theBRIGADE women of 2010 in high-res part 1 (24 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your military women
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your military women
Submit your Photos here

  • WhoCaresAboutFirst?

    I only truly appreciated the ones who were actually in the brigade. That being said, I would love to see MOAR of #8.

    • Adam

      agreed, she's just so cute it hurts

    • Malachi Constant

      here here! some these "military" porn girls are a joke! GOD BLESS THE REAL DEAL (like #4, dropping cluster bombs on your ass taliban!)

    • Eric

      Agreed. #8 deserves her own post fo' sho.

    • northerner

      Gorgeous, kick-ass soldiers. HOO-AH!

  • WhoCaresAboutFirst?


  • qwerty


  • sloop

    #4 is entirely too attractive.

    • denzino

      looks like a dude

      • sloop

        you think so? huh.

        if dudes these days look like her, i can see why so many fellas are going gay. he's a knockout.

    • william haddad

      linda muito linda kissis from BRAZIL ok

  • Bob

    #1 can protect me anytime

    • denzino

      can we find her? I'd love to see moar of her…

    • Luke

      she reminds me of Keira Knightley

    • northerner


  • Riley

    #2 says it was taken in 2008. Fail.

  • Dlaka

    #11 & #20 just make my day

  • DaddyD

    #13 is a close second to #4

  • bob

    #1 and #4 are the only ones that i care about

    • wilsonfromutah

      hell yeah bob! the others are just girls in camo or tight clothes

      • wilsonfromutah

        although i do like #9 #13 #21 = all legit in my book

  • anon

    #20 #21


  • red00shift

    #1. Definitely,

    • DJ Fisher

      She looks like a young Michelle Phifer to me…awesome.

  • Why Not?

    #19 awesome tat
    #21 yum!

  • Hedwig

    #9 Wow! None of the cadets looked that hot when I was at the Air Force Academy.

  • Mykl

    You need to find out who #1 is. Holy shit she is hot!

    • Jake


    • Mikl

      Mykl Do tell? Show some respect or a picture?

  • Laurie

    Please don't label pictures of models dressed in camouflage as military girls. Speaking for all the women who are actually in the military, that's an insult. It takes a lot of mental and physical stamina to complete US military training, and those models, with their perfect hair, nails and tans probably wouldn't make it. Yep, got it, pretty girls = thumbs up, but don't call them military just because they have a piece of camouflage clothing on or are in the near proximity of a cool-looking gun.

    • Laurie

      Sorry, I forgot to add that women in the military take an oath to protect the US against enemies both foreign and domestic. Models take an oath to do what…look pretty? That doesn't go very far toward protecting the US and our way of life.

      • Portland

        But it's porn. Are you really saying they should only use REAL pizza delivery guys or real french maids? That everyone in a sexy movie or photoshoot needs to be authentic? I think you're thinking too hard.

        • denzino

          I lol'd: "I think you're thinking too hard."

    • Rick

      In no way do I mean to pass these girls off as Military. That's why its simply titled "theBRIGADE women of 2010". All that being said, I hope the site can reach a point where I can show off real women from the military, not in the light of being sexy (although I sure a woman in the military can be both tough and attractive). Thanks for coming to the site.

      • Rick

        although I sure = although "I'm sure" (self correct)

      • Laurie

        Rick – I thought about the title of your post before I commented, but also thought that the men you show on your website are all actually in the military, not simply male models wearing camouflage or holding guns. Thanks for posting pics of girls actually in the military in your second photo set of the day. I think I speak for most women when I say we really appreciate your site's support of the fact that we can be in the military and still be feminine (not just "females")!

    • northerner

      My thought, too, Laurie, when I saw the title and scrolled through. Obviously, not all are military. High-fives and "Thank yous" to those that are. And Thank You…

    • kev

      i totaly agree with Laurie's statement

  • WTFurCouch

    I would like to see a "Find Her" post on both #9 and #13. #21 should get an honorable mention for her girl next door swag.

  • Tean_Zu

    #11 Airborne, may not cure your cold, but who care's I'll take it anyways! Love to all the women in uniform!

  • nouu

    #23 .50 cal pwnag

  • theone

    #20 has a nice pair of bombs too

  • guest 1

    #4 i want to thank her for defending our country. and marry her.

  • Tubular Tom

    What movie are they shooting? Can I be the criminal – who gives her too much lip?

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #16 ummmm…underboob…(gurgle)

    Girls with guns. sexy and scary at the same time. there are definitely times in my marriage that I'm glad she was not holding a gun. guns may not kill people, but they are way too handy for that to want a woman who is crazy

  • Symbianese Army Guy



    (Remember that – from about 1970 ?)

  • A BiPolar Guy

    opps I meant

    woman who is crazy mad at you to have one at hand.

  • Brigade Brad


    If she wanted to slip out of those 'clothes', I'd have to give her a shower.
    That's okay……

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