More girls who love themselves (24 Photos)


  • cam

    #18 is so hot

    • Butler

      I think that can be said about just about every one of them

    • zack

      too bad # 18 is probably 17

      • Lookhowstrongiam

        still hot

      • mememe

        even hotter

    • aosux

      Chicks nowadays sure know how to whore it up for the camera don't they. God bless the internets

    • futuristic amish

      HOTTTT!!!! *accidently burns himself*

    • john dory

      #23 is better

  • Bill

    One of the best collections of pretty girls on chive yet.

    • Fabio

      I agree.

    • Phondo

      I guess if you keep showing a bunch of the same girls over and over, eventually you're going to get it right.

  • giggle head

    They love themselves with good reason WOW!

  • Martin

    please find #12

    • E-Money

      it looks kinda shopped, blasphemy i know, but still…

      • Wow!

        Shopped or not…..that's just an amazing body!!!

        • Will

          Actually, no. If it's shoppped, it's most likely not "just an amazing body"

      • Smalley Biggs

        It's definitely shopped E, calm down guys- on the contrary #7 is HOT AS FUUUUUUUUUUCK

      • mike

        Yes its shopped sadly… But here is the link so you can see the difference. The pics are side by side. .

    • Dan

      shopped and gross

    • jtatman

      This butt is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! There is nothing wrong with this swollen colon!!!

    • jjj

      its shopped and the original is extremely unimpressive

    • juanargentina

      yes, it´s photoshopped…but the original is great too…the girls is from argentina….i will try to find her…

    • mike barrera

      she has reason to love herself

    • quo


  • Bob

    Find #8 and #19… please…

    • orlando
    • walkingdeadonline

      Can't remember #8's name, but pretty sure there are nudes of her kicking about on some ex-girlfriend revenge site.

  • bronco billy

    for the last time : WHO IS SHE ???!!!!

    • bob

      she must be shopped, a figure like that cant exist in the real world, her ass is thrice as big as her hips..

    • meh

      Her Name is Phelan Photoshop

  • tommybhoy

    #22 a can get over her loving herself

  • hater

    moar of 3, 5, 6, 7, 17, 21, 22 & 23, please.

  • E-Money



    • Becca

      Crap – you beat me to the comment.

    • Taylor Gang

      i second this comment

  • Cqcumber

    i saw alot of lower back problems.

  • Brad

    A few duckfaces spoiled it for an otherwise fabulous collection of beauties.

    • Zebulon

      I think people's insistence on desperately attempting to identify a duck face in every post is their pathetic plea to appease the general population and in some fashion claim a self serving sense of gratification and accomplishment. You're trying way too hard to be accepted and be cool and sadly you fail at both.

      • Poot

        Using the word "fail" as your only means of expressing disapproval is also cool and accepted.

    • northerner

      The problem with a so-called "duck face" is that puckered lips, when you're not about to kiss someone LOOKS INCREDIBLY STUPID. STOP IT.

  • Zombie

    this should be renamed "Chicks with huge tits, mostly selfshot".

    • northerner

      not all of them…huge tits, that is…

  • Unwavering

    # 17 seen this pic before, can't get enough. MOAR!!!!

  • Claire

    Shit, these girls are allowed to love themselves and take pictures for internet viewers like us. 😀 Please, continue with the love. ❤

  • frypod

    there is nothing wrong with this post.

    • thegza

      Except 15 will get you 20….

  • thursdaymofo

    #12 #13 #19. Do your worst internet, but I still want MOAR!

    • yeppers

      no to the black chick. yes to the rest

    • usoagain

      I know #13 in person…she worked at my old job….wtf, chive, you are GOOD XD

  • MigraineBoy

    You need to find #7…Seriously!

  • pwwnntt

    MOAR #15

  • McBeastie

    I love myself too, in fact, I'm loving myself to a lot of these pics right now.

  • indica25
    • Rabbit

      real profile?

    • ---=

      fuuuuuuck yeah! fellow south african FTW

      • Stefan

        Homegrown Honey's ftw!

        • indica25

          thought she looked familiar saw pic on

          • Simon

            Can you PLEASE find more pictures of here

  • Why Not?

    #16 and #18 please find

  • PokePoke

    #10 is still best, anyone got that gallery of her in a link?

    • Patrick
    • V4Vendetta14

      Hot Ginger FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rabbit

      I couldn't remember the exact date but I remember that Chive did present a segment on her as requested by other Chivers to search for her name and more pictures. Just search within Chive, and I do believe that her segment is still up here, somewhere.

    • Chuck Cumiskey

      Hubba hubba

    • IDK

      I'm pretty sure that she looks like the kid from seed of chucky… just look it up

    • Parkatola

      It's been a long time since anyone has pulled the "eyeblack on the binoculars" gag. That one's a classic. I hope someone tells this poor girl before she goes in public like that.

      • n1ghtstalker

        Sorry Mate, giving make up tips to girls on this post rather than commenting on their tits and ass…. you know what it equals…. GAY FAIL!!!!

        • Pani Booyah


  • sully23

    #12 needs to be in the ass post or the future back problems post. either way she needs to be shown MOAR!!!!

  • Mr. Obvious

    these are all pretty much jailbait.

  • Stix

    #12 That is just wrong. Way to much ass on her. The rest is great.

    • Sauru

      you sir are an idiot

    • jtatman

      There is nothing wrong with this swollen colon!! I want MOAR!!!

    • Jimmy


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