If you get a chance, shake a soldier's hand on Veteran's Day (33 HQ Photos)

These are Veterans from the past and into the future.
theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

  • Iluvbeingfirst

    Let me be the FIRST to say thank you to all of men and women in uniform. God bless!

  • ericvdm

    #32 is Bill Guarnere (sp?)

    • CaptainWow

      Sure does look like "Wild Bill", so let's go with Yes!

      • dude

        Ol' ghonneria himself

  • Greg

    Honestly, I almost cried when I got to that one… That's heartbreaking.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Damn. Can't concentrate on anything else now.

  • Dave


  • Gonzo

    You have to remove #30. That's too much.

    • CaptainWow

      As hard as it is to look at, nothing demonstrates the sacrifices made by our servicemen more.

    • Anthony

      Damn, that just sucks so much.

  • Corey

    That is absolutely devastating to see… I can't even imagine

  • equalizermax

    #30 – Makes me feel sad…

  • mark

    as a parent, 30 absolutely breaks my heart…..

  • soupnuts

    I lost it when I saw 30

  • dkbales

    We are, as a nation, sometimes so unworthy of what so many do for us and have done for us. If you are not touched by EVERY ONE of these pictures, then at least have the decency to not post anything negative on this posting.

    Thank you to all who have come before, those who serve us now, and all that will in the future. May the day come when you are no longer required.

    • northerner

      Amen to that…

  • Gutterville

    Its sad but america is a waring nation. they love to get into wars
    From the 1900 only
    The Korean War
    Vietnam War
    Desert Storm
    Desert Storm 2
    Countless trillions spent on just wars when your country is falling apart. good luck being number 2 in the next decade

    • hmmm

      You're welcome. I hope you appreciate having the freedom to write your BS.

      A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

    • McFly

      I assume you are writing from a nation that was saved by the heroics, sacrifice, and blood of America's sons and daughters. You also need a history lesson – America had to come to the rescue AFTER Europe and Asia started TWO WORLD WARS!

      • Big_Hairy_Si

        Rescue? You turned up 3 years late in WW1 and that was for a cut of the spoils when it was clear the Allies would win. As for WW2, America's treatment of Japan directly influenced their aggression – then it took Hitler declaring war on America before you joined that, just 2 years late that time. Incidentally, the Soviets did waaaaaaaay more than America and it was them that basically won WW2. Try reading a book – preferrably one not written by an American.

        • JuanCarlos

          America didn't want to enter WWII because we didn't want to appear as imperialistic (reflected by isolationist sensations caused by WWI).
          it's funny how people complain about America being too "imperialistic" with our wars, yet they complain that we were too late to save bitch ass Europe from Hitler? Pick a side, euros..

          • Gutterville

            What you clearly didn't understand about what big hairy said was that america was too little too late, the war was ending mostly thanks to the Russians
            while russia lost 8.5 million soilders, america only lost less then 300K, the russians lost more soilders then jews did in the holocaust.

            • V4Vendetta14

              The Russians leadership cared nothing about the cost of human life. They lost men stupidly and sent countless men to their deaths. Stalin ordered the deaths of 158K Russian troops for desertion during WWII.

              What country are you from? I will tell you why you owe us your freedom.

            • northerner

              The war was ending when we were attacked? Don't think so. It lasted 4 more years. In both theaters.

              • Nicnac

                4 years? Math fail.

                There is truth and there are lies in the original comment.

                WW1 and 2 were necessary. Korea, Vietnam, and everything after were/are not. Afghanistan might have been necessary to get some revenge but Iraq was not.

                • Gutterville

                  What lies in the original comment what about the countless trillions spent on war. well lets see here in iraq and afganistan you have spent more then 1 trillion see costofwar.com
                  The iraq war will be in its 100th month next year jan
                  and combined Viet and korean war is over 180 months in combat. this is not including the other wars.
                  so tell me if it isn't countless trillions spent in war.

                  typical american school of thoughts war is necessary, thats why your country is dropping day by day in to a 3rd world nation. after china, middle east, russia and brazil is done taking your economy to peices. you won't have a pot to piss in.

                  • kent

                    Funny, despite spending money on wars the US economy is doing better than all of Europe.

                    If we become a 3rd world country, the western world will collapse.

            • kent

              Too little to late?

