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  • thesomberjester
  • thesomberjester

    Hey is that theresident from Youtube?

  • Oscar Cornejo

    definitely im going for older than me!!! xD

  • SpyCatcher

    Cougar all day.

  • Elly

    As an 18 year old, I am reassured that now isn't my peak and that I will be desirable when I'm double my age. But confused, because then I will have wrinkles and a saggy old vagina. *Forever alone*

  • Carlos

    I don't date my own age because teenagers nowadays are retarded, there's not even one single mature teen out there, I don't hang out with shitty teenagers that makes jokes that aren't even funny, makes fun of virgins and I don't even remember the last time I saw an 18 year old chick with a slim body, I just want someone who doesn't says the word "swag", types stupid like a Lil Wayne fan or even do drugs so all I want is for this world to not give a damn of we date older people…

  • Carlos Burgos

    i fucking hate when older women have no interest in young guys like me and see that i hate girls my age because the youth is a mess of shit! i like maturity so i am not that type of dude that would date a little bitch who types like this: im goin 2 da clb n get wasted lyke a motha fukka!. that's stupid and see that they complain when we Underground hip hop fans don't like their Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane shit… i usually don't judge musical opinions but rappers on the radio rapes their mind too much and i'm mainly attracted to Latinas, Black girls, Indian girls and Asian ones, although i love all types of females but i prefer to choose either of any of these types that i listed. and i know not all teenage girls listen to that crappy ass rap on the radio stations but other music but i just want a mature chick, not a retarded minded slut…

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