theCHIVE unveils sexy new comment feature: Add photos to your comments! (20 Hot Chicks)

Here at theCHIVE, we have the BEST community on the internets and we're committed to making your experience here the best it can be. We always thought it would be awesome if you could simply type #+photo number and have the referenced photo appear as a thumbnail in your comment.
The problem was, that technology didn't exist. So for the past 2 months, theCHIVE and an awesome developer at Wordpress VIP/Intense Debate has been working to create this technology. BOOM. DONE.

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Simply do what you've always done! If you wanna talk about photo #12 for example, simply type in #12 somewhere in your comment and the corresponding thumb will appear. You can even type in multiple #'s if you like.
THE THUMBNAILS ARE CLICKABLE! This will display the larger image so go bonkers there.

Since this feature is brand-spanking new, we need your help to kick the tires and find bugs, so let us know if you find any.
We really hope y'all like the new feature. I've put together a little test gallery for you guys and gals to get in there and kick the tires.
Go forth and wreak havoc, Chivers.

-John n' Leo

UPDATE: the thumbs do not appear on "Replies" -we are working on this. Also, there is a 5 thumb limit, so don't go nuts spamming.

  • blake

    I thought #5 was sexy as hell and that was before I saw her ass

    • hamster huey

      i thought she was sexy before i saw her socks

      • rat rickie

        I know right? That picture would be total fap material if it were just the socks by themselves. (Actually more so).

    • Natedogg

      riiiight..great picture

  • Micah

    Excellent work, Chive. I always got tired of having to scroll back up into the gallery to see a referenced photo. I know this seems pretty simple but it's a huge new bonus for us Chivers.

    Almost forgot, the ass on #19

    • Bobba Fett

      Stacy just might have the best pooper ever. Although I'm willing to entertain challengers.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        2 girls 1 cup FTW!!!

        • Ness

          #19 is awesome.

  • MrMav

    WOW!! That's certainly warmed me up on a darn cold day!! Love the camel toe on #4

    • Ben

      I could pour milk over her and make her a part of my complete breakfast!

  • John

    I'm really pumped about this new feature. I tell anybody who asks that we have the most hilarious and active peeps on the interwebs, the fuckin' Chivers. You guys are the reason we pushed to make this happen. You all deserve to have #20 spanking #10 while #2 watches.

    • NorwegianMan

      I love all the new changes happening on TheChive, and this is by far one of the best galleries you've uploaded on beautiful girls 😉

    • DragonDeity

      I love this new feature as well, but I hate that when you click them it just opens them in the window…you should set it up so that when their clicked it just increases their size right in front of you, and then you would just click the x box on the pic to shrink it back to normal….you know what i mean

      • Long Duck Dong

        Agreed. Was thinking the same thing but John this is awesome nonetheless. Great work

        • John

          Agreed, it would be nice. We're trying to create a function where a sort of lightbox opens if you roll over the photo. That won't happen for a few months though. I think what we have is a good start though.

          When you hit 'reply', the photo does disappear. That's a glitch found across the Intense Debate platform (you'll notice that emoticons always disappear as well) But we'll try to fix that for sure. Good feedback, guys.

          • DragonDeity

            I'm glad to see you keep up with comments and are trying to get it all set up. If you ever want an extra hand hit me, I loves me some webpages … lol

            Still, love everything you guys have done with the site, keep it up, and can't wait to see more pics of my baby Jess put up :p

    • What?

      Cool new feature. Way to listen to the community! One bug though, when you click to view replies to a comment the picture disappears

  • @juliormz_

    Daaaaaaaaamn Chive #9 is gorgeous!!! I can haz moar please? FIND HER!

    • Matt

      I think that's Katie Fay

    • @The_Scofield_

      Yeah, that's Katie Fey. Google the hell outta her.

      • BFG

        Yup, Katie Fey. Also known as Jenyan for some reason.

        • BFG

          Sorry, That's Jenya

    • OwnerOfYou

      Hey John, it's a great new feature for sure and avoids tons of scrolling. Some feedback: the thumbs disappear once you click the drop-down reply button, not the actual "Reply" button. Thanks again for the best website in the world.

    • Ben

      I agree. She deserves her own post!

    • Cody

      i agree MOAR

      • do it

        yes yes. #9 and #15 all day long.

