Christmas Eve Eve Randomness (27 HQ Photos)

  • meh


    • Gun owning Christian

      you are a tool

    • fuzzybeard2016

      bah humbug!

    • ichinowa

      you're more of a douche than the guys in #27

    • kiwi kid

      What kind of a retard are you? Oh… right… my bad…

  • Yodd

    first i am

    • Yodd

      fail i did..

    • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

      Not….fail you are

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Wrong, you are! Hmm…yesssss!! (cough, cough)

  • guest 1


  • Brah

    #7, "This is my boyfriend and MY kitchen." Jesus, that annoyed me.

    • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

      I think she was thinking too hard, trying to make it sound smarter.

    • Master Bait

      she should have just said her kitchen " that's her area, her personal space" lol

      • Raul Duke

        Learn to speak English.

        • Aguelo

          …to WRITE in English.


      • IRIEWAY

        So when is Ashton Kutcher guna pop out and say "you got Punked, we fucked up your kitchen" muaha ha ha haaaaa

    • antiism

      "This is my boyfriend's and my kitchen."

    • A BiPolar Guy

      "boyfriend and my kitchen" sounds like "boyfriend, and (this is) my kitchen" even though there's no comma,
      Her way sounds old fashioned but your way sounds awkward and forced. in this context, I think her's is better. Context is EVERYTHING. There are guidelines for grammar but strict rules are for fools. personally I'd rewrite the sentence

    • doc

      It should read "This is our kitchen"

      • Dave Gal

        Perhaps "My boyfriend and I decorated our kitchen."

        Just using "our" doesn't specify it was her and her boyfriend.

    • k-ill

      "This is my boyfriend's and 'My' kitchen."

    • Lylah

      I'm so glad I'm not the only grammar nerd on the chive!

      • hMMMM

        You forgot to put quotation marks around "theChive" (given that it's a website). Furthermore, theChive is one word with the "C" in "Chive" capitalized.

        People like you suck.

    • scarekrow

      "This is My sandwich factory".

    • Jack

      I feel much better now seeing this comment. A soon as I saw this pic I went nutso heading for the "comment" area. I see more people using "my boyfriend and I" or "my girlfriend and " when in many cases it should be"_____ and me" as you don't say "I's kitchen" you say "MY KITCHEN"

      πŸ˜€ Chive on Grammar Nazis, Chive on!

      p.s.- if she's hot and shows us a nice chivette picture making a sammich next week, we should forgive her.

      • kelly

        Well seeing as that I am the person that the kitchen belongs to, I can tell you I already sent in a very nice picture that has yet to be posted on the Chive :

    • mellischmidt76

      AMEN! If you don't know how to say it, separate it. This is MY kitchen. This is my boyfriend's kitchen. This is my boyfriend and my kitchen. The end.

      P.S. You NEVER say, "Here's a picture of my boyfriend and I". It's not a picture of "I".

      • SalsaShark42

        Um, actually it would be, "Here's a picture of my boyfriend and me."

    • Anil

      I think they might both be "boyfriends"!!!

    • Stan

      Glad I wasn't the only pedantic Chiver.

      • englishmajor

        this is mine and my boyfriend's kitchen. just for the record.

    • Thea

      oh god. you KNOW she spent ages making sure that she wrote "and i's"


  • Dallas Huybregts


    I live near Edmonton Alberta too. If you can find this guy I'll go give him smack.

    • meh

      Fort mcmurray is best. love my oil

    • SkollyG

      Please do, on behalf of all Canadians.

      • tag

        For everyone, if he was able to get his Xbox signed why would anyone pay 1.1 million when they could get THEIR OWN signature for the price of a drive?

      • Aguelo

        On Behalf of every living person in the world.

    • Seth

      Thanks from everyone in Alberta. Seriously WTF was this guy on…

  • hater

    Find her. Now.

    • hater


      • IRIEWAY

        Agreed…love the bod on that one. Yummy

      • denzino

        can we add this: #28

    • Kjell King

      Want to be a little more specific?

      • Kjell King

        never mind

  • fibonacci5150

    I bought knuckled up octopus, I'ma kick the door down.

    That xbox is worth less now

  • DollarBillUK

    #17 I've never had that before?? (Hope I haven't spoke too soon)

    • Kjell King

      It sucks ass… and not in the good way that you have to pay a little extra for in Amsterdam.

      • DollarBillUK

        How come you get it and I don't? Are you using Internet Explorer like the guy in the pic? Maybe that could be it.. I'm no tech head but I know IE sucks ass harder than those girls you pay extra for in Amsterdam. xD

      • fuzzybeard2016

        May I offer a couple of suggestions?

        1) With IE, turn ON Pop-up Blocker, and/or adjust the setting to Medium, or;
        2) Use Firefox with the add-on Ad Blocker Plus.

        I have to use both Firefox & IE on a day-to-day basis; these settings work fairly well for me.

    • Anonymous

      That only happens to n00bs. Now we know who you are… n00bs.

      • dude

        that's funny bcs I've seen it b4 but it's been a while….

      • fuzzybeard2016

        Don't forget that we were all n00bs at one time or another; show some compassion! πŸ™‚

    • Trent

      IE Fail. Get a real browser.

    • Jack

      NoScript + Firefox = WIN!

    • Monkey

      you have adblock installed πŸ™‚

    • Arufist

      use chrome you wont see it

  • TIZ

    #17 worst thing ever.

