Cosma Shiva Hagen’s first name is Cosma and that’s ok with me (20 photos + bonus)

Born in Los Angeles, California, Cosma Shiva speaks German, English, French and Spanish. Good for her.

  • Brad

    eh… nothing that special…

    • A.T.


    • lol

      #2 just like HHNF's sausage fingers

    • Nick

      I'm with you there

  • Serge

    First! not that hot!

    • Serge

      guess second now

      • It's complicated

        Hey turd blossom what's the fascination with being first?

  • Random

    So where are the rest of Chive's uncensored pics?

    • BAMFinater

      They would need a pay site for those.

  • mattythegooch

    #8 – Hmmmmm, I really want to say "YES" she's hot………………need to ponder this for a bit.

  • aosux

    #5 If thats what you wake up to, no thanks. I'd violate once or twice but she doesn't look like you wanna roll over to that in the morning.

    • aosux

      Jesus, I should have read that out loud before I submitted it. But I still stand by the point.

  • mith

    She's ok. kind of a pointy head.

  • Brad

    wikipedia says her dad is some famous punk rocker, so this is like germany's nicole richie, mostly famous for being famous

    • bob

      her mother is/was the famous punk rocker nina hagen, maybe you wanna google her, only can hope cosma shiva doesnt look like her in some years…

      • Kevrobmc

        Well she's not exactly a knock out now, but I'm sure she's making some guy relatively happy?

    • Carni

      She is an actress like her grandmother. She is far away from being an it-girl.

  • BAMFinater

    Have you noticed that about half the pictures her "beauty mark" is missing?
    Stupid photoshop
    oh, and thanks for #19, she looks cold, I should go warm her up.

    • Anonymous

      It's more the layer of make-up in most of the pictures than photoshop actually…

  • MiddleLane

    Is that Rachel Bilson's mom?

  • aleXTC

    am i supposed to know who this is. sorry if so. real pretty though

  • Brad

    she looks like Mila Kunis' frumpy sister…

  • RiKo

    #1 Very pretty. she looks a bit like Rachel Bilson 😉

  • Paul Musselman

    #13 I enjoy an occasional cigarette after sex as well.

  • John

    I think that Mila Kunis’s boob double from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  • chivecandobetter

    totally unepic…even uncensored..

  • davyb123


  • Cat masturbation

    Cosma is as ugly as her name.

  • OwnerOfYou

    plbtplbtptbltpblt….. that's me blowin a raspberry upon completion of this post.

    • Fhantom Farter

      Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt…..thats me blowin a fart after this post.

  • Nate

    once again, the chivetts are usually hotter than this chick…..

    • Kevrobmc

      Dude, the Chivettes rock, real beauty that's not fabricated in a studio.

  • joe

    she reminds me of a slightly hotter rachel ray. …and i hate rachel ray.

  • XOS

    i think shes sexy


    • XOS

      and yal gave so much love to the chick with the unibrow actress…but you front on this chick?…the end of times is def near…

  • Blipvert

    Not impressed. Would rather watch more bowling.

  • Jedi

    don't get me wrong, she'd do-able, but must say below chive standards

  • Nicnac

    dude that's wrong. She's lying on a tiger.

  • RicoSan80

    Chive = WIN for the bonus #19

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