Canadian women redeem themselves… or do they? (26 Photos)

For those unfamiliar, the last few days' A.R.'s have not been kind to our neighbors in the North. I've been fielding your emails and our Canadian Chivers are not happy, some are outraged (or as outraged as Canadians can muster). Canada deserves to be heard and these are the photos you've sent over the past two days.

Here's the thing. The girls in this gallery are all celebrities. I think we can all agree that celebrities are cool. But above all we love our Chivettes, our anonymous hotties, and our 'regular girls.'

What's sexier, the photoshopped-to-hell-and-back celebrity, or the sexy girl next door, eh? To that end I've asked for our Canadian Chivettes to submit for Friday's 'Sexy Chivers'. And they've responded… kinda. So the score isn't settled yet in my opinion. Tomorrow the REAL test if you ask me. And I'm honestly pulling hard for our Canadian Chivettes!

Update: I just checked our analytics and we have over 100,000 male visitors every day from Canada. Do any of you guys have girlfriends or are you hibernating? Get off your asses. National pride is at stake here for Christ's sake. Please be sure they have them write 'Hi Chive' or 'Canada rules' somewhere on their body/sign and submit here. I'm on to you guys plucking our American birds off Facebook and passing them off as your own btw. Anyway, Enjoy Canada...

  • mark

    I would make a little home in that cleavage. And live there forever #20

    • @mikeydangerous

      That's Emanuelle Chriqui. She's from Montreal. She now plays Sloan on Entourage. Still hot, but she hasn't been eating a lot in the last few years.

  • Dustin

    I think John makes a good point, both about Canada's restrained anger levels and celebs. Let's see some real Canadian Chivettes!
    Oh, and #14

  • top dog

    #14 is sexy.
    #17? Photoshop is a hell of tool.

    • top dog

      Hey, I have an idea…why not do sexy chivettes post from both countries, side by side and let us decide who is sexier.

    • doober

      why would you think that's photoshopped? it's the heels that are making her butt stick out like that

    • whatup

      ps : )

  • Keith Piscitelli

    Bringing their Eh Game…

    • Anonymous

      More like meh game.

      • Anonymous

        That didn't rhyme, Captain Ignorance. Do you even know what "eh" is supposed to be?
        I bet you think Canada's political leader is Tim Horton.

    • pwill

      well played sir

  • Anonymous

    Celebrities are overrated. Any girl can look hot after spending 8 hours in make-up. Send us photos of real girls, you loons!!!

    • JCC

      to that i say Eh' Men… oh god i feel dirty… but yes,, real Canadians are hot too. just gotta get them to take photos of themselves in lurid poses.

    • kdtc

      Celebrity or not, I could gaze at Kristin Kruek all fucking day without a care in the world. That woman was MADE to be worshipped.

  • Jennifer

    I've heard Rachel talk about the chive in a couple interviews. Once she said she was hopelessly addicted. My point is…. i'm a girl and that gif turned me on.

    • Azrrael

      chive on! Good for chivetes like you!

    • isawoj

      That's a body double.

      • Mr. Wilson

        I actually have a giant bet/dispute going on with a friend right now if that's a body double or not. I'm in the 'Thats Rachel' camp. So what I'm asking is….prove it?

    • Toofer

      that's a body double. while shots of her from the back are rare(cuz there isn't much to shoot), finding one makes it extremely obvious.

      • moop

        so who is it then?

  • David Plummer

    #18 and #19 are my fav's!!

  • Chris

    I kinda helped start this by pointing out Nina Dobrev isn't REALLY Canadian and asking what Canada HAS done lately. And the some epic fail came about on the part of Canada…. that said! Two of the hottest women I've known in my life were Canadian. So they do have hotties, I assure you. But come on Canadian Chivers… it shouldn't have taken you this long to make a case, and to have so much fail along the way lol

    • Morgan Freeman

      Too long.. Did not listen.

    • Finster

      Learn how to use punctuation correctly, EH!

    • Captain Charley

      chris that's one of the most insanely stupid posts I have ever read. and you better be one smoking hot chick who contributes to the chive regularly. if not, I would ask you what the fuck have you done lately, you haven't given shit except some bumbling attempt at criticism. so shut the fuck up you douchebag. Canadian women are DAMN hot. too hot for a faggot like you.

  • Senor Rock

    #16 Evangeline Lilly is my favorite

  • uberbrie

    Very nice however the french Canadians are CRAZY!

    • A French Canadian

      Why would you say that?

      • Underder

        He's not wrong(at least in my experience). My grandfathers' Quebecois and I hear makes a point of going around telling total strangers "My name is Pinky Lee! I'm short, fat, and cute as can be!". At least I hear, since he hasn't contacted any of his grandchildren in the course of our entire lives. So yeah, heard they're more than a bit 'off'.

  • jack

    i claim #20

  • ben

    #3 is actually Gemma Atkinson and she's defiantly not Canadian

    • G.Atkinson

      #3 is definately not Gemma Atkinson.

      • ♦K♦

        #3 = Shania Twain

    • P Diddily

      Did you mean #11?

    • MMAN87

      I, a faithful Canadian, can attest to the fact that THAT is indeed Shania Twain.

    • twat

      that is not gemma atkinson you tool

  • Mark Baker

    "Do any of you guys have girlfriends or are you hibernating? Get off your asses."

    God I love the chive.

  • ben

    #11 is Gemma Atkinson and she's not canadian she's english

  • powpowpow

    point taken canada. I believe you have won this arguement. Tricia Helfer ftw #14 oh and of course rachael mcadams is super hot #18

  • Ely

    Elisha Cuthbert and Colbie Smulders for the win #1 #22 !!

    • Spivias

      yes yes im american
      and i believe that elisha cuthbert pretty much ended the arguement

  • Malachi Constant

    and here I thought Chive was actually going to find REAL Canadian girls, not just a bunch of glossed over shots of semi-celebs…WE WANT REAL GIRLS CHIVE!

    • canadian boy

      shania twain is NOT a semi-celeb, she is one of the most successful country singers ever

  • thatwasntthequestion

    #11 is Gemma Atkinson. Not from Canada.

  • aosux

    Emmanuelle Chriqui wins in my book every time

  • CiaKronik

    what movie is the gif from anyone ?

    • misschris

      Morning Glory 🙂

  • Airwalktdk

    #22 i hope so to…

  • Drew

    ya okay Canadians are hot. anyone who thinks any of these woman are not hot… stop paying for sex and try your ugly ass on the open market. fat doesn't sale haters!

    • Jimmy

      yeah, it sure doesn't "sale", haters!!

  • Ira Ulrich

    Emmanuelle Chiriqui – #20 = The sexiest women alive!!!!! I love Entourage for that one reason!!!

    • Stafferty

      I would be willing to call Canadian Ham "Bacon" for her.

      • wilbur

        FYI its all pork bacon. we just prefer it taken from a less fatty area than the pork belly like they do in the states

    • Dan

      NOOOOOOOOOOOO….. she's Canadian??? Say it aint so!

      • canadian boy

        screw u dan, more people like canadians then than americans

  • Bilau

    I don't give a shit about where did they come from, as long as they're HOT!!!!

  • King Hippo

    With all the beautiful Jamaican, Haitian, island mixed women in Canada, why do you keep posting these pasty, pale, over photo shopped women to represent Canada?? Afraid to post a woman darker than a bag of flour? Dammit, go to Toronto and take some pics.

    • Quatchi

      Wouldn't That make them Jamaican or Haitian?

      • King Hippo

        I should have put descent after that.

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