              The US did more in WWII than any other country. The reason the Soviets lost so many men is because they used human wave tactics. The US was the only country to fight in every theater of war against every axis power. The US did more in Germany than any of the European allies, while simultaneously fighting Japan basically alone with almost no help. And this US did this while supplying the vast majority of war material for all of the allies, including the Soviets. Every single tank built in the USSR from 1941 until the end of the war was built with American steel.

              The US fought in Africa, the Med, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. No other country even came close to doing as much as we did. The Brits got raped every time they fought the Japanese without us. And they got raped everytime they fought the Germans without us too. The allies would have lost the war if the US didn't join. It's a simple fact.

              Anti-Americanism is a mental disorder and morons like you prove that. You're desperate to rob the US of credit, out of your jealousy and ingratitude.

        • Gutterville

          WOW thank you for that, expect americans to think they won ww2 when all they did was show how big and strong they were and bomb the shit out of the japs

          • kent

            More civilians were in British firebombings of German cities than the combined death toll of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

            More civilians were killed with BAYONETS by the Japanese in the Rape of Nanking. The Soviets killed 10 times more of their OWN PEOPLE during WWII than all the civilians killed by the US in the war.

            You're a moron. Your anti-Americanism is based on lies and general jealousy of American power which causes you to rewrite history to try to rob the US of credit because the facts themselves are your enemy. Chances are you live in a country that only exists right now because of our mercy.

            You pathetic fool. You're a living, breathing oxymoron. Consider suicide.

            • Dormin

              …My god…

        • Gutterville

          WOW thank you for that, expect americans to think they won WW2 but all they did was show how big and strong they were and show how inhumane they really are

          • kent

            Wow, thank you for that. Expect brainwashed, jealous, butthurt fools to pretend the US was inhumane in WWII when if ANY other country was as powerful as the US after WWII they would have just taken over Europe and Asia, like the Brits and Russians (not even mentioning, you know, the Axis) would have done.

            The US did win WWII. The allies were losing before the US joined, and would have lost had the US not joined. The US did more in the full spectrum of war. The US basically single-handedly defeated the Japanese and liberated Asia. The US did more in Africa, the Med, Italy, and Western Europe. The Soviets who you say did the most only did so because they received 80% of their war material free of charge from the US, and because the US opened the 2nd front in Europe (something Brits failed to do before) which forced the Germans to divert 1/3rd of their forces from the east. Before that, all the allies including the Soviets and the Brits were losing almost every single battle against every axis power.

            Get a grip on reality you ignorant, brainwashed, jealous moron. Have some gratitude you pathetic mental midget.

        • V4Vendetta14

          Big_Hairy_Si , You like to ramble. I'd love to read some of the brilliant literature from which you gathered your conclusions.

          Japan declared war because we embargoed them. We embargoed them, because they were at war with and sought to take the natural resources of China and all of her neighbors. They tried to knock us out in one fell swoop. They only got one chance and they deserved the what followed.

          As for Hitler, we supported Great Brattain for those 3 years that you say we were late. The US was not a modern superpower at that time. France and Great Brattain should have been able to handle it.

          While I wouldn't dismiss the impact of the millions of Russian troops, it was actually the Russian winter that savaged the unprepared Germans. Russian military tactics were ineffective. After fight a war on 3 fronts, even the German war machine broke down. Not stopping the Allies at Normandy, and ignoring his generals, was Hitler's greatest mistake.

      • northerner

        That's absolutely correct. We were attacked and responded. And later we responded to calls for help. We always will be the globe's policeman…

    • Dan Hopkins

      Douchebag (Gutterville) your name fits perfectly, get the hell out.

    • cdnalor

      Gutterville, on today of all days, try to show some class and leave politics out of it.

      • Gutterville

        Why leave politics out of it, isn't it politics that started the war and made those veterans in the first place.

        • cdnalor

          Because you have the rest of the year to bitch about politics. Today is about the people who, willingly or not, sacrificed life and limb so the rest of us can enjoy our privileged lifestyle. It's not about who's right or wrong, it's about THEM. So give them this one fucking day out of the year if it's not too much to ask.

          • Big_Hairy_Si

            I'm not one for trolling, but the sentiment of this post is (to me) to recognise the service of all those who have fallen during their service to their respective countries, whatever that country might be. I do object however, to the idea that only America has sacrificed in the face of tyranny or terror – as a ex-forces here in the UK, I can say that's absolutely not the case.

