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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  • P90

    #22 FTMFW.

  • Patriot

    #24 is ridiculous.

    Maybe if they removed "god" from the pledge then it would be more amenable to more people…

    • Beltes

      Yeah, and remove 'indivisible' because the US can't agree on anything…putz…

      • Patriot

        Riiiight…. or we could just go back to the pre-1950's version, then it wouldn't be as ironic to include "indivisible, one nation" with such a divisive statement as "under god"…

    • One who served

      More than likely you live only about an hour away from an airport. Right now get there, get on a plane and move your ass out of our country. If you cant accept my freedoms, or allow me to live my life the American way. You are free to leave at any time. Please feel free to depart this ride while it is still in motion.

      • bob

        what, so people have to be christian to be american? America is about freedom, and including those freedom of religion and freedom of speech. if anyone is being un-American, its you for criticizing so harshly someone who is speaking their mind about a dated, christian pledge

      • Low

        You idiot. No ones trying to detain you from your freedoms or stopping you from living the American way (whatever that is)

      • Patriot

        I have the decency to not inflict my imaginary friends on others, and would just appreciate it if everyone else would do the same.

      • Guest

        I never can understand why those who have a problem with the words "under God" in the PoA simply don't just skip saying them and continue with "indivisible, with liberty…."

        Seriously, if you believe in God, say the damn phrase, if you don't, skip those words and be done with it. Why is this so f-ing hard? (That's what she said btw)

        • Patriot

          You can't understand it because you're a believer.

          As a mental exercise, try replacing the word god with Allah, or Buddha, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or any other ridiculous made up entity, and see if it offends your sensibilities when you repeat it.

      • Drea

        Under God makes it really hard for people who dont believe in God, or the name at least, to say the pledge whole heartedly. You are pledging alegance to the flag, not the christian God, i think the "patrio" above makes a really good point. so does beltes

        • deeze

          look on any of american money it says trust in god plus our nation is based on christianity. learn your history before you open your mouth

          • Patriot

            Please stop perpetuating your ignorance and lack of understanding in regards to basic American history. Our original currency didn't include references to god because the Founders believed in a separation of church and state. The original pledge didn't include god for the same reason.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        So there is freedom of speech as long as no-one disagrees with you?


      • One who served

        My Point is Freedom of Speech for all!! Not just for some. I respect your right to be an American anyway you would like. But I take issue with those that want to tell me how to be and American. Your rights end when they intrude with mine, and vice versa.
        I signed up to protect your rights with my life. I only wish you would protect my right to speak my mind and live my life my way. I do not care what your religion is or where you came from. I only care that you are here to make this a better country.

    • Noway Jose

      Here's an idea just don't say the "under god" part . I don't. indivisible? When the shit truly hits the fan we are as a nation truly indivisible. Sure we squabble and bicker just to hear ourselves but on any average day but when anyone steps to us there's millions of Americans who will ruin there day.

      • Dex

        I'm not American, but that comment made me wish I was. Style.

    • Nate

      the Knights of Columbus (Catholic organization) pushed to have "under God" put in the PoA. It was not added till 1954. No real reason except to push religion into state.

      I don't think it should be there either. Church and State need to be divided and to have state run schools, as public schools are, there should be no studies of or mentioning of God unless you are teaching about all religions equally.

    • Josh

      don't worry the pledge of allegiance is not christian…..its a pledge to a flag which is a form of idolatry, which is against the christian religion…..then throw "under god" in there and it's like a double negative so they cancel each other out. But if you say only one and not the other than it's wrong…..lol. of course I am not being serious about this at all….or am I

  • Eddie

    What's #4?

    • FightingCorsair


      Next question?

    • Zmarrs

      it's Called the Chainsaw. It was put together by the guys at AAC if memory serves. It's a 249 modified.

      • Zmarrs

        Technically i should say it's a modified Mk46.

  • RicoSan80

    #8 "YES! Bow. Bow down before our military might. MUAH HAHA!"

  • mith

    #22 wasn't she a cheer leader in a movie?

    • tippy6

      Hayden Panettiere. She was in one of the "Bring It On" movies I think.

    • http://blog.alexjustesen.com alex.justesen

      and "i love you beth cooper"

      • Kevrobmc

        She was also the cheerleader in the Heroes Series.."Save the cheerleader, save the world" lol

  • hossmank

    #15 and #22.

    Both awesome in their own respects.

  • screamingdeal

    #15 i just went to dodge fro training, this pic was posted in like 4 different buildings.

