Paris Hilton doing community service makes my day (8 photos)

Apperently one is not allowed to do community service wearing heels and Paris was reprimanded by her PO.

  • Poopslikelilrabbit

    i hate that bi@tch

    • chuck

      You're not the only one.

      • DaddyD

        I'd still do her … and so would you.

  • charles

    where's a drive by when you need one???

  • jason in pc

    awww, poor slut!

  • Big Los

    Who cares? You're feeding into her ego and unearned fame by even making a thread about this…

    • who else could it be

      we got to get that sand out of your vagina…

      • Big Los

        I'm just saying. Wouldn't the time spent making this stupid be better served making another "Things that bounce", or even another "Animals I don't hate" thread.

    • northerner

      That's about all this seems to accomplish….

  • Poopslikelilrabbit

    she's not even hot, i mean don't get me wron i'd still hit it but still she is no where close to as good as she makes her self out to be

    • Poopslikelilrabbit

      i mean doesnt' look as good as she makes her self out to be. She's really a ugly person.

      • DaddyD

        Wrong. Her external appearance is well above average.

        • Ballzonya

          Not really…she is very ordinary.

  • Terry Burke

    she is really dumb. fo real

  • chrisdg74

    Community service in heels? What an ignorant twit.
    If they really wanted to make her repent for her transgressions, they should have made her apologize for ruining her great-grandfather's name.

    • McBeastie

      I think her parents may need to apologize in that instance as well. Maybe more so.

    • Trixie

      …and made her wear those old Reebok high top sneakers. That woulda killed her. :p

  • a BiPolar guy

    Leave paris alone! (insert crying sounds) just leave her a alone! (more crying sounds) and leave Britney alone (sob) and Jessica (wail) and and….oh sob, sob, cry moan)

    but seriously why do people bother hating and spewing venom? seems pointless.

    • northerner

      Agree. Hate and venom won't even touch her. Like she'd really read this post.

  • Tom Foolery

    She gives sluts a bad name

    • top dog

      I'll bet you had a childhood crush on her didn't you? You saw her sex tape and it destroyed that image.

      • kaveman4130

        yea i saw the tape,she has no idea how a cock works.

  • joe quin

    I'd do her for $$$

  • Dave

    She only moved because there was a camera, screw that bitch

  • Da Sandman

    figures: 70% of the time she isn't doing sh*t

  • vince

    What is sad, is that after her day is over, she'll be throwing away those $500 sunglasses and $1000 heels. How many meals for the homeless could that have paid for?

  • equalizermax

    Now we're done painting, let's drink some booze!

    • kaveman4130

      paris and snookie should pair up and do a "reality" show.
      call it 'SKANKS"

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    I think it's hilarious that she's in heels! And I just can't be mad at Paris- I guess I don't give enough f*ck to care.

  • sidebob

    the first thing that came to mind is the Simpson's Nelson "Ha Ha"

  • Freaky

    I don't know why so many people give this clueless bimbo the attention. All she ever did was make a lousy porn video that wasn't worth watching anyhow.

    • top dog

      And yet, you know that.

  • lordassenfroth

    i think she is kinda neat.

  • mr jaggles

    quote fail…lemme just hit this thumb down for ya

  • northerner

    I doubt she even gets the point of the community service. The sad thing with her is that we don't have a clue if she's sincere or just jerking off the public. She's done that for so long. She's still a pretty woman. Can't take that away from her no matter the hate and venom thrown here. It's just sad to see anyone with the potential to do so much good be so obviously spoiled-bratty wasting their heritage. I'd still be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt….if I could find some…still trying…

    • nitro222

      She's got popular TV show, 1 CD sell at 1 million+ copy, cloth cie…

  • Coldzilla

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn done



  • punch a hoe

    Dumb cunt needs to make herself useful and choke on something

  • Ria

    who the fuck does community service, IN MUD, in high heels?! she's a plank

  • HellHath NoFury

    That bitch is famous and we Chivettes aren't? WTF

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