Chivers: I’m happy to introduce the newest and hottest Victoria Secret Angel, Katsia Damankova (60 photos)

Thank you Belarus!

  • tommybhoy

    #56 you can keep your wings on as I proceed to disappoint you

  • rich

    She has small tits and no ass. Im not impressed.

    • chuck

      Somebody give that bitch a hamburger.

    • @DesjardinsYann

      Totally Agree, she is cute, but certainly not the hottest.

    • Dingus

      She has no ass….SHE HAS NO ASS!
      Mix in some lunges, a stair master or just take the f-ing stairs for once in your life.

      I still wouldn't kick her out of bed…

      • its_forge

        According to the armada of extremely hot 20something women in our Accounting department, if you grow up and end up with no booty there really is no way to grow one. Sad innit?

    • DaddyD

      I think you made your comment on the wrong post. Her tits are just about perfect, and her ass is top 15%.

      • Justin Hall

        Top 15% of WHAT? An 8th grade classroom?

        • jim


      • northerner

        I agree. Her tits are perfect. They don't sag to her belly button and are never likely to. She won't have back problems. And her butt will fit nicely in designer jeans. Her butt is a perfect "2 hands full". Wouldn't change a thing. Nosiree.

    • Dave23


      The hottest Victoria's Secret Angel hands down: Candice Swanepoel (baby makin hips)

    • Diana Santos

      girls with small tits and small ass need buy lingeri too…it's good to see that there are available small sizes that fit well on the market too …:p

      • Jason

        Diana, while I agree with you. Super models are there to make normal women feel inferior and get a gym membership, implants, and stop eating. What king of message is this sending to the girls of the next generation?

        • Diana Santos

          unfortunately,ideals of beauty will always exist… the ideal would be models of all kinds .. some fatter, others thinner … so that all women feel good on our skin…;)

          not just the fat that has complexs…some girls also has some complex being skinny

          • t0zterstr00del

            agreed. it pisses me off that in this society, to be beautiful, you have to have a giant rack. (and before any chivers tell me I must be ugly and flat, I'm a D.) But hey, the downfall of society is usually marked by an obsession with beauty and the physical image. Can anyone say Rome?

  • Dudi

    #9 #10
    Too bad the girl has no ass

    • Lucas

      yea i noticed that too, everything else is perfect though… still got nothin on adriana lima

    • Earl da squirrel

      No ass bitch…no backstage pass!!

    • SeaBassEX

      It's a shame, that pancake ass really ruins it for me.

      That being said, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers though.

    • northerner

      No ass? Hmm. You must be looking at the wrong pictures. All the pictures I see have what appears as a clearly definable ass. Meets the basic requirements, hips, buns, cheeks, two lovely legs connected in the proper places and most likely all the internal parts are where they should be, also. Don't see lack of an ass at all. Must be a bad connection in your monitors.

    • Tubesteak

      She's a stunner. All women should look like that

  • ros

    russian of course, they always are

    • Lucas

      or brazilian

    • Lau

      Shes from Belarus.

      And newest? Yes. Hottest? No.

      More Candice please.

  • Frank

    Eh, no tits, no ass

    • john dory

      miranda kerr is still the finest

  • dielon

    so the secret that victoria is keeping is crackhead body no ass having bullshit!?!?!more good butts by the way, please.. lower back problems.. yes.. lower lower back awsomeness… know what im sayin..

    • V4Vendetta14

      That is why I usually like the full-bodied South American models. This girl looks like she has not had her daily celery stick and chicken bullion cube in weeks.

  • Jon

    She’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. I just wish she had a better tush.

  • Ass Connoisseur

    She's got FAS – Flat Ass Syndrome. Lots of chocolade MIGHT help.

    • denzino

      i call it a case of NASATALL (no ass at all)

      • ben2

        someone call the cops cause her ass got stolen

  • Omarrrr


  • pookie

    I'd rail her, but she ain't got no booty!

  • Martin

    unzips pants…..

  • Alllll

    Good enough,

  • LT B

    I would rather have a Chivette.

    • Dave

      every day of the week and four times on Friday

  • Your Mom's Dog

    Every one of you bastards would have sex with her if you could.

    • Bongo

      My mom has no dog!

  • muthafucka


  • Stix

    I would bang her no doubt in my mind. But I prefer a girl with some curves. Like Katy Perry!

  • DanielB

    #51 im more into her shoes than into her.

    • travis

      you sir are gay

      • IREWAY

        There is a difference between being "gay" and being a "faggot". There is nothing wrong with being gay, Travis, but you sir are a faggot. (you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir, you sir. C WUT I DID THAAR????)

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    #9 #10 i'm not gay i'd definitely do this chic and she IS very pretty. I can deal with small or smaller breasts but i gotta have some cushion for the pushin'

    • Steve Lee

      the chivettes that post here have a better tush

  • trentz

    thank you..

  • Dan

    She's no Miranda Kerr

    • IREWAY

      You're right, she's got a bigger ass and pair of tits on her than Kerr. Stop and think about that for a second…..

    • V4Vendetta14

      Kerr has a slightly better ass. I think Katsia has better boobs…

  • Ron

    She's definitely not the hottest angel. She's way too skinny and has no ass. Her breasts are fairly well proportioned to her body though. Chive, you're really stating that she's the HOTTEST angel? Hotter than Heidi Klum? I think not. She's the hottest ever with Miranda Kerr a close second.

    One thing I noticed as well, which I almost never usually notice, is that Katsia has some weird, ugly knees. #28, #31

  • ckris King

    ********* Miranda Kerr IS BETTER xd **************

  • charles

    #8 push up bra gone wrong. and #12 her ass or lack there of makes me feel as if i'm looking at a 9 year old. sorry but if you honestly think she is the hottest angel then you my friend are obviously a frequent visitor to the Philippines and probably have a very young girl chained up in your basement. you need help. ok Chive on!

    • V4Vendetta14

      #12 looks like the ass was photo-shopped off…

  • cheezebits

    Agreed. She has zero ass.
    Adriana Lima is still No.1 in my heart.

    • t0zterstr00del

      soooooooooooo any girl that doesn't have ass is unattractive? yea I'm gonna put money on you still jerked off to these.

      • IREWAY

        You know t0zterstr00del, you don't NEED an excuse to picture him jerking-off. Whatever floats your boat.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Agreed on Lima, she is still incredible!

  • Beldar

    Eh. I don't see it. WAY to skinny.

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