• fortune

    that is all, and yet that is enough #3

  • mikey

    i like the part where she's in the hot tub #4

    • Richard

      I would love to be that water

      • aosux

        I would love to be the guy that gets stick my cock in her.

        • Motte


          • Sid

            Touche with my cock.

  • Jake

    That video posted in "Best Links on the Internet" was cool. #1 – no need to explain that look.

  • honu67

    She is HOT…that is all

  • ????

    I don't understand the fasination with her, I love AOTS but she is not that hot or talented.

    • Jimmy

      you gay?

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      Plus, she fucking sucks on the daily show. get her outta there and back in a bikini.

    • McBeastie

      I don't understand your fascination with inaccurate and nonsensical comments.

    • Creed braton

      I agree. this site posts WAY hotter women. plus her personality makes her a thousand times more hidious.

    • Jordan73

      + 1,000 dude. Rather plain looking, but most nerds have put her up on a pedestal because she panders to them. She needs to go the fuck away.

    • NiggaYouGay


    • Tyler

      you sir are gay.

  • Finster

    I would drink that hot tub water even if she farted glass shards into it. #1

    • aaa

      calm down there little buddy…calm down

      • Finster

        you're so much cooler than me.

    • abipolarguy

      that's fine, you get the water, I get her.

  • Mike Engler

    #2 love that face!

  • yerp

    #1 subtle lip bit for the WIN!

  • Justin Hall


    Fuck crediting Maxim. I go on theChive for this epic posts.

  • Kai

    I'd put my munny on her

  • Mr. Awesomeness

    #3 Holy cow.

  • Wilde Munn

    Olivia Wilde > Olivia Munn. My humble opinion.

    • Flicka


      • GreyGhost9

        its a close battle for i agree

    • ROK

      Olivia Wilde + Olivia Munn BOOM

      • Jake

        I see what you did there and I agree.

    • billybob

      no way wilde is hotter than munn, at least not in the face department

  • In love

    I would be her Munn-diver!

  • Ron Burgundy

    I want to be on you.

    • R. Kelly

      I want to pee on you.

  • stillaftermathcom

    Olivia Munn is one hot mofo for sure. Especially on this Month's Maxim edition. You guys should check out (they are giving fb users a chance at a free year of maxim magazine in exchange for one facebook like)

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      obvious ad guy is obvious.

      • stillaftermathcom

        learn to talk. kthx. if you don't want a free year of maxim. don't click noob.

        • Derp

          How can you tell if he knows how to talk or not?

        • Justin Hall

          obvious ad guy obviously doesn't know his memes. GTFO of theChive, no one wants to see that referral bullshit while Olivia Munn swims in a jacuzzi.

  • Sauru

    something about the look in #2 is sexy as hell

  • joe schmoe

    she's extremely hot but #2 is a big time duck face but like a pissed off duck face… so instead i just stared at her boobs and imagined that bathing suit not being there.

    • joe schmoe

      why are you all giving thumbs down?? any other girl makes that face and you make a whole post about how she looks like a douchette with that face… make up your melons

  • mith

    Olivia who????

  • Tim

    Even though her departure from G4 annoyed me some — oh, who I'm kidding, she's hot I forgive her.

  • Phil

    I like her and all but these aren't the best shots that's for sure.

  • GTO

    a beautifully faint hint of nipple…..yum

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  • >18Only

    I need to get my "motor boat" in that hot tub.

  • @Gingergreek

    I want to nomnom munn munn

  • @importantcrap

    #2 – Come at me bro.

    With pleasure.

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