50 Cent is still a dedicated hustler (3 Photos)

50's Connecticut home was buried by the blizzard that slammed the East Coast this week. The rapper decided to make the most of the situation by charging $100 to shovel his neighbors' driveways and sidewalks.
50 was so serious about his new business that he took to his Twitter page announcing, "I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody I'll make a grand moving snow today." So many neighbors wanted 50's services, he took to outsourcing the job to neighborhood kids... for a cut of the action of course.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    And not a single fuck was given this day………

    • Scratch and Snif

      My hardest lol of the year.

    • Pat MaGroin

      best first post ever lolz

  • Dougie


    • rory

      I think it's pretty awesome B)

      • joshdyk87


  • torry

    Mom… 50 Cent is outside shoveling our driveway

    • Malachi Constant

      well invite him in for gin n juice dear!

      • Anonymous

        Juice? You mean grape drink.

        • schmeilsson

          grape drink? you mean grape drank.

          • Summer

            grape drank? you mean grape groping

            • kingfresh

              its purple drank

              • URDumb

                I'm going to grape you all in the butt.

    • grrrr

      and next he'll be plowing your mom

      • SeaBassEX


  • MiPo2010

    O fitty you so crazy

  • uber guy

    I would have had him shovel the shit out of my drive, man

  • fasterthanu

    the mans a legend

    • SeaBassEX

      Tru dat. He gets my props.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Just trying to make a $100 out of 50 cents.

    • Barry Zuckerkorn

      Why so many thumbs down for this guy! that was so corny it made me laugh. Plus look at his name, the man is obviously on top of his game!

      • Semper

        Lets get Bob Loblaw to 100 thumbs!!

  • Brah

    That's pretty cool. If I were Greenwich rich and had some hundreds lying around, I'd do it. Too bad I live in the poor part of CT.

    • meh

      Danbury blows

  • ACon

    The rich neighborhood he lives would probably pay more than a 100 to have snow removed so 50's services was a bargain.

    • jason

      look at the house across the street, he's not in a rich neighborhood.

  • Mike

    I can see this going the MEME way hahahahahahahahah

  • j-man85

    cool story. hard earned money is always the best.

  • lol

    A black dude actually working? Now that is photo worthy. Quick take a picture for the archives!!!!!

    There goes the neighborhood.:p

    • RandomGuy

      Har har har. Fuck you and all the people who rated your comment up.

      • lol


        Hurry call the cops, there is a black man stealing our shovel:)

  • Capt. Obvious

    DAD! 50 Cent is in the driveway shoveling the snow!
    Get my hunting rifle! And call the cops.

    • abrewer15

      In your case ignorance isn't bliss

  • The Hatter

    "For an extra $100, clean my toilets. It will amuse me"

  • isawoj

    I think that is great. $100 in his neighborhood is absolutely nothing to these people and he's having some fun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

    This is after he netted $400 million from selling his share in Vitawater. Crazy

  • Gutterville

    AS much as I dont want to say this but 50 cent is real his tweeter makes me laugh

  • sadf

    I c there are hater here mad bc a black dude is living in their precious Greenwich area. 50 was probably the only person to make the blizzard a fun time for himself.


    some of you guys are just F'ing racist…… ignorant stereotypes #fail

    • mith


      • Your baby's momma

        Herp Derp………..

  • what

    That doesn't look like the outside of Tyson's old house like 50 had on cribs. It looks like my grandma neighborhood….

  • buffbagwell

    And all this this time I figured "shoveling snow" was a drug trade euphemism… 😛

  • jim

    someone tell him there's a Ford Explorer in NYC that needs shoveling out

    • mgreen

      that shit is funny. He is probably the one driving the tow truck. 5o is a beast.

    • Jimmy

      epic. you sir won a intranetz for the day.

  • jim

    50 cent, rules

    on a side note, this must be one of those shovel ready job Obama was talking about

  • mith

    Guess when a person realizes they have no actual talent and their 15 minutes are up, they should go out and get a real job.

  • Snicker

    Well, he made more money than I did that day,

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