    • Anonymous

      Time to get Firefox….

    • femtrooper

      Firefox or Chrome can solve that….

      • nemesis

        Afraid not.

      • Samantha Hampel

        I use Firefox. I still get it.

        • Red

          You have to use AdBlock Plus, too. I used to avoid AdBlock Plus on a matter of principle since sites like these depend on ads, but I honestly couldn't tolerate it anymore. #17 was the final straw, too, it was what finally made me start using AdBlock Plus.

        • femtrooper

          What red said. *hugs ABP*

      • Unwavering

        I use firefox and chrome, still get it

    • danny

      I hate that thing,

    • Mochi

      I have IE and I've never seen this kind of ad.

      • Guest


    • Jimmy C

      The adcube is worse.

    • hMMMM

      You guys really can't take 3 seconds to move your mouse and click "close"??? I mean, we're all on here (sometimes multiple times a day) for free, so why not joyously click on those and think of it as an act of gratitude.

  • Master Bait

    #5 you know what would be awesome having those two wash my car while its raining not out of disrespect but just for it to be awesome

    • denzino

      notice on the ground it says spare gun

  • Brad

    #17 Download AdBlock. Problem solved.

    • Sinéad

      Was going to say the same myself. This is another reason why friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.

      • denzino

        I get it and I use Chrome, Safari, Firefox…

  • drea

    #11 fail

  • aosux

    Lets see #12 as a gif

    • Mike

      That happened in August and you're just getting it here now? Shame on you chive, the video is pretty fantastic! I come here to see fantastic things when they happen, or shortly thereafter. That being said, poor Canadian military, now they only have three planes left.

      • C.Du

        I was a couple blocks away when it happened. Just saw the aftermath though and no pictures. Had the entire area closed off.

  • The Dude

    17: Agreed. It must die

  • Craig


    Find! For Chrstmas!

    • Johan

      Dutch girl; Luca Prins. You're welcome.

      • akiro

        Fuck man, how do you know this?

        are you….. the messiah of hot ass?

        • Its-a me, Mario

          Unox (the brand on the hats) has made quite a comeback because of these pictures. There is this tradition of a new year's dive, and they give out free soup to the divers. And they take pictures. Thats also the reason they dont look that happy….its freezing.

          • (>^_^)>

            I prefer the "Messiah of hot ass" theory.

            • ckris King

              *****M.O.H.A. ******

        • Johan

          The MOHA… if only… πŸ™‚ It's not her ass that got her noted though πŸ˜‰
          But no, I'm dutch as well and she briefly was famous for this photo (of the new year's dive in the sea) that was printe quite large on the front page of a dutch newspaper. There was a local 'find her!" over here, she was on TV once or twice etc.. Never heard of her since.

    • Giggity

      I second this!

    • Brah

      The girl on the left has very hairy arms. And, yes, that's what I noticed first.

      • Chris

        Me too, I was scared.

      • kaveman4130

        they look retarded , even the large breasted girl looks like a short bus window licker.

      • Johan

        That's OK, this picture is often used in those "if you noticed the hairy arms first I've got bad news for you" kind of tests πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      There's not much more to find of her than this picture, tbh :(. She has done some modelling and advertising for Beemster cheese, but that's all. Oh, btw, she is only 17 when the picture was taken…

    • Jeroen Verhoeff

      She's from the Netherlands, here's a link:

    • JBeckers

      Just google "Unox Meisje" you should find alot on her. it's a anual thing for Unox (a sausage and soup factory in Holland) to find the girl who best suits the Unox hat on the new years dive on january 1st when a lot of dutch people jump into the cold sea… They should do a whole gallery on it haha

  • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

    #24 is soo awesome:)


      Seriously…someone was trippin or stoned to the bone when they thought of that one. Mucho clever..and yes awesome!

      • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

        Wish I thought of it first…. Maybe I did and forgot about it because I was stoned as well /:
        Meh, next time:)

    • akiro

      that one really made my chuckle…. it is so awesome… cleverness rocks

  • Babyfart McGeezax

    A great randomness today. #17 so true

    • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

      Too true…..

  • Dylan

    #28 aaaah thats why I live here (being The Netherlands)

    • mick

      holland represent (L)

      nieuwjaarsduik altijd leuk

    • Peter Brachwitz

      2008 Unox Meisje, rite ?

    • Stan


  • (>^_^)>

    17 makes me want to break out the staple gun. πŸ˜€

  • Not First

    #8 YES!!!

    • Circus Monkey


    • BloodScrubber

      Yes! Thank you Chive for No 8. The thigh Gods are happy. The Tush Gods are pretty dam happy too.

  • aosux

    I felt the need to put some money in #20's undies.

    • kaveman4130

      i think i gave my undies a money shot.

    • denzino

      that's Charisma Carpenter. Google her and put playboy at the end. Be sure to take off filtering. Merry Christmas

  • Gutterville

    #11 I would have thought that the price would have dropped becuase of that signature

    • Confused

      hope no one is dumb enough to buy it

      • nemesis

        Maybe Palin will buy it to remind herself how to write her signature? It must hurt being that stupid.

  • Someonebetterthanyou



    Id rather have Spencer Pratts autograph than Sarah Palin! 1 mil…what a joke!

    I would eat the corn out of this blondies doo doo!

  • kkuhlers

    #17 Mozilla Firefox + Ad Block Plus (ABP) = Advertisements? What are those? Huh? FTW Chive?

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