Friday Firepower: Is the F-15E the best all-around jet fighter ever created? (30 HQ Photos)

The F-15 can pound targets on the ground and battle in the air. Although McDonnell Douglas designed it in the 1980's, the F-15E still battles on the front-line. The top speed is Mach 2.5. As a fighter, it can do everything well. However the F-15 is not stealth but it cost $43 million in 1998. Compare this to the F-22 which originally cost $339 million. What are your thoughts on the F-15E?


theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures for Friday Firepower
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures for Friday Firepower
Submit your Photos here

  • frankie

    whats the site the girl in green is from

    • FartFace

      gods girls

  • No-name

    MY thoughts? Well, for one I am just pleased to see the Strike Eagle up here. Second thought is : Do I spy a fighter from the 391st Fighter Squadron?! My Dad flew with them in the late 80's. None of his squadron-mates liked him very much, though. He consistently out-performed them. There's a reason why he was made a fighter instructor down in Texas. Don't mess with a guy who calls himself Mongo. Maybe next time you could send some F-4's our way. Dad flew them with the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, too, before he was a Bold Tiger.
    In short, a good way to start the day.

    • Rick

      I try to get 20ish HQ photos before I do a post on the "more classic/well known" weapons, such as the Phantom. I will do a post on a weapon that saw tons of action in Nam. Thanks for the suggestion and if you or your Dad have any photos of his F-4, please send 'em.

      • No-name

        Hmm… I'll see what I can do. I'd love to be able to upload something. It may take a week or so, though. I'm at college right now, but my Christmas break is in a week so I'll have plenty of time after then. Our scanner's a little finicky, though. If you don't get me in about a week, then just assume it didn't work so well. I have at least one picture I can think of off the top of my head… and if it scans good then I'll try and have it uploaded faster than you can say "Deutschland."

        • Rick

          cool, thank you

      • Raul Duke

        I've got a shitload of F4 / Nam action pics. My dad flew two tours out of Ubon. I'll send some through.

        God Bless the Phantoms!

        • Rick

          same, thank you; love the icon
          "I will rain down…" forget the rest

    • mith

      I think other than the F-4, the F-15 is still one of the best proven fighter jets out there. The F-15 might be showing it's age but it has nothing to prove.

    • itzme

      these puppies have never been shot down. Only plan to have that on their record

  • Nobody

    Half of the pictures are of F-15C's or F-15D's

    • Mike M

      You are correct, good sir. #5 from Langley AFB, VA are all C model (1 seaters) while some of the other two seaters are D model. Also, the one that says 83-026 is a piece of crap. I replaced half of that jet once and it still runs like crap. Breaks all the time.

  • No-name

    Additional thoughts on the mighty Strike Eagle: I concur. 100+ to nothing kill/death ratio in air-to-air combat speaks for itself. A ride in one of those would be like a dream. I also heard that there was a small project dedicated to redesigning the Eagle to make it Stealth, but it was canned in favor of the Raptor, which the Obama Administration canned because it's just too expensive to produce. They're more concerned with spending money in useless ways that have yet to help anyone but the bureaucrats, BUT THAT'S A DIFFERENT STORY. # 28 is definitely my favorite on this list, due to reasons stated about 3 hours before THIS comment. I just love to see Eagles fly…. And blow the hell out of random/enemy crap, that's awesome too!!

    • Bored

      The F-22 was canned by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Not Obama, and it happened during Bush's tenure. Besides, it's an expensive, useless jet. Swamp it with enough Migs/Sukhois and it will get taken out.

      • Wing Zero

        uh… no. but then I can't blame you as you don't know sh*t about the jet…

  • Denver

    One of my best plastic models that I built was a F-15E loaded with cluster bombs. I loved building that thing. I would take the plane over the ladies. I know that the plane ride would last a lot longer.

    • CDR B.

      Sounds like a personal problem. Must have a hair trigger on that weapon.

  • mlahero

    The new version of the F-15, the Silent Eagle, has a limited amount of stealth capability and it's still a fraction of the price a F-22. Man thats one pretty looking plane.

  • bigb

    Grew up outside of Langley AFB and even though I was a Navy brat, I loved seeing and hearing the F-15s around Langley. The sounds never bothered me, unlike some people who complain about the noise from airports that they live next to!

    God Bless the USA, ALL friendly military personnel and theBrigade!

    • Rick

      thank you and more important, thank you to the soldiers and their families

  • UR_Kryptonite

    Definitely a sweet plane, but in all honestly I would've signed up and been a jet pilot if they hadn't retired the F-14 Tomcat….not even a fancy F-22 makes me go more than mehh, I guess I could.

    Probably just cause I grew up watching Top Gun lol

    • Rick

      I have a great collection of F-14s for a future post. Those wings, too cool

  • Josue

    I don't know if anyone's noticed but, most of those photos are of F-15Cs.

    • JesperA

      Read the comments before replying douchebag, ok, thx, bye

  • @EinsteinV2

    Go Navy! Would love to see some Tomcat pics!

    • Rick

      I got a great HQ collection for a future post

  • Dan

    I wish I had good eyesight so I could have been a fighter pilot. That is the best job in the military.

