Spying on Russia at Mach 3…SR-71 Blackbird in high-res (19 HQ Photos)

Am I the only one that learned what "Skunk Works" was from a poster of the SR-71 Blackbird? On July 28, 1976 the SR-71A traveled at Mach 3.3 which is just shy of 2,200 mph. There are other records set (such as altitude record of 85,069 feet) but my favorite is the New York to London in 1 hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds. The Pratt & Whitney J58-P4 engines used in the Blackbird were the only American engines designed to operate continuously on afterburner, and became more efficient as speed increased. Each J58 engine could produce 32,500 lbs/f of static thrust. This plane is like my Mclaren F1 poster; it is how I remember my childhood bed room.
theBRIGADE wants to know what vehicle you had a poster of as a kid
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to know what vehicle you had a poster of as a kid
Submit your Photos here

  • DerkaDo

    #10 you wanna fly it? Sure! Ok, just Learn what all theses gauges are for first.

  • frank sclafane jr

    all i know is the airmen who served with the sr-71
    had coffee cups that said " mach-7

  • Poololololol

    I love the SR-71, it was my first model airplane as a kid. I bet they can do at least mach 4.
    they can outrun bullets and some missiles lol.
    As for poster as a kid I had a badass one of the batmobile from the first batman movie.

    • oillio

      I own this bass and its badass. I had the cochie between a gibson and the epiphone version and i went the epi because it as a bolt on neck, which sounds better, but both basses sound identical. Everyone knows Thunderbirds weren’t made to be slapped which explains the poor tone. It sounds great live, just a little too much highs due to the hot pick-ups but that can easily be fixed by adjusting your amp.

  • gary

    sr71 what a sweet bird, i saw her on the tube in 1974 when i joined the usaf prayed iwould see her . after basic was sent to my duty staiton. got on base and saw her take off . 4 years of fueling her and enjoyed every moment . i still love her all these years latter..

  • Lucy

    Times are canhingg for the better if I can get this online!

  • Jack

    Habu. What a fricking badass plane.

  • Edinson

    Dear Michaela, I have so enjoyed radeing this post interesting, amusing and varied. The Irish stew sounds positively delicious [lamb being in short supply in Hungary and hardly ever eaten] and the strawberry tart is clearly a winner.We too have been experiencing exceptionally hot weather so I do hope that Shane is carrying out his watering duties properly! One really good soaking is so much better than a light sprinkling, but I am sure that you have instructed him thoroughly.Oh, the Miss Bad Manners of Chelsea. She is to be found everywhere! Such rudeness is, in my belief, nearly always a result of a lack of confidence and a necessity to be assertive.

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