin. She's hot as hell

  • bob

    how about getting them to start posting their cup sizes? xD

    • Beau

      They aren't all submitting pictures of themselves. I would say 95% or more of the lower back problem posts are not submitted directly from the source, or even from someone who's friends with them. It is just a collection of photos of big titted chicks that populate the vast intarwebz.

    • its_forge

      Who cares what their actual size is, and that depends on what brand of bra they buy anyway, quit being stupid.

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