Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn (13 Photos)

Meet Shannon McMahon and Chris Platika

I was blown away when Shannon contacted me last week with an idea to propose to the love of her life on theCHIVE. Here’s a part of our original correspondence:

Huge fan of the site. My boyfriend Chris is also a huge fan of the site. We’ve been together almost 3 years and I want to propose to him. We met at college in Vermont and we are truly soul mates- if that crap even exists. I’m an intern at Westside Comedy in Santa Monica around the 3rd St Promenade. We aren’t anything hot or special, just two normal young adults that like stuff like Star Wars and Chive.
ps. Wouldn’t that suck if he said no? haha, anyways- thanks again for doing this- you guys rock.

We’ll be sure to update you here with a follow-up as soon as we can with the full story tomorrow. I’m told Chris is at work right now and checks theCHIVE a couple times a day so it’s just a matter of time until he sees this. Shannon has promised more photos. Also, I assure you this is quite real (would be kinda sad if it wasn’t, ya’ know?).

AWESOME UPDATE: He said yes! I’m told we’ll have a video of the event and photos for a post tomorrow.

  • darby


    • Ben

      I love it when the girl takes the initiative.

    • HLK

      How does anyone actually believe this after the one similar fake Chive pulled off…

      • jiveribs

        go away

      • + blitzkrieg

        we don't want your kind here

    • Tristan

      If he says no, I'll say yes

    • Shane Ellerthorpe

      You just made my day. Congrats!

    • BigDingo

      Definitely cute and nerdy. Congrats to the couple.

    • nomyia

      Awwwwww…. So sweet. Congrats you too!

  • jennifer

    What did he say??????

    • Mello-

      He Said YYYeeeessssssss!!! =) =)



  • msok

    That's a nice Idea 😀

  • Loccus

    Nice story. Congrats!

    • uly

      #9 Its you're HAHA congrats

  • _cy

    If he doesn't say yes he should be banned from the site.

    • ............!

      If he doesn't say yes I definitely will

  • darby

    so today on the chive, i watched fake boobs cook me bacon, 'things that bounce', and a wedding proposal. Peace out, College Humor B)

    • Faceraper

      freaking awesome, i agree, out with the old and in with the chive

  • Mike


    • facebook

      CONGRATS!!!!!!… although, i thought it was gonna be a evolution thing of how he got fatter.
      sorrry bro, motivation to hit the gymski before the wedding! xoxo lol

      • Anonymous

        Your use of the word "gymski" makes your argument invalid.

        • abipolarguy

          gym-o-rama is the correct term

  • Shearede

    Stream their wedding, live, on the Chive!

    • gecko


    • aosux

      But only after a Dead Space ad. "Your mom is gunna hate this game" or whatever the slogan is.

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    shannon's kinda hot…

    • Ben

      I concur. He needs a stairmaster.

      • Lardass

        Thanks Ben I needed a chuckle.

      • JMax

        Fuck you. That man's a hero.

        • Josh

          Fuck you. That man's a hero.

          • true story

            Fuck you. That man's a hero.

            • Jak

              Hero you. That man's a fuck. Oh, wait…

  • Chris!

    Of Course!

    • Lil Jon


    • slide it in

      atta boy!

    • Mike

      Awesome post Chive, Congratulations Chris and Shannon!

    • aleXTC

      Grats man hope you have a good life together 😀

    • JstevensF

      Congrats, here's to a long and happy one!

  • andy

    at first I was like wha? but then I was like AWESOME #3 #13

  • honu67

    This is cool! I hope it works out for them.

  • Patrick

    This is totally awesome!!

  • Brian

    Nice! Go for it bro, life is short!!!

  • snownow

    Too cool, way to post it chive!

  • Doug Zimmerman

    So will he post his response in the comments?

    • schmeilsson

      Am I the only one that finds it weird that she proposed to him… I hope she asked his father for permission.

  • Patrick

    Congratz to you both.

  • St.Christopher

    the fact that there was no advert interrupting this post is a win by itself.

  • youreadireview


  • Ken

    +1 for an awesome couple. Hope you two live happy ever after (if that stuff still exists) hehe

  • Timmeh

    I love this, and the fact that thechive would do this for a viewer.

  • Sean Holden

    You found a cute chick (#11) that loves Star Wars (#6) and takes the initiative. Marry her now!

  • RiKo

    #8 Congrats guys! (i don't think he would dare to say no) xD

  • Ryan

    You are the coolest girlfriend ever!!! If you don't marry this girl, huge FAIL my friend.

  • Dexter Wheeler

    Say Yes!!!!!!

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