There’s still time to send in your photos, Sexy Chivers

chive sexy lead Theres still time to send in your photos, Sexy Chivers

Later this afternoon, our weekly ‘Sexy Chivers’ goes live. ‘Sexy Chivers’ is easily one of the most watched events on the internet now but it’s nothing without our Chivettes. There’s still plenty of time to send us your photos and collect internet fame. We’re expecting nearly 5 million visits this week, which is to say, a lot.
AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: So grab a camera and send in your pics! Just use our handy-dandy submit button or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Be as creative as you like.Grab a pen and make a sign with some CHIVE love or simply write ‘Hi Chive’ on your hand and you’re a shoe-in. Get moving, ladies. Do it for your country!

Chive On!

John n’ Leo

  • Katie

    Who else is excited for tomorrow? I played around with my camera a bit….let's see if I made the cut again this week!

    • Why Not?

      can't wait!! I am giddy with excitement.

  • emilime1

    BOOBS check!

    • BloodScrubber

      * PULL!

      Couldn't resist.

  • zym

    And can we get a laundry update from Danielle, please??

    • Beau Young

      LOL, laundry update. That's awesome.

  • Catence

    So I sent in another pic this week…think I can get on 3 weeks in a row?

    • amandiola

      I'm trying for four!

      • rawnoyz

        how about a bottom boob view?

  • Michael

    I'd love to see #5 from last week. Please!

  • Beau

    Anyone down for SFW topless with sideboob + extra scenery to boot? Picture are not of me, of course.

  • cory

    My gf submitted and is hoping to make it for her first time!

  • icejingles

    That's right! Do it for us troops overseas!

  • rawnoyz

    sexy chivers among us GIFS edition would be… heaven!

  • HardCoreMike

    GOnna be tough to beat the last couple of posts!!! Good luck Chivettes! We have faith in you!

  • armstrongproduct

    TULIsaN tHe chIVe di BELAHan DadA … SlUuuRPH

  • heah sexy can we date?


  • Doubting Thomas

    There's still time for the chive to photoshop "<3 chive" on some random internet girls!

  • Carly

    i think im too late. I'll have to try next week.

  • Jera

    Always the best content from these podrigiuos writers.

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