The curious case of Victoria Button Beckham (21 photos)

These undiscovered (till now) photos were apparently taken when Victoria was 18. She does not pass the pencil test.

  • tommybhoy

    #13 #15 She looks 'do-able' in these shots

    • thetommynews

      She's kind of thick, though. I guess her new diet of cocaine really helped her lose weight.

    • Bob Bitching

      Wow, and her boobs were saggers back then also.

  • chiver132

    its like the real life story of an ugly duckling turned into a very sexy swan!

    • nato2101

      The miracles of the knife (and silicon). And she is still not very sexy, unless you have a fetish for Barbie dolls

    • Blech

      She's still GROSS.

    • gaz

      She is so ugly you are obviously have your monitor set wrong

    • Biggie Smallz

      I agree with the exact opposite of your statement- PS you're a dipshit

    • Locode

      Wow, I'd hate to see what you come home with when you have your beer goggles on.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        because nobody would go for that on a night out? Get real.

  • john

    It's amazing what a good plastic surgeon can do for you.

    • fishnomz


    • sock puppet

      "good"? Have you not seen the those nasty, gravity-defying boobs of hers that stick straight out? They couldn't look more un-natural even if she held them up with a rope tied to her neck. If she didn't get her money back from the plastic surgeon who did that work, she's a moron. Okay, we already know she's a moron but still…

  • MrMav

    She's not the hottest of celebs but i still would

  • mrnitropb

    Cuh-rist she's had some work done!

  • a$$

    it's not like she diet or worked out to do any of these improvements . what would you fix about you're selves chivers ?

    • Crystal

      Pretty sure in addition to surgery she dieted and worked out excessively, if you call starvation a "diet".

      • a$$

        i was being ironic okay ? she's better with some skinny girl chub ,

        starvation a diet , well ,… Posh got skinny but , maybe female athlete fit , she got bended by beckham , lol , which for her meant little body fat ,

        and maybe she had some work .

        • ddd

          you mean sarcastic

        • douche

          i dont think that means what you think it means. im not saying you dont what youre talking about, im saying i dont know what youre talking about

        • Its-a me, Mario

          "she got bended by beckham , lol , which for her meant little body fat"

          What? Seriously! What are you saying?

      • ddd

        dumbass he was being sarcastic

    • Mmm Ciao

      I think you should get an education and become literate. That's one of the first changes you should make.

    • mclendonmeister

      I would grow the world's largest dick.

  • eggs&bacon

    Not bad considering it was the 90's

  • Bill

    It's amazing how David has changed also. Wait, that wasn't Dave?

  • Terrance

    She's always has been and always will be a pig-nosed dog.

    • A BiPolar Guy


    • mclendonmeister

      I wasn't going to say it, but yes.



  • Dave...

    I believe the term is "gunt"

  • just-sayin'

    #14 vote for pedro!

  • Beldar


  • honestycritsyou

    I don't like her. I hate celebrities who do nothing to better the future of our earth. She and jade googy and any big brother person. I hate them all.

    The fact still remains that shes still hotter than some of these slutty chivers and shes got bags of money to boot.

    • etchasketchasaurus

      Not everyone volunteers for Peace Corp and adopts 12 impoverished babies dude, Jesus.

      I wish she wouldn't have had the surgeries, definitely more attractive here….considering it was the early 90's and everyone looked fucking awkward.

    • gaz

      I was with you at first but the second bit got you the thumbs down.

    • ckbdiver82

      i don't like you now honesty millions of people do nothing all day every day we just keep on l-i-v-i-n and never speak ill of the chivettes they help me do nothing except admire their beauty!! chive on ladies chive on

    • Locode


    • mclendonmeister

      Just curious, what are you doing currently to improve the future of Earth?

  • MB13

    #3 I just love this pose!

  • Spliggs

    I'm usually the last person to suggest someone should get a nose job, but in her case…

  • ERN23

    Gross then,
    Gross now.

    I wouldn't f&@k her with tommybhoy's d*@k

    • kaveman4130

      how about Tommy Lee's d*@k

  • Stafferty

    Looks like a bad American Appearal ad to me. I'm not a fan.

    • Locode


  • houghi

    Amazing. There are two images of her where she tries to smile.

  • Jeff

    Just scanning the comments, I can see I am alone in having no idea whatsoever who this person is

    • Truth.Inc

      Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer star David Beckham. Formerly Victoria Adams, a.k.a "Posh Spice" of the British band "Spice Girls."

      Formerly, and still, an ugly drowned rat.

      • Jeff

        Still got nothing here.

        Not surprising though. Gun to my head, I couldn't name a single soccer team, let alone a player. And, unless the answer is "The Beatles" (or possible the Stones), I am not going to do well with the 'English Bands' Jeopardy category

        • n1ghtstalker

          Finally got internet in your cave then?

  • NotaTrap

    #9….I think you could photoshop in a head shot of Fabio and call it a day. Christ on a bike, she looks like ass in the large majority of these photos…where did they find her, working down at the docks?

  • SquishyDuckMan

    @Jeff: Victoria Beckham is one of the Spice Girls and wife to David Beckham of Manchester United (Soccer player)

    • soccerhater

      Manchester United?! He left in 2003 for Real Madrid and has been with L.A Galaxy since 2007.

    • kaveman4130

      now tell us about the next royal wedding , no wait who really fuggin cares about some inbred puppets

  • Sir Duh

    #14 What's Jerry Seinfeld doing in this pic?

  • GoForth


    Typical 1990's pregnant couple high school yearbook shot

  • Maynard B

    #5- damn..the ugly bitch actually smiled

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