Get both barrels of girls with future lower back problems (30 Photos)

  • habip


  • Doug

    Looks like #28 needs help…. set 'em free!!!!

    • Guz

      No!! Hold her there!!

  • jacob

    GOD DAMN 28. i think her lower back will be fine with all that ass underneath

    • Bob in accounting

      yea except for the shop job on her ass

    • adobe

      28 is shopped nub

  • Stupendous

    #26 -> who's she?

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Have you been here often? She's a kind of regular here. Come on say it with me: Shay……

      • Liz77

        her name is actually Stacy Cole, she gets faked a lot.

    • Schwiiiing!

      Shay Maria

  • MrMav

    numbers 7, 11, 23, 28 and 30 have made my day already!! I'd love to see more of them in less clothing

    • do it

      30 is not impressive, trust me. i went to high school with her.

  • broman

    motorboat ! jah !

  • BigDingo

    Thank you Chive, this will help me get through exams.

  • Joe

    I'm going to venture a guess and say that the future happened a while back for these women.

  • Mista

    Im in love with 27 ❤

  • hemingway

    who is 28?

    • Kyle

      I dunno, but I'd marry that woman. Hell, I'd marry them all, but #28 wouldn't have to sign a prenup.

  • MJoker

    for some reason, #8 is totally hot!

    • just-sayin'

      probably because she's asian (the cute kind) and has goliath-sized juggs…what more do you want?

    • kitkat49601

      Gross!! She has too much skin hangin' around there. without a top on she probably hangs to her waist!

    • emd

      Yoko Matsugane

    • Cata

      Actually,i was born in Romania and i found this girl on hi5.She's part of the reasons why i am proud to be Romanian (those reasons are-girls,landscapes and relief/

  • GPR

    How about some more naturals and less silicone?

    • Me.

      Whats wrong with a little plastic, come on..

      • Spencer Thomson

        i will give you a little plastic,

    • btb

      How about no silicone and no pro models?

    • Mr F

      How about you shut up? Fake tits are all over the world, deal with it.

    • zerolbcool

      was thinking the same thing.i guess silicone stocks must be at record highs

    • Nateb123

      Generally I agree but for some reason I like #2's ridiculous fake boobs. I think it's the honesty of having your boobs be so CLEARLY fake that it doesn't leave you guessing.

  • Careverga

    Who is # 7?

    • stefanhartman

      Dunno but we need MOAR!!!

    • Nathan

      Yes Please who is #7?

    • Anon

      Jenn Kaelin

  • Kat

    They're (almost) all so fake! Ugh. They'd feel like rocks.
    Not attractive at all. Try Scarlet Johansson.. Amazing and REAL.

    • Me.

      *BleurgH* Go be boring somewhere else

    • Beldar

      I have tried Scarlet Johansson. She's good looking, but she just laid there.

    • yelito

      I agree with you…we need more Johansson in our lives

    • Nateb123

      Johansson? Sure, if your favourite aspect of a female is her vacant stare, go right ahead.

  • Swarley

    9&27, same girl?

    • cookzone


  • chivette

    7, 9, 13, 16, 27 ❤

  • will

    Wow with boobs like she could get anything she wanted. Number #11 and 12 could be my girlfriends.

  • The Book of Freak

    Ohh Mamaaaa…

  • Chiver

    Are the men that post these pictures really so far removed from females that they can't tell the difference between fakes and natural?

    • OneClownShoe

      Real boobs…fake boobs….hell, I'm just happy to BE there.

    • Beldar

      Who cares?!!!!

      • Nunya bidnes


    • vince

      If men are so shallow for liking fake breasts, then what are women who buy knock-off purses, dresses, perfume, shoes, and jewelry? You can't be happy carrying a K-mart purse?
      If they make you (or us) happy (fake tits or purses), go for it.

      • atomotodd

        rejoice in your shallowness. take those health risks. its all worth it to have misshapen, hard, plastic boobs that put you on par with a blow up doll.

        • femtrooper

          If fake boobs are so bad, wheres the flat chested chicks post?

    • maybe

      I prefer naturals myself. But a friend astutely pointed out to me, that man-made lakes are pretty too. Plus it's not like we will actually get to play with them, it's the damn internet.

    • Rose

      uhhh…..I'm a female and an A cup, and quite a few of these look pretty natural and normal to me. I know loads of women who are naturally well endowed. Am I saying smaller ladies are any worse? 'Course not! But I'm pretty sure calling all large busts fake is not exactly empowering to women. These are beautiful girls and you'd have to be insane not to appreciate them. Be nice.

      • Matt

        Thank You!

      • ribsey

        the wife's are A's and they always look great and always will. bra or no bra!!! i would love to see more small chested posts!

      • C.s.

        i agree. i know some girls with nice big boobs and they are absolutely not fake as these women are in college and cant afford implants. my gf has smaller boobs and i still love them. i am more of a fan of big boobs, but you love what you have.

    • Kevrobmc

      I'm guessing you either date a flat chested chick ,or bloke, and your comment is just a way of acting out your disappointment?

    • churchofthefonz1

      if they exist, they're real. Is makeup natural, or a hairstyle that has to burn hair and freeze it in place by spraying chemicals all over it? For that matter, CLOTHES are not natural, so let's ease up on these lovely women who have gone to a lot of effort to make the world a more beautiful place!

  • sully23

    who is #11?! I want MORE TATAS!!

  • Annubis223

    OMFG MY SISTERS ON HERE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me.

      That makes you my uncle, hi 🙂

    • [clevernamehere]

      Well……are you going to tell us which one?

    • Guz

      As long as you realised BEFORE admiring her tits, you're ok.

    • Mary June


    • Annubis223


    • Mr F

      Whoever she is, she has some nice tits 😉

  • chuck

    #1 looks like a jailbait, but looks so damn hawt!

  • Mickey

    What happened to the Jamilya Aliyeva page?

    • notaraptor

      Hope she didn't ask for it to be brought down, and then didn't post anymore… I'd like to know too.

  • vince

    #28- who the hell is the photographer, and how the hell did he get in my basement?!! :$

    • Gregg

      awesome right?

    • dude

      your mom gave me an invite

  • The Hodge

    Best Lower Back problems post in a loooong time!! Someone has to find out who #28 is or the world is a horrible place!!!

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