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  • Beltes

    Ah ignorance – the blissful location of a stupid person's brain…

  • Jeff

    I hope that F*&$stick hangs his head with a new purpose after receiving the response!
    Thank you for your sacrifice CPT. Fresques. God Bless.

    Sgt. D
    U.S. Army

  • Manu

    Just bites!!! We defend our country and provide selfless service to be marginalized upon our return, and this joker has the nerve to complain about noise around a base. We should raid his domicile about 0-dark-30 and drag his worthless carcass to an awaiting plane to take him up for a 3G ride and then see if he appreciates the noise after we return him to his bedroom, and tell him you just had a bad dream???? Go JOE!!!!

  • DeepSea

    I suppose it is easy to complain that your morning was ruined by a fly by, when: 1) You have never served in the military, 2) You enjoy the freedoms of a US citizen without ever having to pay anything back and 3) the closest you have come to to defending these freedoms is playing Call of Duty. What have you done to guarantee the rights and liberties of America, except make an ass out of yourself? We do it because you are too chickenshit. Thank you to all service men and women. And to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice – you are NOT forgotten!

    • Rangerdanger

      Hooah. Remember, it's the empty cans that rattle first when the wind blows.

  • lolkimi

    I hate all of those mofos who complain about jet noise and have those "I hate jet noise" bumper stickers..

    • Lau

      Especially when they move next to an AFB. What did you think they would do? Call you and ask you for you schedule as not to disturb your stupidity? Jets make noise folks.

  • Pacman

    I happen to live very close to Luke AFB. The jets do flyovers right over our house and frankly, I love it. People like that have been complaining for years. I have a solution. MOVE. The base was there WAY before you were and you were informed of the flight path before you bought. What a bunch of ignorant, self centered wretches.

  • Chris Graham

    This brings a tear to my eye. I would give anything to bring that fallen hero back us and the USA. I can't tell you how many times my heart aches seeing the stupidity of people that do not understand. I wish as a civilian I could honor these heros better than giving my support to the cause. Wether you believe in the war or not these men and women are our heroes!!

  • Tico128

    Growing up next to a U.S. Air Force base in Enid, OK (Vance) I loved the sound of the planes as they flew over. My dad told me that it was the sound of freedom! LET FREEDOM RING!

  • nwest

    I hate people who just like to complain. Even if I didn't know it was a fly by for respect, I always enjoy the display of our armed forces! Thank you to All who have served and continue to serve the USA!

  • Steve

    Having never served in the USAF (USMC 10 years) I want to express my thanks to everyone who has, along with all of the other services. It always amazes me when people have nothing better to do than complain about something that they knew about BEFORE they moved in, with the expectation of changing it AFTER they moved in. The defense of our country should come before these yahoos wants and desires, and if they do not like it, move to Mexico!

  • greg_wire

    I live next to an ANG base and grew up on air force bases around the country, i'm not in the military but i guess i've grown used to the noise or something. you can't tell me this guy living near luke afb was experiencing his first flyby that day, and it's not like they were flying by at 4:00am or some other unreasonable time. some people need to learn to respect the service men and women that allow them the right to make such complaints

  • Skedaddle

    I am happy to buy that ungrateful, whining piece of crap a one-way ticket to Baghdad. I'm sure he or she can find a nice quiet little neighborhood to relocate to. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT SERVE!

  • Nunya bidnes

    oooh, snap!

  • ckuchy

    "Freedom is not free, but the Marine corps will pay most of your shre." Ned Dolan

    My apologies for quoting the wrong service, but the sentiment is right. Thanks Capt Fresques.

  • AFWife

    My husband is in the Air Force. Although we don't live on base we live very close and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the jets and they're somewhat comforting when he's deployed. As they say "It's the sound of freedom!" I think everyone should be honored to hear them, knowing that those airman have dedicated their lives to the service of our country.

  • ROK

    i could watch/listen to those things all day every day – what a loser!

  • Guest

    Who would be bothered by it? Those fly-overs are kick ass!

  • Let Freedom Ring

    This is old news for me as I live in AZ, but it still doesn't get old to me. Being a combat veteran in the Army and the son of an Air Force veteran, I could only wish the Air Force would do a flyby at my funeral. As many have said, if people don't like the "noise" ….. move.

  • John

    Are we meant to believe this happened this year? I see no mention of a year in the article. I only ask because Ive had this sent to me in chain emails periodically for the last few years now and I didnt exactly believe it at the time and Im still unsure about it now.

    (I'm not slagging the gesture, but if this supposedly happened this year then its bullshit.)

  • Mike

    Snopes has an article about it:

    An awesome reply to the originator, to give him credit he apologized afterwards. I too would have no problem hearing jets, and firmly believe if you have an issue with noise from an industrial operation/airport/race track, they were most likely there *first* before developers came along and built a bunch of cookie-cutter houses next to the operation. Don't like it? Don't purchase there, and don't whine if you're ignorant enough to not do research about a potential neighborhood.

    People here in Victoria BC are bitching because they bought hoity-toity overpriced condos on Bear Mountain (from a developer who has now gone bankrupt), and whine about the small speedway down the road (that only operates in summer, on Saturdays). They justify their whining by saying "the realtor told us the speedway would be closing soon!". Heh… you're not only ignorant, you're also a sucker for the oldest line in the realtor's book! Guess you're not such a smart upper-class citizen, are you??

  • Sue Pierce

    I live by Luke AFB and I love the jets! They are beautiful to watch!! After 911 they were the only thing in the sky….made me feel safe! Thank-you to all who serve!

  • CPT Joe

    Kind of like the story about Barbara Streisand living in Beaufort, SC filming Prince of Tides (or some movie). She complained that the Marines F-4s would disturb her sleep at 8am. and asked the MCAS commander to please stop having the jets fly over at 8am. He gladly obliged and said they wouldn't fly at 8am anymore.

    So, the crews woke up earlier and flew over at 6am!

  • Gerry

    I've read this several times in different places on the 'net in the last few months, and it never fails to bring a tear or two to my eyes. I live a couple miles south of Buckley AFB in CO, and I never tire of hearing the COANG F-16's coming or going. "The Sound of Freedom" is an apt description. It's never too loud or inconvenient. It is, however, a reminder that there are men and women among us that volunteer to protect our country.
    So, from a 1970's vet to those of you serving today: Thank You and God bless each and every one.

  • Bucky

    Thanks to all of the men and women serving our country. Thank you Capt Fresques for your ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

  • Michael Robinson

    I have never served in the US Military. I wanted to, but flat feet and lower back problems prevented my acceptance. I want to publicaly thank each and everyone of the Service Men and Women who may read this post., from the new entry Basic Recruit all the way up the ranks to the highest officers. If it wasn't for your thoughtless devotion to duty, ignorant people such as the person that wrote this complaint would not have the freedom to express their stupidity. When my father , a WW2 Veteran of the US Army Air Corps passed away last June at the age of 87, he was honored with a military funeral at burial, along with the mournful sound of the bagpipes playing the US Army theme and US Airforce theme. It was a very moving experience for me, and I was honored that my country would pay their respects in such a manner. To the family of Captain Fresques, please know that your family's loss is not unnoticed by this grateful civilian. Thank you for his service to our country. You are in mine and my families prayers.

    Michael Robinson
    Rochester NY

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