My toilet is an Honor student at Pacific Gradeschool (11 Photos)

Japanese are installing ridiculous extras such as devices to wash and dry your bottom and “front parts”, check your blood pressure, play you music, heat your seat and it will even put the lid down for you. The new Balena 8000 wall mounted toilet is a shower toilet from Geberit.

More about this high tech toilet HERE.

  • DixonOrmus

    only $3300 too ! what a steal

    • Mr. Wendell

      I want to luxury of warm water sprayed up my ass every time Im done dropping off the kids at the pool…and what a pool!

  • jamie

    its not a Ferguson

  • Keith

    I'll continue to wipe my own ass, thanks.

    • top dog

      It's called a Bidet, pronounced Be-Day. You still get to wipe your own ass, cause if you don't, the back of your pants will look you pissed in em….out of your ass.

      • antichuck

        and a Bidet, technically is for women (for the vagina), though many Bidets also have a sprayer for the ass part (for women/men), and some even have a dryer. Bidet's are more common in Europe than here.. most American's think they are "weird" because we are kinda close minded about open sexuality or genital hygiene (well, except for theChive, haha).

        • Tstump11

          You know what i find weird is why they have one outside.

        • Logic76

          I jsut don't care for things spraying up my ass

  • BigDingo

    this really needed its own post?

  • googboog

    so good looking, and yet, all it does is take shit from you

    • Nick

      Hmm kinda like being a handsome married guy…

  • bubblerider86

    wait…Massage? WTH??? o.0

    • Charlie Cheen

      Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed that button. I wonder how exactly this "massage" works. o.0

  • JoeyJojoJr.Shabadoo

    Reminds me of that toilet from the episode of the Simpsons where they travel to Japan…….

    Toilet: "It is my honor to accept your waste."

    Homer: "They're YEARS ahead of us!"

  • top dog

    Ok, now so now this is subliminal(somewhat)advertiseing for pissers and shiters. All of a sudden I feel a need to go take a dump.

  • Joseph Moore

    You could tell it would have a light, apologetic flush.

  • eroon

    #4 nothing better than relieving oneself in the presence of nature and a kiddie wading pool.

  • jstave

    So the question i have is what song would you have it play when you approach it?

    • backspace

      Bieber songs, it'll make you crap easier.. probably you're gonna throw up a little too.

    • Timothy Duran

  • Niv Brook

    I want it to play the Inception music whenever the lid opens.


  • Pete Ribaudo

    haha bidet comes in wide and super…

  • Morgan Freeman


  • equalizermax

    Perfect Christmas Gift

  • rawnoyz

    thats what i've been inventing in my head every time i take a shit in the morning – "i wish i had a heating seat and that washes my ass for me!"

  • lfsg

    anti freeze???

  • Justin Hall

    A post about a toilet?

    … I don't give a shit.

  • fishnomz

    but will it hit 88 miles per hour? that is the million dollar question.

  • guest 1

    take this post and flush it

  • northerner

    Great post, Chive and #2 has a lovely pair of legs. So lets see a lovely tush put this Milestone of Toilet Technology through its paces…huh!? C'mon…put the tush-to-the-toilet test up…

  • Logic76

    this is a pretty shitty post chive

    • Alpha Chive Omega

      i can't tell if you're bieng mean, or if that's a clever double-entendre

  • Timothy Duran

    that may be the best invention I've every seen

  • Alell

    Just have to say, having spent two winters in Japan, that seat warming is not ridiculous at all. In a land where there is no central heating and the bathroom is never warmed up at all, a heated seat isn't merely "an extra" or "a luxury". Everyone should have them.

    And so many public toilets had music functions! To drown out the sound of tinkling. That part did strike me as extra, I'll admit.

  • Kyle Retrato

    Does it play the brown note?

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