More animals I don’t hate (28 Photos)

  • Matt


  • Bobba Fett

    You can't go in a dishwasher, Puppy! You're a puppy!


    • gecko

      Get out of there puppy. You're not a dish!

    • Cowboy22

      He's the dishwasher.

      • Spivias


  • BigDingo

    #26 actually made me spit up milk… ahahahaha

    • Spencer Thomson

      i suck dick

  • Pyp

    I wish people would stop with the whole voices going to to kill people thing, it undoes so much hard work that people and charities do to change that image and stereotype.
    I am a voice hearer and would never hurt anyone or kill anyone, and the voices do not tell me to kill people, just myself.
    People please read up on voice hearing, or go find my YouTube videos *VoiceOnVoices*, this stigma needs to change.


    • topher

      Don't go there, it's a trap. He secretly wants to kill us.

      • Kevrobmc

        I also hear voices – when other people open their mouthes and talk to me Rofl!

    • DaddyD

      Chill Pyp. No one said YOUR voices are telling anyone to kill anybody.

      But this kitten's voices are DEFINITELY scary dudes …

    • Mark

      Chill dude its a stupid funny picture. Im sure this picture doesnt unravel the good work people do with mental illness.

      Just as Nutty Professor doesnt undo the understanding of obese people or Chris Tucker undo the efforts of trying to undo racial stereotype.

      Chill. The. Hell. Out

      • Donald James Arnold

        Jessus, just stop.

        It's a picture of a fucking cat.

        Hop down off your cross and fuck yourself with it.

    • sexoffender


    • Optimus Subprime

      Lighten up Pyp or you will have your Chivepass revoked (my voice, not one of yours)

    • D.C

      Fuck you Pyp, with the context it was used in that shit was hilarious!

    • biscuit

      Did the voices tell you to make a dumb comment?

  • Kevrobmc

    Gotta love the purity and innocence of animals!

    • Spencer Thomson

      i like to ruin that purity by sticking my dick in them

  • (>^_^)>

    #21 I make that face sometimes when I see bacon.

  • MigraineBoy

    #21 DERP!

  • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    I fell in love with the puppy in #11. Although, I fall in love with every puppy…

    • Mr. Waggs


  • Tony

    #28: "Uh, honey, when I said I wanted to have a 3 way, this isn't quite what I had in mind…."

    • Gecko

      ….and so in evolution, "Survival of the Fittest" actually means producing the most offspring that inherit your unique traits. we'll see that the offspring of the Black and Orange fox shall have darker spotted fur. Meanwhile the Rare White Fox, although well adapted with snow-camouflage; their rare occurances boggle the predictions of biologist.
      Tune in next week in next when we study the "Libido of Pandas: Does it even Exist?"

    • steve

      cluster fox

  • Nelson Costa


    • BloodScrubber

      Your post sir..WIN!

  • Nelson Costa

    U better hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husbands cuz i'm rapin' errbody out there #6

  • tsukushi_

    Those monkeys are viscous. I have a friend who went to Thailand and came back with horror stories.

    • Darksoul

      Viscous, really? as in they put up a lot of resistance to shear stress and flow slowly? because they look damn solid to me.

    • George

      If you go to Thailand and your only horror stories are about monkeys, then you got off light!

  • Danny Boyland

    #1 would be infinity times better without the fukin locats text

    chive, learn it: down iwth lolcats

    • Danny Boyland

      I'm just saying this is doing an injustice to cats. because cats, if they could talk out loud or write, would have better grammar and more interesting things to say. Its in their nature. This LoLcats text is more fitting for dogs I would think.
      Friday rant complete. I can start my day. At 10:00. I accomplished something. Not related to work. but something.

      • confused?

        How can you say that cats would have better grammar then dogs? How is it "in their nature"? have you heard a cat speak vs a dog?

        • Donald Thump

          Danny Boyland…'re fired!!

  • tehfata

    #15 Wartortle! I choose you!

    • Darksoul

      That's a tortoise, but I love those stupid animals either way.

    • BloodScrubber

      Tortoise The Tank! Roll On!

  • Tyler Mars

    #20 come at me bro

    • Mark

      Shit just got real.

  • Diana Santos

    #12 he is hypnotized xD

  • Big Los

    #23 What are you doing in there?

    "Chillin'" :B

    • Semper

      It's bad…but you seemed quite proud of it so thumbs up for you ^^

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #6 Does any one else find this offensive rather than funny? I get the whole innocent saying outrageous things deal (usually funny) but I really find it hard to find the subject of rape funny. It's all too real for many women and a few men and a scar for life. Women who have been raped almost certainly will see this here. It makes me very uncomfortable.

    FYI George Carlin has a joke where he makes rape funny. I admit it. It can be done. But not this time.

    • drea

      that was a lil much, but im not offended by it, i just thought i was dumb and a def fail

    • Semper

      Pyp=Bipolar Guy

    • kate

      I"m a woman, never been raped, but I agree it's going a little far… rape just isn't funny at all.

    • Radness

      I hate you bipolar gay and rape is funny, I laugh every time my pooper gets savaged.

    • babymistakes

      I'm not sure what your objective is with this comment. Do you think it will have some affect on future posts? Do you think you've opened peoples' eyes? Do you feel you've in some way changed the way people view rape and comedy? Or have you realized that a faceless comment, declaring what offends you, has no affect on anyone and you've wasted your time changing absolutely nothing?

    • Jeffroe

      "What are you wanted for?"
      "Rape, murder, arson and rape."
      "You said "rape" twice.
      "I like rape."

      Blazing Saddles. Rape has officially been funny in the proper context since 1974.

    • Richie

      Like rape. They'll say, "you can't joke about rape. Rape's not funny." I say, "fuck you, I think it's hilarious. How do you like that?" I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd. See, hey why do you think they call him "Porky," eh? I know what you're going to say. "Elmer was asking for it. Elmer was coming on to Porky. Porky couldn't help himself, he got a hard- on, he got horney, he lost control.
      -George Carlin, RIP

    • Tomcat

      I absolutely agree – nothing funny about rape!

  • babymistakes

    Isn't that Mr. Belding's younger, cooler brother Rod in #18?

  • equalizermax

    #15 – LOL

  • jcat

    #26 silly cat face

  • @Mattchaby

    #12 Derp! Ball!

  • nepster

    I don't care if I sound like a pussy, #25 is cute!

  • Gandalf..


    • kitkat49601

      #4 is fuckin' CREEPY!!!

  • Gandalf..

    #20 sSUP DAWG? Wanna Beer..?

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