Adorably sexy anonymous girl revealed. Meet Jessie (30 Photos)

Since early 2009 you've probably seen at least one of the photos below floating around the internet. Her name is Jessie, a 24 year-old girl currently livin' it up in Sioux City, Iowa. She's the perfect mix of cute and sexy, everything I'm looking for in a future ex-wife...

  • mark

    good gawd

    • Philip J. Fry

      Is it hot in here?

    • Ben

      This is my Wendy Peffercorn… She don't even know

  • makr mark

    24 is about the sexiest thing i ever saw

    • OwnerOfYou


    • LukasS

      I completely agree. But for some reason that 'fierce' look in #12 hits me where it hurts

    • Rangerdanger

      Homina homina homina. That is all.

    • reallly bored

      you know it!

  • Simon


  • mca

    Really nice girl next door type, you know the type, the one you want to have sex with

    • Ken C.

      I wish I lived 2 houses away from you… I got an 87 year old nun on one side and a woman who seems to grow a new mole on her face every other week on the other… Hell, even the german exchange student across the street is a complete hag, I think they shipped her out hoping she'd like it here and stay.

    • Willy Horton

      beautiful face, and an ass like that? BRAVO…I wonder if she's reading these comments…that would be a little weird to have a bunch of dogs salivating over you online…

  • imdb sux

    she needs to be spanked

    • guest

      you've been a bad girl. go to my room.

  • pervie

    So, where are the NSFW pics????

    • ERN23

      C'mon, we know they're out there!

      Sidenote: CHIVE needs a NSFW Section for the Chivettes! You know they are getting LOTS of pics they aren't showing!

      • Traveling the World

        I vote Yes for NSFW section

        • chuba

          I"m in on that

          • ilovethechive

            This damn conversation was 7 months ago and still no NSFW Section?!?! WTF?!?!

    • tit


  • simon

    OH MY!!!!!!!!

  • Popsicle Pete



    • drbeene

      Upvote for spelling "dammit" right.

  • mattythegooch

    Good Lawd!! You need to GTFO of Iowa…Stat!!

  • Bud


  • drea


  • mcctan24

    oh wow….

  • shogun

    never thought i'd be packing my bags to move to Iowa of all places

  • dog

    fantastic. great rack!

  • Benjamin Dennison

    and my friends in california always ask me whats fun to do in iowa

  • akajako

    Somebody needs to do some of that bubbling with her.

    Also, look at picture #3 – she appears to be the perfect girl, the kind that can meet the parents and such and pass with flying colors. Then look at 24 – 30 and she appears to be the perfect girl for after the meetings…

  • Patrick

    holy hell

  • aosux

    She belongs all over the internets…and in my bed

  • ROK

    lets all put a dollar into the pot and whoever goes the longest without fapping gets the cash K ready GO!

    • ROK

      I'M OUT!!

    • Charlie

      I also am out…

      • top dog

        That will probably add up to about two dollars, most of us can't hold out that long.

    • zym

      I was out before I read the post. Can I start from no……never mind.

  • Random
    • kyle

      thank you!

    • Dingus McGee

      Best Link EVAR!

    • Boing

      Thank you!

    • ???

      nice backside and nice body all around but there are better from the list that everyone was demanding moar! from how about #2 off that list. does this sight have one for her?

    • Skedaddle

      Yup, she's an attention ho.

    • douche

      I believe her name is Breanne Townsend and she's from U. of Michigan

    • EsP

      How many fucking pics can one person post of themselves…..gimme a break!!

    • Bdrizzle

      This girl has her entire life posted on the interenets in pictures. She's hot but damn girl, save something for the imagination.

    • its_forge

      Broken?? = (

    • 123roasthim

      *bows down

    • johndory

      another life ruined by the internets

    • Anon

      and now we wait for the sex tape

      • Dave

        Hah turns out she was a whore afterall

    • MMAN87

      Haha U rock, bud! B)

    • atom
  • Ryan

    If Jesus was a girl and wasn't ugly, he would have looked like her… uh, does that even make sense? What I'm trying to say is Jessie is pretty. Very, veryy pretty. Please come to Asheville, NC.

  • Steve

    Attention women of facebook, learn this lesson: fucking SMILE in your pictures. It's really attractive

  • Dan Koven

    Chivette of the Year…anyone second my nomination. Sweet Jesus she's hot.

    • SJay


  • Cornbread

    My pants are getting tighter!

  • Dunny

    Think # 3 is my favorite.
    She looks just freaking adorable in that pic including a pretty good cleavage shot.

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