    • Fuvk

      If only you knew the truth

  • Mac

    hahaha #6 and #14 are from one of the E model squadrons at RAF Lakenheath, i loaded missiles on 133 a few months ago 🙂

  • Paul

    I love the -15, but I'm a much bigger fan of the F-16 and F-14. No so much the F-22 – never could call it a sexy aircraft with a straight face.

    But regardless – thanks to theBRIGADE for keeping this good stuff coming, and thank you the most to all the men and women in uniform who serve our country.

    • Rick

      thank you, I have a great collection of F-16 and Tomcats for future HQ posts

    • Sluggo

      The F-15E is a BOMBER not a FIGHTER! Ask any light grey Eagle Driver(F-15C) or any Viper Driver (All versions of the F-16) and they will do nothing but complain about how lame the Mudhen is and the people who fly them.

      Vipers Uber Alles!!!!

  • mongo

    Always my favorite fighter…They just look lethal. And they have always outperformed the F16.

  • goposaur

    anyone hear of the F-15E "Silent Eagle". 5th generation stealthy version of the greatest warbird to own the skies.

    • Bucky

      yes. The tail fins are angled to deflect radar. Also, the skin has radar-reflective materials on it. IT has not been OK'd for service (as far as I know) but the new technology has drastically reduced its radar signature.

  • lolkimi

    best fighter ever? uh. no

    • Rick

      After you type "no", you spur better discussion by providing an opinion on which fighters are better. Like "P-51 is much better".

  • jojo

    not sure, the F-15 is a great plane, proven ground attack aircraft, but as far as i know it's never really been tested as a fighter, especially against the su-27 which was designed to operate in the same role.. as far as i know only the saber in the korean war(which they came out on top) and the f-4 and f-14 in the iran-iraq war(which i reckon they came out on top aswell even with sanctions) ever went up against plane's they were designed to combat. if you don't agree no need to give me shit, it's just an opinion.

    • lolkimi

      I would agree with that statement. however, I'd say the Sabre-MiG-15 duel was a tie. the MiG-15 was clearly the better aircraft due to it's superior speed, maneuverability, payload and high-altitude performance, but the Sabre benefited from much more experienced pilots.

    • Rick

      yes on the Su-27, but the F-15 has over 100 to 0 kill ratio. So, it has taken on real pilots in combat (not near as trained as U.S. Air Force, Germany, England, Russia, so on…pilots). F-4 saw tons of action from both the ground and air. F-14, cool as they come. Thanks, I'm all for discussion.

    • the_mad_zak

      Uh…hate to break it to you bro, but the F-15 has at least two air-to-air kills over the MiG-29 and is more than 100-0 overall in air-to-air kills. That sounds pretty damn dominant to me.

  • Allen

    Ive trained with the F22 and F15. With that said, dont knock on the F22 it really is the badest mo fo out there. When the Eagle goes against the Raptor in an Air battle its an unfair fight. The Eagle cant even see the Raptor with the naked eye or any of the sensors. Also the F22 on ground targets is very good when you can fly a jet undetected to the enemies door. Yes the F22 has not been proven in combat yet, but think about it this way: Anyone who would try to engage in an air battle with the F22 would only have a sliver of a chance if it was out of missiles and cannon. The F15 is great and battle proven but with time comes new tech ready for the next big wars.

  • KappaAlphaOrder

    The F-22 has done exercises extremely out-numbered and has always come out on top, it is a newsworthy event when an F-22 is "killed" (which HAS happened, but as far as I know less than ten times-citing AirForces magazine August '10). What makes the F-22 so good is it's stealth; the pilot can enter the fight on his own terms and beat his enemy quickly and efficiently-its computers will identify enemy fighters, their weapons and prioritize for the pilot. On the topic, the F-15 is one badass jet, it really defined my love for aviation, but against contemporary foes like next generation fighters it can't compete.

    • Rick

      your a KA, where? f-ing funny, I was a KA at Wake Forest. Yeah on the stealth, in no way am I trying to say that a F-15 can take the 22. The stealth tech is worth a huge cost.

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  • @Dishwater

    I might be seeing things but the #7 plane seems to be missing a part or panel on the right side of the picture

    • Peso

      That's the door to the refueling port. It's open because it's about to take gas from a tanker, who happens to be the one taking that particular picture.

    • Roger

      That is the in flight refueling door. I am guessing this photo was taken as the jet is approaching the tanker to refuel.

  • Phred

    Fun facts: 1) Ford Motor Company spent more money developing the 2005-2009 Mustang than the US Military did in developing the F-15. 2) The original Transformers Decepticons Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp vehicle modes are F-15s.

    • Rick

      It's sad, but I think the Decepticon factor is one of the reasons I love the 15.

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  • Eaglekeeper

    Half the Pics are F-15C's, jeez get it together!

    • Rick

      I know, I should have taken the "E" out of the title but then again, why is there a picture of a hot babe in this post.

      • Bucky

        To remind us what we are fighting for!

  • Anon

    I'm still amazed each time I see the photos and video of the Israeli F-15D flying without a wing.

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