That plane's a Fokker for sure (23 Photos)

Produced by the Germans, the Fokker D.VIII is considered to be one of the best fighter planes produced by anyone during WWI. The Fokker D.VII aka the Fokker E.V. was given the name "the Flying Razor" by the Allied troops because of its effectiveness in battle. The Fokker had an advantage because of its maneuverability and the synchronized machine guns that would fire through the propeller without shredding the thing to bits.

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  • Reavenant

    No 20 hell yeah

  • sav

    No to be a wise-ass:

    1st Pic is a D7 (DVII – Doppeldekker 7 – Biplane 7), famously not called a flying razor.
    Pretty much the best fighter of 1st WW (in large scale production before anyone jumps at me).
    Good blend of speed, maneuverability,high altitude performance and firepower. Also it did not break at violent maneuvers which may sound funny but at the time it was very important.

    Much unlike the E8/D8 (E8 – Eindekker 8 – Monoplane 8 – at some point ze Germans decided to rename all fighter "D") which is shown in every other picture apart from no.1.
    That one had a nasty tendency to shed off a wing due to bad glue/timber quality. When these were ironed out it proved more maneuverable than the D7 but with substantially slower speed at all heights and much worse high altitude performance. A lot cheaper however as it was less complicated. That was indeed called flying razor due to its appearance from the frontal aspect. Monoplanes were not common in 1918 when it appeared over the front.

    Btw, all aircraft/combatants at that time had synchronised guns, Germans/Fokker may be credited with their invention, but at 17/18 everyone had em.

    • patrickmcmanis

      I guess I'm not so sure it's a Fokker! Thanks for the info and keeping me honest! 🙂

      • sav

        Np, being an anorak doesn't mean being an arse.

        And for history buffs, both these craft were designed by Reinhold Platz.

        The guy was basically a welder with no serious engineering knowledge.
        That's why most Fokker planes of the time were mostly of welded tube construction instead of timber frames as was common practice at the time.

      • sav

        Oh no, they are fokkers all right. Just wrong nicknames/variants/model descriptions

        The DVII was so deadly that the Allies specifically requested the destruction of all examples after the war. With that thing Germans kept scoring kills well into the last days of the war when they were outnumbered 10 to 1 or something.

        The DVIII (D8) scored the last victory of the war.

  • Anakrusix

    I wouldn't mind flying one of those. lol.

  • sbj1964

    The amazing men ,and they're flying machines !

  • robert

    When any body knows where to get a set of plans to build one full scale, drop me a line at

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