  • Lisa_Martin

    Alright. I LOVE THIS. THANK YOU JOHN, LEO & Whoever the Awesome Developer at Intense Debate is. You're hired. You should all go choose a mail order bride now. 🙂 Good work. If #13 was in a catalog, I would add her to cart. 😉 Chive on & on & on.

  • Stubb

    I'm #1!
    As in first.Not the girl in #1.
    I'm not even a girl…

    • flenin

      you're not even that

      also #2 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21
      hey im just testing this works, also who wouldnt want to see it all again?

      • Gezza

        Epic dude! As in epic fucking fail!

  • Ben

    Best. Instructional, gallery. ever. Oh and #9. Yum

    • Yates

      Looks like Katie Fey/Jenya.

  • jamison

    the chive has just unleahsed a flurry of posts at midnight. it feels like christmas.

  • Bob

    Am I creepy to say #17? She's 18 right? Yeah, definitely 18

    • LOLWUT

      I hope so Bob, I hope so.

    • CanadianChiver

      BUG: John, if you expand a comment reply, the thumbnail in the parent post is lost.

      Otherwise, this is an awesome feature!

    • Lil_C

      Her name is Angie Varona
      go have fun with barely legal lol

  • chiver132

    New feature is great, but cant decide what I like more..this feature, this whole gallery or #14

    • juanargentina

      diosss mioooo, oh my goodddd…
      cheers from argentina…

      • Jay


    • sidebob

      who is this #14? she's amazing

      • Maynard B

        Her name is Ashley Ann, She's from Nashville, TN. She was a finalist in Maximonline's hometown hotties contest 2010. Results are still pending on that. Go and look her up under at Then select "girls", then "hometown hotties". Nice southern accent.

    • LukasS

      Ashley Valence. She's a WWE chick

    • kdogg

      She's the hottest thing i've seen since hillary fisher.

    • Maynard B

      Her name is Ashley Anne. She was a finalist in Maximonline's hometown hotties contest. Results are still pending on that. Go and look her up, def worth the trip. I damn near broke my keyboard voting for her. If you're into southern accents, this girl is downright intoxicating. Luv ya Ashley!!!

  • schnizz

    #12 #13 #14 nothing clever to say, just wanted to spread the joy

    • tonymal

      agree these are the best of the best

  • Ryan White

    God, I love the female body

  • ISU Birds

    #19 You have an absolutely breathtaking hiney.

    • jpj

      i wanna be friends with it

    • Anon

      The only word that describes it would be Scrumtrulescent.

    • kleinle522

      stacy keibler..

  • sully23

    #12 Marisa Miller! My god how perfect

  • thatslife

    Chive FTW! Best post of the year! #1- #21

    • ribsey

      2nd that

    • Anjin-San

      #21 is Melita Toniolo
      Hot as hell

  • brad

    Now can we please stop discussing pizzas and fugly girls from northern England?

    • ribsey

      P L E A S E !

  • Anonymous

    Awesome feature!

    Love #9 (for the sake of the example)

  • Nick

    #17 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • moop

      google angie varona

    • Mr.Balboah

      yes mohr.. xD

  • tommybhoy

    This feature rocks…..well done guys!

    oh and #7 please

    • Gregg

      best photo on here dude.

      that look in her eyes.

      that ass.

      safe to say, i am not concentrating on work right now.

      jesus thats hot.

    • Yo Mamma

      Yes #7 (does the picture thing work in Replies?)

    • nwest

      there is just something about yoga pants, love em!

    • AK47

      Google "Demi B Met-Art" and you fill find all the NSFW of #7

      • Gregg

        dude. thank you.

        that is all.

  • Will

    best gallery ever Chive?

  • Vagabondleon

    #12, #14, #19 & #7 FTW!!

  • spaceboi

    if this was a shopping list #7 would be on the very top of my list.

    • Gregg

      totally agree

  • Stupendous

    #4 #11 #7 yummeh!

    • dogmut bastard

      agreed ,110%

  • Matt

    Ok, I'm officially in love with #21. Dammit, why aren't all women like that…

    • Natedogg

      I'm right there with you Matt…just visit the "leaked photoshop pics" gallery and just tell yourself that she really isn't that gorgeous…it's the only way to survival my friend

    • Maynard B

      That looks like pop singer Shakira. THAT girl know how to shake a moneymaker.

    • B-Rad

      Sadly, if they were, they would no longer be considered beautiful 😦 they would be common….. It would be like everyone driving a Ferrari…..

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