theCHIVE unveils sexy new comment feature: Add photos to your comments! (20 Hot Chicks)

Here at theCHIVE, we have the BEST community on the internets and we're committed to making your experience here the best it can be. We always thought it would be awesome if you could simply type #+photo number and have the referenced photo appear as a thumbnail in your comment.
The problem was, that technology didn't exist. So for the past 2 months, theCHIVE and an awesome developer at Wordpress VIP/Intense Debate has been working to create this technology. BOOM. DONE.

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Simply do what you've always done! If you wanna talk about photo #12 for example, simply type in #12 somewhere in your comment and the corresponding thumb will appear. You can even type in multiple #'s if you like.
THE THUMBNAILS ARE CLICKABLE! This will display the larger image so go bonkers there.

Since this feature is brand-spanking new, we need your help to kick the tires and find bugs, so let us know if you find any.
We really hope y'all like the new feature. I've put together a little test gallery for you guys and gals to get in there and kick the tires.
Go forth and wreak havoc, Chivers.

-John n' Leo

UPDATE: the thumbs do not appear on "Replies" -we are working on this. Also, there is a 5 thumb limit, so don't go nuts spamming.

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