    • turbosmurf

      it's really awesome , when was that picture taken ?

  • Noway Jose

    #4 Why? …although it is funny

  • Ravienne_Cullen

    I think #25 is the best…

    • kmandew

      Noob here. What are they placing on the coffin? Gold leaf?

      • fuzzybeard2016

        No, this was taken at the funeral of Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor. There's video over at YouTube.

  • http://chokeonwords.com/wordpress/ eliteskater08

    Shame on you #2 . There are starving kids in Africa that wish they had tanks like that.

  • Josh

    #8 is kinda funny……those upskirt guys are getting ballsy to get that perfect shot

  • CC101

    Minus the pointless talk about the Pledge of Allegiance pic, I enjoyed the photos. PS- From a Straight female perspective- Hayden Is one of the most flawless, beautiful ladies on the face of the Earth. Lovve her. 🙂

  • Mariaconcetta

    by Annaji. Oh ! What a great revelation of the trtnaaiodil Bhartiya way of Life. “Perfect behavior, pure wisdom, untainted life, Sacrifice….” Do we agree with Anna really?Corruption rests in Mind of people and spreads in Rules, Finance, Society, System and overall. Communalism is another form of corrupted mind-set. We have to uproot this corruption from our mind from everybody. A common man to politician. From a businessman to a home tutor. We have to take an oath to save our country from corruption. Only bringing the stashed money from Swiss Bank will end the corruption? No. Enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill will end up corruptions? No. But, all these are the certain powerful tools to set strong machinery against Corruption. But unless and until the Human resources are free from corruption, nothing shall be happened.Thinking envious to the neighbors will make us corrupt, not discharging the stipulated responsibilities in time makes a vicious circle of corruption and bribes, debauchery in life tends a corrupted life, the sprawling subversiveness survives in corruption, Political ambitions without the prosperity of the people makes us completely “Corrupted” and my corruption and your corruption made this Nation, easy to say as “Corrupted”. Yes, this is the time to say no to “Corruption”. Anna started to set a “Corruption” free India. We have to follow it hermetically.Certainly the most significant feature of this Anti-Corruption Movement is to bring the mass from all strata of life, all beliefs, all rights group and different organisations across the country even touches the hearts of millions of Indians dwell out side India. The whole country saw the fervor of the growing sentiment in favor of Nationalism and against the political corrupts, bankrupt bureaucrats and the media moles in the system. And after all, the reluctant and repulsive Govt crowned with corruptions bent to the protesting populace demanding a strong law enforcement against Corruption with the direct representation o the Republic of India. Now such a necessary law is possible. That may be a nightmare of the corrupted politicians, bureaucrats, media moles, NGOists. But we have to draw the dream lines of the Corruption Free India for which millions of youngsters and the youths marched these days with the older generations even.Yes, only Anna can do this. Perhaps, He is the uncrowned King of India. All responded him to join the cause. The Bharat Swabhiman Trust, Art of Living, ABVP, RSS all joined with another thousands for this great cause. We saw Swami Ramdev and Ram Madhav in a frame. We saw Medha Patker and Anupam Kher side by side. The Buddhist monks and the Jain Munis were on the stage, at the same time Farah Khan could not resist her to reach Jantar Mantar, keeping aside her busy schedule of Bollywood. Hindus worshiped and offered ‘aahuti’ in Mass Yanga (fire rituals) in the street, while Muslims and Christians prayed for the success of Anna’s fast at Jantar Mantar. The whole India were with Anna these days and must remain with him. The feelings are My India, My Bharat – against inconsistency of the system so far, against big beefed ‘bhastrachar’ (corruption) in India. Anna surfaced the potential Oneness of India. Ekatma Bharat. And not detracting and rejecting any thing for the good of this Republic, Anna solicited the strength from Vivekananda to Gandhi, Laxmibai to Bhagat Singh-Chandrasekhar Azad, from Dayananda to Rammonhar Lohia. Anna symbolized him as a modern saint of India with a trtnaaiodil vision and values. Anna’s scientific approach for the rural reconstruction in Ralegan Siddhi with preserving all the Indian values and ethics may serve as a role model in every aspirant rural corners of India too. Now a modern India can stand up with its own identity along with rationality and modernity.I am still in the rhythms of little school girls who were shouting very enthusiastically in the street rally after Anna broke his fast in the fifth day – ‘Ek do tin char, dur karenge bhastrachar’ , ‘hamara neta kaisa ho, Anna Hazare Jaisa Ho’…. I was also clapping and shouting in the same way.Bande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai. Jai Hind.

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