Oddly, one of our most requested ‘Find her’ girls is Snorg’s Ashley Pridgen (20 Photos)

Ashley lives in Phoenix and if I had a nickel for every Chiver who asked me to do a gallery on her, I'd be a rich man.

Photos brought to you by Byron Crawford. He has a hysterical rant on getting an eye transplant right here if you’re down for a laugh.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    There's writing on those t-shirts?? I only noticed two things…….two HUGE things!!!

    • Six

      I would actually like to see her without the shirt on (bikini/bra) ——————->

  • steve

    Is she famous??

    • Nunya bidnes

      she is now

    • Thatguywhodoes stuff

      With pectoral architecture like them, does she have to be?

  • Rich

    Tits…or #13

    • Big Los


    • yup

      Use your imagination!

  • llama beans

    Yeah. I like her. She rocks.

    • Dr Strangelove

      Exactly Chive…I don't find it odd at all that she's requested. Her body is sick and just looking at her face you know she knows how to f@ck…

  • cyphon



    • rob


  • Billy

    Is there a pic without the Shirt on?

  • Anonymous

    She's kind of chubby, not gonna lie. There are definitely hotter Snorg girls, which I've seen.

    • Anonymous

      I don't care, thumb me down. Look at #20, if you don't think she's chubby you're either blind of in denial. didn't say she's ugly, but she is nowhere near hot.

      • MattFoley

        you, sir, are right

      • bob

        you're blind and an idiot. she is not chubby, and she's far hotter than any other snorg.
        also her rack roughly 3x the size of any other snorg.

        • Tyler

          exactly as he said, denial. she isnt the prettiest. but she's cute

    • Bob

      Curves are good, more for my hands to grab!!!

    • Hmm

      Realistically this just means that Chivers prefer fat chicks. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

      • uncagedflyfree

        Realistically, the skinny bitches that YOU prefer either 1) have no tits, b) have no ass, c) have fake tits, and/or d) have absolutely zero interest in you.

        This woman is NOT chubby in any way. She's got realistic womanly curves. And you have unrealistic ideas of what a WOMAN looks like.

  • zym

    Oddly? She's a cute chick with nice cans. That's basically why everyone comes here!

  • Pat

    Nice Boobs!!!!

    • dubya


  • hemingway

    they look… tasty

  • meh, or yah!

    meh…. she just has huge, lucious, round cans.. oh…. wait, that is awesome!

  • top dog

    What is she a T-shirt model?

    • dubya

      Reh' tard……….. Thats' French for you're retarded.

      • top dog

        ass-hole……thats english for you're an ass hole. or a hole ass, take your pick.

    • Finster

      No she's a hand model

  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    Got a little pudge going on. I like. Nothing wrong with that.
    And I must get the shirt in #5

  • jroc


  • Richard

    Dude, wtf?! She's damn ugly all around…

    • Finster

      youre only saying that because youve caught the gays. We understand.

      • Bob in accounting

        Haha that was the funniest comment on this post. Not original but made me chuckle.

        • NotaTrap

          Sorry Bob, was having trouble hearing you over how beautiful her tits are….

          • NotaTrap

            I meant Richard…sorry Bob….

    • Mark

      So is your mom, but I still let her blow me.

      • Finster

        Good one, dude.

  • davyb123

    She's sexy as hell!

  • brent


  • Gandalf..

    why not bikini with similar writing on…?

    Oh i get it..It'd be hard to see the writing…

    • dubya

      Prefect excuse to stare at her boobs…………..

    • Finster

      #10 I would shoot myself in the fleshy part of the leg to get a good look at those Warlocks.

      • Big Los

        That sentence was damn near perfection.

    • ????

      what writing?

    • aeromech704

      not that hard….her tits are HUGE!!!!

  • atomotodd

    love her boobs. her hair looks like a helmet though.

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    This girl is cute, but I think the other snorg girl is cuter.

    Also, I'm no doctor, but she may well have lower back problems in the future.

  • aosux

    I'm gunna get that bitch a t-shirt…bitches love t-shirts

  • ♦K♦

    She's a hottie!!

  • Papichulo

    Wet T-shirt or #13

    Why couldent she be a G-string bikini model? I blame bush on this one! Kanye got my back!!

  • ssf

    At first I was ready to fap then I saw her wearing more clothes than my grandma in church and I just snorged.

  • Nunya bidnes

    That is the most fun I've ever had reading T-shirts before…

    • Niudgc

      Wait…. There those shirts had words written on them? Hahaha, that chick has some big as titties. I just want to suck on them like a little baby.

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