            • V4Vendetta14

              Who said anything about America being the only country to contribute to WWII? None of us could have won that war alone.

              Your British pride is still smarting from WWII? Seriously, I would expect more from an ex-forces vet. The comment flames started with gutterville. This post should have been about honoring the sacrifice of all soldiers, which you should understand.

            • northerner

              It's a matter of record that our allies have fought right along side us and suffered losses as we did. And at least some of us recognize their sacrifices and are forever grateful.

          • Gutterville

            So glad Im not american or live in america right now, or I'll be one of you loving the military machine you people call america. I guess when you grow up in a military dictatorship you learn to accept its evils

            • V4Vendetta14

              We are glad too.

    • http://www.vitalguitar.com BBAmp

      WWI – not caused by America
      WWII – not caused by America
      Korean War – not caused by America

      America was asked to fight in these wars. As a Korean I am grateful for the sacrifice that Americans made in the Korean war. If it wasn't for the US I wouldn't be here speaking perfect English. If it wasn't for the US I wouldn't be getting an education (pre-med math major). If it wasn't for the US I probably wouldn't be alive.

    • Batman

      Keep Trolling, Trolling, Trolling….WHAT. Thanks to all of these vets even idiots can Troll message boards to try to piss everyone off.

    • Dookes

      Arguing on the internet is like winning the Special Olympics. Come spend a year in the desert with a MULTINATIONAL force then you can talk.

  • Heyzeus Hose

    More like 30 are needed. Sad that many of you would rather not see the consequence of war, just the glorification of it.

    • Squid


  • american bullshit

    LOL, you lose your freedom in 2001 in the thing called 'Freedom Act'. Now some looser from FBI must write report every time you call some chick 'sexbomb' in the net.

  • Penelope

    Oh God…30 broke my heart.

    My husband is deployed right now,I pray everyday I never have to face something like that. My heart goes out to all the families who lost someone.

    • Guest

      Thank you for your sacrifice Penelope…

    • northerner

      Yes, thank you for your sacrifice and your husband's sacrifice. Stay strong. I add my prayers to yours…

  • Jason G

    Thanks to all who have served, Its sad to see that anyone would come onto this site and rip our servicemen or country. Most who do this probably have never served….spent all their days on a couch eating potato chips, reading jibberish, soiling their pants because they are too lazy to do anything but sit in their own filth…..if you dont like this country, get the hell out of here. Thank you once again veterans for all you have done. God Bless you all.

    • northerner

      Amen, Jason.

  • f-me

    Tillman = Hero

  • SpockJenkins

    Wow. It's dusty in this post. I have something in my eye. Especially after seeing #30.

  • spellwvr

    As a 13 year Navy veteran myself, I have the utmost respect for your post, but I do wish you had titled it Shake a serviceman's hand. There are far more than soldiers who serve. There are Navy, Airmen, Coast Guard, Marines (who often pay the highest price) and many others who served and sacrificed along with those soldiers. 30 is indeed heartwrenching, but reminds us of the heavy cost borne by those families of the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. The poster above is right, veteran's day isn't about the politics of war, it's about those who were there. Save your politics for a day and thank a serviceman or servicewoman.

  • Mac

    #32 – Bill Guarnere aka Wild Bill from Band of Brothers

  • B-Man

    Thank you all so very much. 🙂

  • OIF Vet

    Although I am a fan of your site, and know your thread has the best intentions, would you please remove picture 30. Any picture involving a dead service member is seen as a sign of disrespect. Thank you.

    • Nicnac

      Well here is one of the problems. If you respect our service men and woman, don't deny that they can and do die in that service. We don't love the Band of Brothers because they survived. We love them because they did what they did knowing they could easily die at any moment and still did it.
      #30 is the most important picture in the thread. Not the high fives, the staged explosions, etc. The COSTS are what matter.

  • Nate

    I support our troops 100% and I mean all the respect in the world when I say this so please do not take this wrong. #30 makes it extermely difficult from me to support our goverments decisions to go to war. As a father myself this photo is devastating…….Thank you to all who serve and/or have served this great country! My heart goes out to those who sacrifice so that my son can have a better life!

    Thank You!

  • Don113

    #30 brought tears to my eyes.

  • BWR

    Happy 235th Birthday Marine Corps!

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