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  • jaime


    • Gezza

      How about buring in hell for a bit. You have no respect. DOLT!

  • proud2be

    Thank you chive. On one of the last brigades I requested some respect for the seemingly forgotten, fallen brothers and sisters who never did make it back/get to see their families again. You've come through some in this post. And to all personnel reading this, I thank you. God bless.

    • northerner

      Yes, to all serving in the military from Toulee to the Antarctic, all services, all capacities, Thank You to you and your families for your many sacrifices you have made and will continue to make on our behalf. Thank You seems so inadequate for all you give…all you put up with.

  • Why

    What the fuck is the point of saying first on a thread. You sound like a douche. I pity the lives of people who go around doing that and actually get a thrill out of it.

  • jimbo


  • fuzzybeard2016

    #62: Who's been chopping up onions in here?

  • Lazaro

    #62 left me speechless.

    • don breaks my heart

      • Yoda

        So true. Really strikes home. Gutted.

  • Mayo

    #44…… I'd hit it. 😉

  • Joe

    #57 & #63 – makes one stop and think and remember for sure

    • melillzz

      That face is etched into my mind,.

  • eheheh

    Not sure about posting #62 Chive. Kind of personal to the family. The rest are great.

    • top dog


  • equalizermax

    Finally, they posted my wheels!



    • blahblah

      you were free already. pity their families. they died for nothing

      • USAF_PJ

        fuck you. your a liberal pussy. your welcome for the sacrifices of my brothers, sisters, and myself.

        • Does It Matter?

          While I agree with the overall "fuck you" to blahblah…you ruined it for me on two levels: 1) you're. YOU'RE a liberal pussy. YOU'RE welcome. Just a simple lesson. 2) Liberal? Really? That's what you chose to insult with? I'm a liberal. And I'm a firm supporter of the men and women of the armed forces (it's the only government-related thing I believe in). Get this "liberal pussy" shit the fuck out of here.

  • EoD

    CHIMO to Sapper in #25

  • Rich

    #57 & #62 made my heart hurt literally.

  • USAirman915

    i straight teared up on #57 😦 God bless the Vets–US and Allies alike

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