• Why Not?

    who are 9 14 16 and 25?

  • Steeb

    These celebrity/fan photos make me want to cry. Please stop.

  • 123roasthim

    25-27 made me spit out my drink

  • markkens

    My God, does Troi have some nips going in #8?!

    Who's #11?

  • Anon

    29 is Jensen Ackles on the left and Jared Padalecki. Both from the CW show Supernatural. Jensen was also on Smallville for a bit. I couldn't stop laughing at that pic.

  • justin

    Skywalker is looking rough

  • anwer

    oh #24 is Chronos from God Of War-3 .. :p

  • joay

    Not understanding all the love for #20! Is it just because you guys all apparently know who she is? She might have a lovely personality for all I know, but she's also sporting a face like a sasquatch. 😦

  • enemyofaverage

    #20. The chick with the pink hair is Hex from Good Game (i think). Its an aussie gaming show on ABC. She is a babe!! Im not too concerned with the celeb in the picture though. Chive, find more images of Hex!! Here is a starter –

  • Andyy

    lol #20 is a TV Show presentor on Good Game


  • Shannon Coverdale

    There are celebrities in these pictures?

  • P90

    Stan 'The Man' Lee FTW.

  • Da Sandman

    celebrities…? :-/

  • Bean Splice

    Summer Glau is hands down the best looking actress in Sci-Fi. She's a fine actress and looks amazing in Terminator. Would.

  • Waymon38

    #29 – Why is she standing so far away?

  • Bear

    What glitch? puditbakdammit!

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