Sometimes the most powerful stories come from the least expected places, “My Mom’s Vette” (6 Photos)

"The story about the '77 Vette inspired me to tell the story about my mom's. It is a '79, L-48 engine backed by an auto trans, approximately 150,200 miles, & T-Tops. My dad bought it for my mom on their 12th wedding anniversary. She would only drive it on Fridays and some times Saturdays. She entered it in multiple local car shows in the condition it is in saying, "It's pretty to me, I don't care what everybody else thinks, I just want to show it off." She had to stop driving it around 4 years ago because the brakes were shot & my dad was too sick to fix it. Then in November of 2009 my dad passed away from cancer and the car just sits in her yard untouched because of the lack of funds and the fact that it was a father/son project to get it fixed, it just hurts too much to try. I want to get it fixed as a gift to my mom and a memory to my dad. P.S. Yes it does have pink spark plug wires, my mom is obsessed with the color and one day she would like to get it painted pink. I just wanted to share my story."
Thank you Jesse for this powerful story

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Thanks again Jesse for this powerful story
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  • St.Christopher

    1st Yay.

  • Anakrusix

    Awesome story. Maybe you could surprise her and have it fixed on her wedding anniv. I don't know if that would seem like a jerk move since your dad passed but it seems it would have the biggest emotional impact. Best of luck.

  • def67

    Hopefully a throttle member could help you out, seems that could turn into some good advertising.

  • Locode

    get some grief counseling.

    • tugbote

      …or completing the project could serve as a form of counseling/healing

  • guest

    Really surprised the post didn't end with the poster asking if anyone could help this dude. Seems like a no brainer and I'm sure there's some chiver who knows a shit ton about cars. Where's the activism, throttle?

  • jason

    i like the idea of pink plug wires and i'm a straight, adult man.

    it's all about being a lil different.

  • ruslanff

    Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear of your old man's passing. It is a great loss to lose either of your parents. We just realize it until after they are gone. Yes it hurts and there is nothing wrong with it. The sad reality is that if your mom's vette sits too long it will rot too far and that will hurt even more. So gather up some courage son and take it on like your father would have! i wish i in a town close to yours and would have loved giving you a hand. Remember, the day you start you are half way there. Best of luck and let the tears flow…

    sharing your grief…

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