Wake up to three beautiful women. Victory is at hand (18 Photos)

  • Nick

    #9=Gross. The only post she belongs in is "Dude or chick?"

    • Nick

      Also, I know for a fact London can do better than that. I haven't even been to London, but if that woman were a representative of the top tier of women there, reproduction would grind to a halt.

      With all that said, I'd go to town on the other two.

    • mclendonmeister

      Hey Nick why don't you post a pic of your wife/gf and let us all see how much better you've been able to do.

      • Jeremy

        Nick could probably post himself and give her a run for her money. Hell, I've seen blowup dolls that look better. I'd replace her with any girl from the regular girl posts. Putting her on here makes me wonder what the chive team's been smoking this morning.

        • Cat masturbation

          I like him, he seems to work out and stuff and I like the way he coordinates his sexy stuff. I think he could be a cool model. Londons not that bad if theres dudes like him running around. #9

        • fng

          Dude its your hit. And by the did you see my lastest post. wow dude you seen my car.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1109700082 Joost Mermans

    #20 look at those eyes

    • DaddyD

      Ghostly. Almost invisible.

    • Billy the Accountant

      Wait, what? there was 20 photos in this set originally? dammit chive

  • silverafox

    they ok chive but one question.. where is my hump day post for the week nuff said

  • whatthe

    The 2nd check (#9) looks like a skank.

    • mclendonmeister

      Don't agree, and in any case that would only be when comparing her to the hottest chicks in the world. When compared to your wife/gf, co-workers, friends, girls in the supermarket, etc. I think you'd agree that she is quite hot.

  • Dunny

    #14 nice…imagine she tastes like cocoa butter… #13 gorgeous….is her nipple almost on her shoulder though??

  • hater

    how beautiful.

  • http://topsy.com/thechive.com/2011/01/12/wake-up-to-three-beautiful-women-victory-is-at-hand-17-photos/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention Sexy women from all around the world theCHIVE -- Topsy.com

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  • tommybhoy

    #2 #3 Absolutely Stunning…she gets my vote

  • dentonbeard

    Aside the Aussie, MEH

  • davey

    sillicon valleys are beautiful this time of year

  • scooby doo

    #5 after feeding her a can of corn i would sort thru the substance that is extruded from her cornhole and munch on any kernels that i recovered.

    • Matt


    • mclendonmeister

      Man you should be a writer with an imagination like that.

    • Zee

      hahahahahahaha MOARRR ! comments like that, that is 🙂

  • lukeg

    looks lovely

  • Spyros

    #10 I love you

  • Richard

    disgusting… they all look like cheap whores…

    • jason in pc


    • Its-a me, Mario

      true statement

  • V.A.

    Boo, bring on the hump day women. These women are scary weird (the Brit's initials are actually KKK!)

  • DPH

    Where is the hump day post?

  • scooby doo

    #17 i would volunteer to accompany her around so that if she ever had to go bathroom but couldn't find one she could simply squat over my open mouth. she would,t even need tp.

    • Zee


    • Logic76

      I guess that makes it ok to call you shit head then. Cheers!

  • rut ro shaggy

    #14 makes me wanna feed her nothing but canned corn for a few days and then cream the corn before she expels it thru the corn recycling outlet. Nothing better than a steaming bowl of fresh 100% organic creamed corn. That is better than scooby snacks.

    • Yourfreakindaddy


    • http://facebook.com/denzino denzino

      I really didn't think anyone would go farther than scooby doo up there; but you have succeeded. Congratulations on your grossness.

  • 50-50

    #18, those eyes are incredible.

    • Richard

      they really are… cause they're fakes… contact for sure.

  • Henry Gibson

    Kova's sexAY, alright, but she looks too made up and like she's had too much plastic surgery. In both #8 and #9 her eyebrows don't seem connected to the rest of her head, and in #10 she looks like she's wearing a mask.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dewaldjohan.olivier Dewald Olivier


  • jason

    Thanks for the wake up guys. Needed that.

  • XOS


    that there, would be a MAN….

    the weekly chiver girl post contains females a 1000 times better than these three…

  • Phondo

    You guys have awful tastes.

  • bdiaz90

    are you sure someone didn't shop mary kate olsens face on #16

    • BentWrenches

      yeah i saw that too..

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