Sexy 76 Synthesizer iPad app

The mind behind this soon-to-be-released Synthesizer app is Jonas Eriksson

  • Lame

    More like iCrap

  • Anonymous

    iPad, it's cool if you like to spend $800 to enjoy the software equivalent of happy meal toys.

  • Daily

    it's a cruel advertising

  • iCult

    Who cares. Overpriced toys for women and the brain cell deficient. Bubbly colorful tech that you can't really break because you can't really do anything with it. F apple products. More tush and bewbs plz.

  • Fred

    and….this app does what? Even his over-bloated site has 0 information. iCrap and iWaste

    • Cornholio

      Well, it's a synthesizer. They all pretty much do the same thing.

  • equalizermax

    iHate & iDon'tlike….

  • guest

    Wow…this is so cool. I love it. You need more posts like this one, Chive. Rock on with the super awesome content. The only way the Chive is the best website in the world is if the only other site you know about on the internet is

  • JVN

    I would rather spend that $500-$800 on hookers and twinkies

    • cantkillcastro

      I'm thinking $200 for a hooker and the rest on coke to snort off her ass!

  • spacemanspiff

    Moar posts like this, dont overdo it on girls and bewbage man

    • iHate

      No we don't need more posts like this. I'm so sick of seeing software that has been out for decades advertised like its the best new thing out. It's just the fact they wrap it in a pretty gui and stuff it in these terrible apple devices. Except, the stuff from 10 years ago I'm sure has more functionality. Whatever, people can waste money however they want. I think the Chive trolls us with these apple posts. People that know how to use computers don't use apple products. And just because you are on the internets does not mean you know how to use a computer…

  • @Floptickle

    Really? Such creative comments? 😉

    • iHate


  • BBAmp

    Okay this isn't the best post but theChive isn't a softcore porn site made entirely for "bewbs" and women that you can jack off to by your lonesome. Deal with it.

    • iHate

      tits or gtfo. back to the berry fatty.

  • mattythegooch

    I think my '84 Casio keyboard rocks more shit than this shit. Shit Yeah, it does!!

  • its_forge

    this post would have been improved by a video or two…

    • cantkillcastro

      cleavage, cleavage would have helped this post.

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