Happy Hump-Day! (10 Photos)

  • OnlyInAJeep

    let's make "Hump Day" a weekly event!!!!!!! Thumbs>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Beldar

      I would give you about 100 thumbs up on this if I could.

  • tbag

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • big D

    Thanks for taking my suggestion Chive!! Happy hump day to all! Now if we can just get them to do a "Thigh High Thursday" we'll be all set.

  • iamme

    2, 10, 16 are just epic! best post ever!

  • nepster

    Thongs and ass make Wednesday so much more "bare"able. THANK YOU Chive!

  • bertasaur

    i feel the "tush" posts should be labeled as the "breath taking hiney" posts in honor of the great Ron Burgandy

  • Cowboy

    Great post! You guys do need to think about toning down the page names though for people that work in even a somewhat professional environment… I'm sure the Chive has gotten plenty of people in trouble with their page names alone…

    • Displayed

      I have a better idea. How bout the chive goes to your work and does your job? That way you can be even LESS responsible for what you do ๐Ÿ˜€ If you get caught faping at work dont blame we website XD

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    god bless hump day …and god bless you chive you added some color here for a change fuck yeahB)

  • Beldar

    Monday=Awesome boobs day. Wednesday=Awesome asses day. I can't wait to see what's in store for Friday. Don't let us down Chive.

  • bigdickdaddy

    If #22 isn't the finest example of awesome awesomeness ever…hummina hummina hummina!

    Great post chive!

  • Lud006

    Please Find Her #14

    I want to see more !! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • uberbrie isn't

      Well I will tell you one thing…she is a Delta Gamma, if that helps narrow it down.

    • Someone


  • http://www.hot-facebook-girls.com Stacy

    Great post! Love the pics! My ass is better though!

    • CanadianChiver

      Okay then, let's see it on Friday!

    • Displayed

      Yah and I have more money than Bill Gates. Proof or gtfo.

  • Sauru

    i could live in #2 btw thanks for the added number of "ass posts". keep em coming please

  • guest 1

    #16 wins

  • NotaTrap

    Christ on a Bike! One of the best posts I have seen on here….thank God I I got them Teflon covered keys on the ol' keyboard…makes clean up a snap!

  • top dog

    A lot of photoshoppin here, I've never seen so many fake butts in one place in my life. Some of em butts are even in proportion to their bodies, ie; big butts, small hipps, just look weird.

    • Mal

      It can be done with a lot of squats. Just because some of them are nice and round doesn't mean that they're completely fake, it just means that some of those girls actually care about their bodies and do what it takes to make them beautiful.

      • top dog

        Pefection, thats what I'am after. I am a booty critic by the way.

  • striderno9

    2 all day.

  • Brain

    #2 is unbelievable
    #9 best ass shot
    #17 is the best ass

    More Humpday posts please

  • pooper

    #16 and #2 BOOM!!

  • jlittle44

    This post was dangerously close to dividing by zero.

    I am pretty sure there are a lot more of #9 out there somewhere…

  • Dan

    HOLY CRAP! #1 #2 #17

  • teximport

    PLEASE, make this a weekly regular. I have been telling all my friends about Chive. This will turn them all into addicts, just like me. It's great to start a morning with a lil wood.
    #17 nice lips

  • teximport

    I'D kiss those lips

  • Bud Ugly

    #16 's ass is so fine, she can shit on me any day.

    • Mega-Tron

      You are one sick fuck!


  • Edk

    I never considered myself an ass man, but…. dayam.

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