• http://www.facebook.com/wohara Billy O'Hara

    Anyone ever see the movie "The Edge" That bear was way cooler.

  • ryan

    skip to 1:45 to not waste your time

    • ryan

      or rather just save yourself the time and not watch it at all

  • dsgdy6sf

    spoiler, don't read before watching!!

    sorry to spoil bu the question he asks has the very same effect on a bead and a person caught jacking off

    • KATER

      bear, not bead. really.

  • jamie

    climbin' this ladder, whats it look like i'm doing ????

  • mipo2010

    He's climbin in yo treehouse, snatchin yo people up..

    • unBEARable.

      He's rapin' urr-body.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=545403343 Ryan White

      so ya'll need to hide yo' cubs, hide yo' sow

    • Karen


  • Da Sandman

    and the point of the first 2 mniutes of the vid was…?

  • nev

    how to download this video?

  • bowhuntpa

    samething happened to me last month!

  • CaptainInsano

    haha, it's like being caught by ur parents when ur a little kid and being too embarrassed to say anything

  • floscar

    Hey, what are you doing bear? Bears dont climb ladders.

  • Cog

    It wasn't the question that scared him away, it was the fact that it was Chuck Norris asking the question that scared him away!

  • Matt

    awwww what a cute bear.

  • sadisticsam

    lol i dont think he noticed the guy until he spoke

    • top dog

      He didn't see the guy until he spoke. The bear knew he was there, he was following the scent trail the guy left behind. If that had been a grizzly or a kodiak bear, the guy would have been in real trouble.

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    […] Want to see how to scare a bear off? It’s easier than you and I both thought. […]

  • Anonymous

    The bear had a sudden epiphany, like he really didn't know what he was doing, where his life was going, why his wife slept with his best friend and left him and why he doesn't ever seem to catch a F'NG BREAK???? Sorry, what was I saying?

  • Low

    Does no one realize a bear is climbing a ladder!

    That in itself is amazing.

  • TOny

    What you don't see is the rifle hes pointing at the bears head.

  • Shoestring

    That was a Black bear, they are not that intimidating. Try that on Brown bear like the Kodiak or Grizzly bear…whole different ballgame.

    • George

      While I was saying the same thing to myself while watching that video "Oh it's just a black bear, there's no danger there", I know that if that had been me filming i would have needed a change of pants after that.

  • Emt

    what really amazes me (and kind of scares me) is how a quarter ton bear is able to climb a ladder so easily ….

  • vince

    I'm reminded of the question…

    If a bear shits on a ladder, falling in the forest…and there's no one around to ask a question…

  • Big Los

    Guy: "Hey, what are you doing there?"

    Bear: "Oh shit, well, nothing I guess."

  • MeisterMon

    Uhmm, bears can climb trees that are completely uneven surfaces, so not a huge surprise they can climb an even ladder…

    And I with the other guy… black bears are relatively shy (unless you are after their kids)… other bears would have said "Whatever I want Snappy, like eating you!!"

  • Tyler

    the bear's all like "oh hi i'm…just umm…leaving"

  • cpt

    haha thats awesome, what he really should of asked the bear seein he had the chance, is do bears shit in the woods?

    and climbing the ladder is easy for it, black bears climb trees pretty quick, he was taking the lazy route up the ladder.
    and it looks like that was a hunters tree stand, mustve only had a deer permit because that was the easiest bear hunt anyone can ask for

  • Heber Coll

    I wanna hug him!

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