Something beautiful to start your Friday (27 Photos)

  • iorxhscimtor

    1st – at last

    • Error404

      Please say you didn't ignore all the women and just scrolled straight to the comments to say ''first''
      So thats where your priorities lie? Is that your life goal,when,if ever,your with a woman do you always make sure you ''arrive'' first? You are sad,most likely little adolescent child doomed to a life of lonliness and a subject of mockery,and at some stage will ger arrested for stalking Bieber

      • jason in pc

        you actually strived for some time apparently to be a douche bag!?!?! you wanted to be put down by every commenter on this site?!?!?! really sad my friend, really sad!

        • First and foremost

          Sh!T yeah!!!! Long live Firsties! Firsts Forever!!! Second and thirders gonna hate!

    • funtclaps


  • Cody

    dammit! my comp froze before i could hit submit. thanks for Ellen Paige and Olivia Wilde Chive

    • Cody

      and Zoey Deschanel. and any of the other ladies between number 1 and27

  • Gefiltafish

    Chive, please more about the girl on number 10 picture!

    • Mike

      I think you're in luck on this one because I'm like 99.99999% positive that that's a porn star named Piper Fawn (aka Ariel aka Faith Lightspeed aka Gabrielle Lupin). Good times.

      • zorro

        Mike true that!

      • its_forge

        That's Ariel? I was unaware she did anything for anyone who owned a copy of Photoshop. How about that now.

      • Steve

        I don't think so… The eyes are a different color.

  • MrMav

    Numbers 11 & 20 are WELL cute!!
    Well done iorxhscimtor! :0)

    • Shogun

      I too had to pause for about 15 seconds on #11 and #20, great photos

  • Crystal

    As a girl looking through this depressed me because I'll never be as beautiful as these women :/ Make-up can only take you so far!

    • Mirror Man

      More important than make-up is being comfortable in who you are, having a great personality, and smiling. That's the more important beauty. The rest follows after that, so don't get hung up on just natural physical beauty.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        Thats why I clicked this link. Inner beauty, I can tell some of them look real nice and friendly. Not saying you are wrong tho.

    • Maynard B

      Agreed, eye candy is nice, but if you can't live with her, what's the point? Inner beauty is more important.

    • Jane

      actually as a girl who loves the chive i liked this post because most of these women look like they're NOT covered in make-up, mostly fresh-faced and gorgeous. Also, its not a titties post. Thanks Chive!

      • aosux

        Fuck that, moar boobs!

    • LT B

      Just like these girls, with some professional make-up and Photoshop you can be!

    • andrea

      this is a weak ass attempt to get sympathy comments from men, you look like a loser crystal, pick ur self up off your knees and have some personal pride. gosh i cant stand women like you!!!

      • Crystal

        Awww….. insults from random people on the internet? LOL
        Trust me, I'm oh-so offended ahahahaha

        • Ken C.

          Just being completely honest, I married a woman who's not beautiful, but she knows what she wants in bed, she knows what I like in bed, she's never made me gag with her cooking and holy crap she makes me laugh! I love spending time with her. So…. don't freak on looks alone.

          • Cudaman

            Amen! Married for 17 yrs to a women who thinks she is not that beautiful, but I tell you what, she gets me & I get her. And to top it all off she is great in the kitchen as well as the bedroom!

    • its_forge

      You probably are as beautiful as these women since they have been Photoshopped completely to Hell and back. And if not, you're beautiful anyway so shut up already = )

    • maria

      don't say that, we are all beautiful…

      • Northman

        You're not.

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    # 10 takes a A+ from me

  • Its-a me, Mario

    who is #6? Awesome head shot. And I do mean Head shot. Yes. Awesome

    • Head Chef


  • hans

    Fuck Photoshop!!!

  • Duskrogue

    A good start to a Friday, well done


    #5 nose is wrong. Who is with me?

    • Phondo

      Plus she looks like she's 5.

  • Perin

    Cute faces

  • davey

    mmmm… facials.

  • Rodd Hungwell

    #12– I loves me some Olga

    • max

      i'm in love with olga…unreal!!!

  • DPH

    Thanks for that Chive. All my favorites.

  • stafferty

    I still think Olivia Wilde is my all time love (Still can't pick between brunnette and blonde). This post definately is helping get through the last day of the work before my three day long marathon of bourbon.

  • Rich

    Wow…great post! I need to know though…
    Who are 9 and 20???? I MUST know!

    • Bud Ugly

      We must have the same tastes, because I was just about to ask who #9 and #20 are too.

      • nepster

        #20 is Rachel Leigh Cook…I think?

        • Kyle

          #20 and #21 are Rachel Leigh Cook. She's great.

          I too am very interested in learning who #9 is. I've seen that picture before and she is hauntingly beautiful.

  • idonthave1

    Ehh…. all either have makeup or photoshop on them. Not my type of beauty. #27 is the only one that peaked my interest.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      because #27 has no makeup or photoshop done? Get real.

    • John Whitsel

      I'd like to see what any man that would criticize the looks as "not your type" is sleeping next to. Either she deserves her own gallery or he's a heck of a nice guy.

    • bob the builder

      ehh……. you're a FAG

    • uhave1

      #14 and #27 are the same girl. shes an….. adult… model…..

  • Manddy Smith

    #15 very sexy ❤

  • Manddy Smith

    sorry #1 too ❤

  • Nzchiver

    I need MOAR Zooey Deschanel!

    • why not?

      something about her…. dayum!!

      • Why Not?

        i agree, she's hot

    • Baldy

      Certainly! Best one in this post.

  • Why Not?

    but i like 10 the best

  • woah


  • Mike

    Chive. MORE number 10!!!

  • jason

    who is #6?

    • top dog

      I don't know, but she look sweet as hell.

  • Pokepoke

    10 is a girl named Ariel, a nudemodel and amateurchick. Just check her out on ur usual sites

    I'll take Olivia Wilde #7 and Ellen Page #11

    • Lluvatar

      #7 is Andree Watters

      • Steamboat Willie

        You need to get your eyes checked.

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