Is it just me or are these the best 8 frames on TV? (8 Photos)

  • Martin

    would be better if she was naked

    • Nicnac

      it's American television. If her nipple popped out, congress would be called to a special session, parents would schedule their kids for psychiatric help…

  • thomas

    i always catch myself saying 'hi him, hit him you dirty girl'

    but that's just me

  • Timmeah

    First? really? : D

    or am I one of those losers now that says first and is actually second..? :/

    And meh, the frames aren't bad.. but to say they are the best.. so it might be just you

    • Nec

      Sorry, I don't want to destroy your world, but you are a bigger looser, you're 4th place.

      • Jimmy

        learn to spell loser please

      • Chris

        sorry, but loser only has one o.

    • Griskaill

      First, second, third or fourth. Saying first makes you a loser no matter when you say it…!

  • fuckinaaayyyy

    all this time i thought i was the only one

    • Jimmy

      lol was thinking the same thing

  • mattythegooch

    Or after seeing a gallary of chicks with 6 pack abs….this suddenly jumped to mind?

  • GarthButchers

    what's this a commercial for?

    • Netjunkie

      Schick Hydro

  • stafferty

    Her name is Saras Gil and she's from Spain. Gentlemen, start your Googles

    • stafferty

      You might also want to look for Carly Foulkes, the "really" girl from the T-Mobile mytouch commecial.

    • McG

      That is her name, and yes she's in Barcelona right now, but she's actually from the Chicago area and is friends with my wife. They scooped ice cream together in an ice cream shop in a Chicago suburb…..

    • Maynard B

      thanks stafferty, I'm goin' huntin'

      • Six

        Didn`t find any nudies…

  • Anonymous

    Sexiest commercial, ever…. maybe the only one I've ever actually gotten a semi-chub from.

    • AdMen?

      I wouldn't say it's a "good" ad, though, because having seen it probably 20+ times, I still have no idea what the product advertised is.

    • SignIsNigh

      It's interesting how the goalie manages to find a whole set of hockey pads but no helmet. Thats my main issue.

  • Bisketz

    I personally like the chick from the windows phone really ad. Shes in the black nighty with the stalkings on. Supa hot!

    • Schwiiiing!

      Christina Cuenca. Miss Louisiana 2006. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

      • Gravy

        amen. I'm glad you brought that up Bisketz, I was gonna say the same thing… she is amazing

    • Bubba

      I like her too. In bed, I think she'd have to pose and primp – be concerned with her make-up and hair. Then spend a half-hour in the bathrom erasing any trace of having spent the last 5 1/2 minutes having sex. (Including foreplay.)

  • Dakota

    she could be a lot better looking in the chest area

  • zym

    Minka Kelly, bra and panties, FNL Season One.

    And to the "ew, it's about HS students" commenter coming: I don't care.

  • anon


  • BigDingo

    Thanks to a ghost wizard alien virus I'm now thinking that desperate housewives has gotten much sexier…. looking for subtle hints for how to capture Eva Longoria's heart

  • Yeahsure

    The fuck was that shit?I was waiting for a tit to pop out or something

  • McBeastie

    Can someone GIF that shit?

  • netjunkie

    The best sexy commercial?

    Right here….. .

  • Anonymous


  • Ken

    Someone fill the fuck us in as to whats going on/ Is this a commercial? TV show. To the OP, explain yourself. GOGOGOGGO!

    • fishnomz

      it's a commercial for something shaving related.

    • Nejunkie

      Schick Hydro

  • Maybe you're gay.

    It's just you. All these ads look like the guy is getting a facial.

  • Anon

    Do your thing…Find her!

  • no1mini

    ….what just happened? :/

  • top dog

    I've seen the commercial…not that good.

  • Chris

    It's you

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  • Bubba

    I had a dream about that commercial.

    I woke up and I'd pee'd myself. 🙂

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