So I guess these are the most famous women in Romania (18 Photos)

Thanks to ruggedly handsome Romanian Chiver, Linoleu, for sending us these pics. Apparently, these chicks are the current Romanian icons.

  • Shinfo

    For a good reason.

  • thetommynews

    #3#4 WOWZA!!!!

    • turbosmurf

      #3 , Nicoleta Luciu

  • mcctan24

    #10, i'd tear it apart.

    • Mihai Muresan

      daniela crudu. google it . romanian playgirl

  • MiPo2010

    I think I just had a stroke!

    • mattythegooch

      …..of your weiner?

    • willwong

      man, why you gotta get my hopes up like that?

  • mattythegooch

    #10 AND #18………"I Vant to suck your boobs"

    Fuck, I was thinking Transylvania…

    • Adam

      Transylvania is a part of Romania, so it's still good.

    • romanian

      its the same country, you geography genious

  • Shannon Coverdale

    I'll take one……. of each

  • Chivemaster

    Who's #18? She's amazing.

    • Mike

      Alina Vacariu

      • MMAN87

        Thank you SO much for your awesome knowledge!B)

  • hairlip

    My pants are tight!

  • Kidd Gunn

    #13 and #14 look like trannies.

    • mith

      Yah there may be some tucking by them two.

    • Ghetto Black

      tru dat! fake tits and errything

    • thetommynews

      You, my friend, must be gay. Those two are stunning.

      • Kidd Gunn

        Actually, yes, I am gay. What that has to do with anything, I don't know. My guess is that you believe yourself more familiar with what a man in drag looks like?

        • IRIEWAY


        • Kazimir

          just because you flaunt your gayness around does not change the fact that these are women.

          • Kidd Gunn

            And I said these weren't women………where?

          • Kidd Gunn

            (you would also do yourself a service by looking up the definition of the word "flaunt", being as I wasn't the one to initiate any reference of sexual-orientation. Learn to read before you write.)

      • kaashi

        those two are actually just one …lawl

    • Speedy

      mmmm….. id still hit it. 🙂

    • :))

      She's Bianca Dragusanu. #13 and #14 are the same. She isn't tranyy but she has a lot of plastic surgeries(face, lips, boobs, etc.) but she is one of the hotest romanian girls. But there are more and more who are stunning.

  • Duder

    #4, and #18 wow, just wow

  • MiddleLane


    That is a man. I'd bet my chocolate shake on it. And why are they all so damned airbrushed and photo shopped?

    • Dave

      Yeah, it is(I can tell 'cause I dig trannies).

      • MiddleLane

        I guess I better bury a few more for you, then……..

      • me&me.again

        actually she's not a tranny , her name is bianca dragusanu and she is called the plastic women

    • northerner

      OK, I'll bite…based on what evidence, sir?

      • MiddleLane

        Well for starters, "her" face looks quite manly, secondly, her underwear are VERY shopped and airbrushed, as well as her top and breasts.

        The ocean is shopped as well, creating a good cover to shop her body shape.

        Her hair looks like a wig, so if we add up all of this, I say tranny.

        • Kazimir

          Who are you really trying to convince here ? She had some work done, but she's a woman. Just take it up the ass and shut up.

          • MiddleLane

            Sorry I offended your internet wife and all, but if you go lower (a position I am sure you are familiar with,) you will notice I retracted that statement and said it was a horrible photo instead.

            Chill, keyboard warrior!

            • Kazimir

              good one. But hey, at least she's a woman, right ? Oh, I shouldn't be asking you a question about women, thats right…

              • MiddleLane


                You fired at me, so I fired back. Enough already.

                I already said it was just a really bad photo. GAME OVER……….

              • Crawwwwn

                damn man you're a dick. i guess you are what you eat…….

    • Flicka

      Because that's what you do with celebrities? You know… just like here?

    • Dan

      god!look her up!her name is Bianca Dragusanu and she is definitely not a tranny

      • MiddleLane

        Well then I will retract my "tranny" statement and recommend she get a better photographer, airbrush artist, photo-shop guy, and agent. That photo is HORRIBLE.

  • Mike Engler

    i would like to go to romania!

  • Can Öktem

    My friends are getting married in Romania in May!! I just got myself a reason to attend the wedding!!

    • Castfiber

      'Cause then you can say you've been sexually rejected in TWO different countries, amirite?

      • Can Öktem

        Who knows maybe I'll tick another country off the list!!

  • Mike

    #2 looks like megan fox :p

  • bonbon

    yay team Romania!!I'm from Romania BTW

  • denzino

    #8 my fave

    • Jlloydm

      that's INNA, she a pretty popular dance music artist in romania, shes pretty good too

  • Superlame

    maybe Linoleu can tell me why romanians suck at waiting in line and seldom smile.

    • A Romanian

      Good question(s). I have no idea.

    • Another Romania

      Because fuck lines and fuck your smiles

  • Alex Marinescu

    For those who fell in love, #4 is Simona Patruleasa, while #18 is Alina Puscas

  • Skedaddle

    #15 and #18…. yesiree!

  • PornStar

    No Angel Dark?

    • chris

      cos she's slovak!!!

  • josb

    I like to order a #11

    • Catalin

      She's Cristina Dochian.She's a sport forecastar.
      Anyway,at the same channel works a girl "Anca rusu:.Google it.

  • Billie Page

    loe that they're all healthy lookin… not to skinny

  • Rich

    Holy Vag Gap #14…

    • northerner

      Indeed, sir. Love those defiant, hands on hips poses. Especially in their underwear or skimpy swimwear…yowza!

    • Christina Fields

      she's got a gap because that's where her penis used to be

  • BigBlackGuy

    romania or china, don't matter. i'd plow thru dat white ass…

    • joe schmoe

      why does it have to be "dat white ass?" if i got on here under the name BigWhiteGuy and talked about how i'd plow through some black ass then it would be racist

  • roge

    #8 her name is inna

    • unknown


    • choppers

      Inna, as my dick goes inna

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