Things that bounce Thursday (12 GIFS)

  • james

    I have a friend that hasn't heard of the chive. so I sent him this

    • Clickawhat

      You sir are a true friend

    • yepANDnope

      12 and 13 FTF! (for the fap)

      • yepANDnope

        ….also 6 and 9.

      • yup

        I like to reload the page after I cleared my cache, reloading the GIFs is like watching them in slow motion.

  • reesty

    i love rosario dawson

  • vagabundo

    God damn who is # 10?????

    • Big D

      Really? Thats Veronica Belmont; tech geekette

      • Kyle

        Well then I love Veronica Belmont forever.

    • mickmo2000

      veronica belmont

    • Gibson

      Some dog they threw in to make all the other ones look that much better. #10 is way out of place with these.

    • Tarr

      Her name is Veronica Belmont. I'm sure Google can handle the rest for ya.

    • Cody Dakota Simonds

      veronica belmont

    • Dom

      She's saying. "I totally love sex"

      • Ellis

        Actually, she is saying: "So life like."


  • Woot

    That chick from my name is earl is so hot.

  • Kyle Retrato

    Epic as usual Chive 😀

  • TIZ

    i love these

  • Popsicle Pete


  • CLS1

    Yea who is #10?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • facebook

      Veronica Belmont!!

  • Rez Runner

    Things that bounce thursday, should become an annual event. Much like taco tuesday.

    • Paul Stavropoulos

      i was gonna say "weekly"

      • TheChipification

        or daily…

        • Yogui

          why not hourly?

    • Greg Jackson

      You know annual means once a year right?

  • dutchie

    I think im gettin a clue

    • Randy

      I'm getting something… Not sure if it's a clue or not…

    • bal4837

      think i'm getting a clue its pointing over there

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Mmmmm, bouncy

  • gator

    my head cant stop shaking

  • Cris Ron

    #10 #11 #12 find please

    • Six

      I think #12 is Dorismar

      • FlickMyBic

        11 is alizee

    • Zeta

      #11 #12 Giorgia Palmas

    • Marco Cappelloni

      11 & 12 is Giorgia Palmas and she is also the cousin of Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney's girlfriend. Check her on the same italian tv program "Striscia la notizia".;)

  • BigDingo

    3 makes me so happy

    • Unwavering

      You're welcome. I submitted 2 of her, but sadly only 1 made the cut 😦

  • Hunter

    13 is oh so HOT in oh so many ways…..

    • peteyroberto

      my left eye is trying 2 watch the hot girls nod of approval while my right eye is trying to watch the ass hurts. so good.

  • Nathan

    #13? what from

  • mattythegooch

    I've been hypnotized by #13…like a stoner to a lava lamp!!!

    Fuck, I love Rosario Dawson!

  • Mason

    I think we can forgive you for the obese cat earlier…

  • acash

    I think our very own Sexy Chivettes should start making GIFs of themselves and posting them…

  • houston


  • Joeyk

    I enjoyed every second of that

  • motorboat


  • Phil

    who's #10?

  • chrisdg74

    Rosario Dawson. That is all.

    • top dog

      Nothing else needs to be said.

    • mattythegooch

      I was at home sick yesterday, and sat through Eagle Eye just for her!!!!!

  • Yah

    #5 Not sexy when you cant see anything whatsoever.

    • CPO_Mendez

      Then you obviously don't get it.

      • Noway Jose

        Oh we get it. It's a waste of bandwith.

      • vicrom252

        no imagination

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