Star Wars characters etched in sand forever… or 2-3 days depending on the weather (20 photos)

  • Nelson Costa

    Shit. they destroyed R2D2! =/

    • Cog

      One cannot simply destroy R2D2, he will be back with a vengence! He is one badass droid!

  • equalizermax

    Starwars……………. again….

  • stafferty

    They have Jar Jar and the aliens from Mars Attacks but not Boba Fett? For shame. FOR SHAME!!

  • Dan

    All i can think about is how much fun that would be to just run through and kick and smash and punch… etc….

  • vince

    #13 looks like the dude than can pop his eyeballs out of their sockets
    #18 looks like Sleestak from Land of the Lost

    • Slappy

      #13 looks like R2 is getting butt reamed by C3PO until he cracked.

  • curt

    yawn…frankly, I'm getting a little tired of star wars crap. Let's move on, people.

    • Slappy

      Why'd you click on the link then? It says Star Wars in the title?

  • wkdfrog

    Considering his medium, awesome job!

  • Phil

    That first one… his head is so tiny, and then the helmet at his feet is huuuuge!

    Then #15 has an even smaller head to shoulder ratio… lawl.

    Some of those are pretty cool, but way too many Darth Vaders

  • Diggler

    These terrible posts today can be alleviated by a Sexy Chivers gallery.

  • Catence

    Impressive, but all I can think is why?

    • Salporin

      Beacuse on Tatooine, there's nothing else to do but play with sand.

  • mipo2010

    Darth Vader could have the best pick up line in the whole galaxy "want to touch my helmet"

  • gerardo

    So much sand wasted on Jar Jar Binks

    • been

      I believe this photo was taken in the 1.8 seconds before someone ran up and put their foot through his face.

  • BloodScrubber

    An artistic eye for sure. Public turnout would have been greater with more T&A though.

  • RAC

    #8 – Is it just me or is Darth Vader looking down at R2 in utter horror?

  • Don Rickles

    The ultimate irony? Not one sandperson.

    • been


  • FolleRousse

    #1 seems to be having a bit of E.D. with the lightsaber but still cool

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